What is in-home private tutoring via webcam?

With all the features of traditional teaching (exercises, lessons, revisions, etc.), distance tutoring allows you to take care of your learning gaps without ever leaving your house.

By going digital, you can get in touch with students all over the United States all the while learning about new technologies.

According to a 2015 survey on Survey Monkey, most students prefer tutors who are at ease with new technologies.

It's a fact, parents are becoming more and more aware of the impact of new technologies on everyday life. Whether it's to sync your calendar with daily reminders, or adding a competence to your CV, if you are an in-home private tutor don't hesitate to go enroll in some private tutoring classes online.

Discover the Top 8 Advantages of Online Learning!

1. A Bit Less Academic

If online tutoring is more popular than other kinds of tutoring, there must be a reason!

Most students who are experiencing difficulty in school feel at odds with education in general. According to a 2012 Opinion Way survey, 33% of students say that the relationship they have with their teacher(s) is part of the reason they are failing in school.  

Feeling like the punching bag at school can mean that the student feels isolated from the other students (especially the amazing ones) and no longer feels like they have a place within their class.

On the flipside, private tutoring lessons via webcam are much more personalized.

First of all, working on a computer is much less formal than working in the classroom.

You should learn how to structure an online lesson...

Do you want to be the sad or happy student?

Additionally, having your in-home private tutor's email address or Skype name will loosen the role of the tutor a bit in a good way.

Instead of having a purely professional relationship, the student and his or her private tutor can more easily discuss things, which is much less stressful for the student.

This will also depend on the age of the private tutors: those who choose to give tutoring lessons online are usually rather young (between 20 and 30 years old), which will reduce the age gap between the two parties.

Pedagogical and fun at the same time--tutoring via webcam will help to shape your tutoring ways when you tutor at the student's home, too.

2. A Schedule That Works

Flexibility is one of the main factors that makes tutoring via webcam so popular.

Scheduling is easy. For one thing, you can be available whenever considering the fact that all you need to do is hop on your computer! 

Let's say you finish work at 4 PM but then take classes at 6 PM. In a classic tutoring scenario, it would be difficult for you to give lessons between both those obligations. 

Conversely, if you do tutoring via webcam, all you will need to do is turn on your computer in order to start tutoring!

If a time slot opens up at the last minute, you can propose it to a student via instant messaging.

The busiest time slots are:

  • Wednesday afternoons,
  • Week-ends,
  • School holidays,
  • Public holidays,
  • Evenings.

With online tutoring, even if you are on holiday in another country, you can stay in contact with your student.

It'll be possible to organize a schedule totally in sync with your last-minute availabilities.

3. Cheaper Online Tutoring Classes via Webcam

You've maybe noticed if you have had a look at Superprof that online classes will tend to generally be cheaper than in-home private tutoring.


Because without paying transport fees, the tutor can lower his fee.

And that's a good thing for you!

Parents will choose online tutoring over in-home tutoring to save a few bucks!

It's true, parents will always choose a class with a lower fee. And, the fact that the online tutor can teach children all over the United States will be an attractive quality for parents.

Online tutoring is also a great opportunity to train several students at once.

Through online tools like Skype, you can organize video-conferences and give tutoring lessons to more than one student at once!

This kind of tutoring class represents a great money-saver for parents because the in-home private tutor often proposes reduced fees, but it's also the opportunity for your student to chat with other students experiencing similar difficulties.

If some of the students have bigger needs academically speaking and would like to deepen their knowledge with you in an individual online session, this will only widen the scope of your teaching!

Moreover, you won't have to spend a dime in teaching materials (pens, books, etc.) as your tutoring classes will be digital.

Thanks to online exercises and free online classes (like MOOC), you will be able to prepare your class directly from your home without touching your wallet.

Giving online tutoring classes is a great option if you are looking to devote yourself to academic support as soon as school starts and would like to make sure that your students succeed (even if they are on the other side of the US)!

Are you ready to look into becoming an online tutor yet?

4. The Opportunity to Choose a Great Tutor, Even if He or She is on the Other Side of the World

Being trained in order to tutor properly is an important criterion so that the parents who are considering h

According to an Opinion Way survey from 2015, 43% of parents say that "owning their subject" is the first quality they look for in a private tutor. The second thing they look for is someone who is always listening to the student. 

You may be a serious pedagogue, that's not always enough: some students will only care about what diploma you have!

