"The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size, but by the depth of commitment to make a difference in the lives of others." -DeAnn Hollis

Do you have an intense desire to help other people and change their lives? Do you want to move to another country where people need more assistance in completing daily tasks? If you responded affirmatively, out loud or in your head to these questions, the volunteer spirit is inside of you!

Volunteering is one of the greatest things that a person can do in their life. Also, it is worth mentioning that volunteering is not something that is uniquely reserved for youngsters looking to undergo a gap year, being a volunteer is something that everyone can do; especially in our troubled world!

Nevertheless, in today's article, we shall discuss the variety of volunteering options available abroad for those who would enjoy a more profound and more gratifying experience in volunteerism. Remember, we should all be ready to give of our time to make the world a better place.

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Why Volunteer?

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Giving more to those who appreciate it is a truly valuable way of life; become a volunteer today! (Source: Unsplash)

What comes to mind when you hear the word volunteer? A self-sacrificing, selfless, compassionate, kind, and charitable person who wants to give their all? Whatever, the critical word "volunteer" or "volunteerism" means to you, there are more reasons than excuses to become a volunteer in today's society.

While it is true that most individuals with busy schedules find it quite challenging to dedicate some time to volunteering, it should be done become the benefits are enormous.

Hey, instead of dedicating 20+ hours to watching forgettable television programmes on streaming services, why not volunteer a little bit more?

The following are some fantastic reasons to volunteer that profit, not only the community but also the person who is involved in volunteerism:

  • Volunteering Connects People Together: by working with other like-minded individuals, volunteers strengthen their desire to give more to their community since they come to the realisation that they are not alone and that there are others dedicated to making a difference.
  • Taking the Time to Volunteer is Good for the Body and Soul: we all need a few wholesome activities that help us disconnect from our stressful routines, and what better project is there than working towards making someone's life better? Also, it is worth stating that volunteering greatly aids individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and anger; no wonder community service is designed to help people change. In addition, volunteerism builds the confidence of individuals since they are working towards the greater good and valued for their efforts.
  • Further Career Opportunities: little do people know that volunteering is a fantastic way to create connections with other professional individuals that can help you to receive new experience in the field of work you are pursuing. Also, while it is true that volunteering is unpaid work, it prepares volunteers with the skills they need to become experts in their domain.

Time spent volunteering is never wasted since it brings fun and fulfilment to your life and creates a better corner of the world where you are living. Trust me; if you try it once, you'll never want to stop!

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Types of Volunteering

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Instead of participating in selfish and indulgent activities, do something amazing and give more. (Source: Unsplash)

If you thought that disaster relief, picking up rubbish, and caring for senior citizens were the only types of volunteering, you need to think again! According to reputable sources, there are thousands of distinct types of volunteering tasks that will pique the interest of everyone, no matter their age and general intrigues.

Nevertheless, no matter the volunteer organisation or the activities most frequently performed, there are specific types or genres of volunteering that are more common than others. For example, volunteerism does not have to be a lifetime commitment; there are various short-term volunteer jobs that can be completed over a month, a week, or even a day.

However, it is essential to state that specific volunteering tasks such as advocacy and religious teaching may span an entire lifetime. Nevertheless, without further delay, the following description explains the matter more clearly about types of volunteering:

  • Formal: structured and supervised by superiors, formal volunteering requires long-term and regular attendance from volunteers. In formal volunteering programs, there are supervisors who recruit and train volunteers to perform all tasks successfully. The legal structure of volunteering contains many policies, procedures, and quality management. Some example positions may include tour guide, hospital volunteer, and fundraisers for large charities.
  • Government or Entity Based: those who offer their time working for government entities usually provide their assistance when making decisions about how the organisation will continue to function. When selecting a volunteer organisation, volunteers choose one that will help them in their future career.
  • Non-Formal: you guessed it, non-formal volunteerism is the opposite of formal volunteering since there is not really a structure and the majority of the work is completed in local communities in unstructured settings with no public funding. Those who join non-formal volunteer programs think of themselves as friends rather than volunteers. Example, job positions may include rubbish pick up or neighbourhood safety patrol.
  • Social Reasons: social action volunteers are joined together and fight towards the same causes of advocacy. Social reason volunteers usually view themselves as close friends and comrades. It is essential to mention that social action volunteerism is not structured and volunteers do not have to report a certain amount of hours; nevertheless, they are incredibly passionate and dedicated to what they do. Some social reasons to volunteer may include raising awareness for the environment, lobbying for political groups, or advocating specific research.
  • Project-Based Volunteerism: probably the most structured and stressful type of volunteering, project-based volunteering must meet the deadline of a specific time frame. Not just any kind of volunteer is chosen for particular projects with strict deadlines since particular skills are required.

After reading the previously mentioned bullet point list, the question arises: which type of volunteering is best suited for you? The choice is entirely yours; however, we are positive about one thing: you will not regret your decision!

Where can one find volunteering opportunities online to volunteer abroad? Read the following subheading to find out!

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Where to Find Volunteering Opportunities Abroad Online

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Most people do not require much more than the time you give them. (Source: Unsplash)

The experiences that can be had volunteering and helping the greater good are incomparable; it is far more gratifying to give than to take. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that at Superprof, we are truly passionate about volunteerism. We encourage all types of people of distinct ages and from different walks of life to consider volunteering as a viable option.

For instance, nowadays, many students and youngsters are taking volunteer gap years, internship years, or voluntourism years to give back to those in need and figure things out before studying for their future career. Many volunteer programs are available abroad that provide adventurous ones with the opportunity of travelling to a foreign destination for a purpose.

Nonetheless, without the guidance of an experienced pro, many aspiring volunteers do not know where and how to find volunteering jobs abroad. Is there an app for that?

Thanks to the incredible developments of modern technology, there are various online resources where interested ones can find volunteer jobs in other countries. It is worth mentioning that being a fluent English speaker from the United Kingdom is a definite plus since many organisations demand English as a prerequisite for volunteerism. Nonetheless, without further ado, the following are great sites to find volunteer positions abroad:

  • Go Overseas: if you do not see any potential volunteer programs abroad on the Go Overseas website, we will be absolutely shocked since it is probably the best online resource currently available. There are now over 3700 listings available with recent reviews that can be trusted. Interested and aspiring volunteers can browse volunteering jobs by country. For instance, places such as Peru, Costa Rica, South Africa, Nepal, and Thailand are amongst the most popular places to volunteer for a short or long period of time.
  • Volunteer Forever: a comprehensive website that explains all of the potential options for volunteering, Volunteer Forever considers aspects such as planning a gap year of volunteerism, choosing a government organisation to volunteer for, and deciding upon where to volunteer. There are also quite a few projects abroad that require assistance. All in all, we hugely suggest reading the Volunteer Forever blog posts and links to learn more about the possibilities of giving more in countries abroad.
  • Volunteer World: are you ready for a meaningful travel experience that incorporates volunteering with learning more about another culture? Try visiting Volunteer World online to explore the options available for solo or group volunteers in lands across the six inhabited continents. We highly recommend reading the glowing testimonials of volunteers who have had positive experiences giving more of their time in impoverished areas around the world.

While there are countless options of sites dedicated to connecting avid volunteers with volunteering jobs, the previously mentioned three are the best in the business!

In conclusion, whether you decide to volunteer at a senior citizen's home locally, advocate for a political party in the nation's capital, assist ageing elephants in Thailand or teach English to needy schoolchildren in Peru, the sacrifices made are entirely outweighed by all the beautiful blessings that are enjoyed!

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