If you've done university studies at a high level, if you just got out of an ivy league school, or if you've done a serious training program in teaching, you will soon excel in tutoring.

It's true: parents living in a little American town can have a hard time finding an English tutor with a doctorate in Education! 

This is where webcam sessions come in: with the help of a computer, parents can call on hyper qualified tutors, even if these tutors are on the other side of the United States. 

If you accept to give in-home tutoring lessons via webcam, you could be giving the following classes:

  • English courses,
  • Spanish courses,
  • French courses,
  • German courses,
  • Math courses,
  • Chemistry courses,
  • Biology courses,
  • Philosophy courses,
  • History courses,
  • Geography courses etc.
If you have a slew of diplomas, students will definitely take you seriously!

At a regular and intensive pace, you can put your pedagogy at the service of middle schoolers and high schoolers, whether it be for exam prep (midterms, final exams, the SATs, etc...) or for a refresher course!

5. Using All Available Internet Materials!

The internet has changed everything. Our experience with new technologies means we can share our experience of what happened in the beginning of this revolution!

With online tutoring you will no longer have to worry about wasting paper. No more million photocopies! No more paper in fact...

With just your computer, you will be able to transmit as many documents as you want in just a few clicks.  

In order to communicate via the internet, use one of the following methods: 

  • Instant messaging application that allows sending files (Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack, etc.),
  • Email platforms (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, OVH Webmail, etc.),
  • Sharing websites (Dropbox, OwnCloud, etc.).

You will be able to easily share your resources with your pupil--whether it's the math test review or some documents to learn about a certain moment in history.

As an academic tutor, your goal will be to implement academic support that makes your student feel comfortable in order to consolidate his or her knowledge: in order to do this, there is nothing better than switching to digital!

6. Classes Via Academic Applications

An academic application--what's that? 

The academic application can be downloaded straight onto your phone like most classic apps. It can also be downloaded straight onto your computer or through online shops that may already be on your phones:

  • Play Store,
  • Apple Store,
  • Windows Store etc.

Using this application, you will be able to access all classic teaching methods: living language exercises, classes in order to better your skills in a subject--anything at all!

As an in-home private tutor, you can totally use this technique whilst tutoring.

Download this app from anywhere in the world! And at any time!

The app will serve as practice between two sessions: a fun app is perfect so the student can practice a lot and acquire all the important notions of the subject!

The app can also be a way for the student to prepare for his or her tutoring session with you. 

Try to prioritize apps that have proven to work, such as Babbel, as they are made by professionals of education.

The exercises proposed here can serve as inspiration for your future in-home private tutoring session via webcam!

7. Simplified Organization for the Private Tutor

All online private tutors will tell you the same thing: the advantage of this type of teaching is how easy organization becomes!

You no longer need to worry about transport calculation before the class (if I leave in 15 minutes, I'll be able to catch the bus at 3:30 PM and I'll arrive just in time ...)! 

Now you can concentrate on what's important: the tutoring session.

On top of the money you will save, it's also the fact that you can teach from wherever you please. 

Many university students are turning to online tutoring. Thanks to classes via webcam, you will be able to give a tutoring session in between two classes: you can therefore have time pass more quickly all while earning money! Not bad!

Whether you're in a coffee shop--at your house or abroad--you don't have to stop your activities as a tutor. 

In a few clicks, you will be put into contact with the student!

Find out how to become a tutor here.

8. Brief and Precise Exchanges Regarding Work (No Interruptions)

Online tutoring allows the student a direct relation with his or her tutor through instant messaging apps.

No need to take the time to take out and set up your material! 

Here, you can respond to your student in a few clicks and get straight to the point.

If your student has trouble understanding certain things about your tutoring session, don't hesitate to send him or her links to exercises that could help him or her to work individually: your student will have better prepared the next tutoring session so that he or she can benefit more from your time together!

As tutor, you can become your student's academic advisor!

What's more, you won't necessarily be in contact with the parents. The contact is directly with the student. 

In order to avoid students chatting and other distractions, there is nothing more than a tutoring class via webcam.

With more time to give to the student, you will be able to better learn who your student is and boost his or her motivation.

According to a 2015 Opinion Way Selon survey, 59% of adults declare having fallen in love with a subject thanks to one of their professors!  

If you want to inspire students all over the United States without ever leaving your house, why not become an online tutor? 

Now discover these tips for the optimal distance learning experience!

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