If you’re thinking about hiring a life coach to help you achieve your personal or professional goals, the cost of these services is something to consider.

Life coaching may have a reputation for being exclusive to those with a high amount of disposable income, however, there are options to suit all needs and budgets – you just need to know where to look.

Prices for life coaching services vary according to the type of consulting that is provided, the duration of your session or coaching program, your location, and whether you opt for face-to-face or online coaching.

The world of life coaching is wide and varied. Even within the type and format of coaching that is best for you and the specific things you want to achieve, you will be able to find a range of options to suit your budget.

So, whether you want to find out more about the options available to you, or you’re want to find the best value-for-money option for you, this guide to the cost of life coaching should tell you all you need to know!

What is Life Coaching?

The term ‘life coaching’ may evoke images of wealthy New Yorkers sat in trendy offices in front of a successful consultant with a clipboard – but what actually goes on in a life coaching session?

The definition of a life coach is a professional motivator who is there to encourage you as you work towards achieving a certain goal or making a transformation in your life. Life coaches aren’t just there to motivate their clients, but they also help them to create a realistic and effective plan of action and help them to track their progress.

Life coaching is about taking the right steps towards your goals
Not to be confused with counselling, life coaching looks to the future, not the past ¦ source: Pixabay - OliverKepka

Many people seek life coaches to help them transform their dreams into a reality as they struggle with self-discipline. Embarking on a transformational journey with a life coach doesn’t just help people get on the right path to success, it also means that the client is held to account by someone other than themselves – a key reason why so many people look for life coaches.

As professionals, life coaches use their expertise gained in their life coach training and study of psychology to ensure that their clients fulfil their potential by identifying their areas of confidence and their personal strengths and using them to transform the client’s mindset and push them to achieve more than they thought was possible.

This method has several effects. Not only does the individual achieve their goals, but by gaining more belief in their skill and learning strategies to keep themselves motivated, they greatly increase the changes of life long results. These could include overall confidence which can translate into other areas of their lives, which may empower them to make a career change or achieve mastery in a passion of theirs, for example.

There are many types of personal and professional coaching services available; whatever your goal, there will be a coach who can offer you the guidance and support you desire.

Types of Life Coaching Services

There are life coaching services for just about anything. From personal coaching to professional coaching and everything in-between, there is a certified life coach for everyone who is looking for someone with the right coaching skills to provide mentoring to help them to succeed.

Here are just a few examples of the types of widely-available life coaching services:

  • Personal coaching

Personal coaching is exactly what it sounds like. A personal coach will be equipped to help others in their personal lives on a personal, emotional or even spiritual level to help them enjoy a greater level of happiness. Like other types of coaching, there are many sub-categories of personal coaching such as wellness coaching (which can help with health and work-life balance) as well as coaches who help people move forward following a major personal life event. Talk therapy and counselling may sometimes be seen as a type of personal coaching, however, this does not necessarily mean that personal coaches can act as therapists – be sure to inform your coach of your medical needs before you proceed.

  • Career coaching

Career coaching is for those who are looking to improve their professional performance. A career coach will be able to provide guidance on working your way up the career ladder or navigating a career change with expertise in leadership coaching and help you overcome any obstacles to your success.

Career coaches help others move forward in their professional lives
Life coaching could help with your next career move ¦ source: Pixabay - Free-Photos

Although career coaching is associated with helping others advance professionally, it is also interlinked with personal coaching, as it involves helping people get what they want out of life by helping them get in the right mindset to do what it takes to achieve their personal goals.

  • Corporate coaching

Corporate coaching can take place in a group coaching environment if being used for a team, or on a one on one basis. The purpose of corporate coaching is largely motivational – it’s about helping a company to thrive by looking after those at its very heart. A corporate coach may be brought in if a business is aiming to take its profits to new heights or implement a new organizational system.

  • Business coaching

Business coaching is aimed at company leaders. Whether you’re an entrepreneur and looking to grow your business, or you’re the CEO of a multinational company, a business coach can give you the tools to take your organisation to the next level. Depending on the needs of the client, business coaches can provide leadership coaching, executive coaching and personal development sessions that both yourself and your company can benefit from.

Prices for Life Coaches in the UK

Now you know all about what’s available on the market when it comes to hiring a London life coach, let’s take a look at how much these services cost.

If you’re open to having sessions over the phone or via Skype, or you’re just starting your search for a life coach Birmingham, you can search for a trainer in the Life Coach Directory.

The best way to get a feel for the pricing of life coaching services is to look at what is offered by various organisations.

Here are some examples of prices for personal and professional coaching services across the UK:

Life Solutions, Sheffield

  • Type of coaching available: Personal coaching
  • Contact type: In-person sessions with online support
  • Rates: £100 per hour

Life solutions offers counselling and reiki healing in addition to their coaching services. £100 is the price for one hour of coaching, however, sessions can be shortened to 30 or 45 minutes to suit your availability and budget. They also offer personal coaching packages graded Bronze, Silver and Bronze if you want to pay for multiple lessons at a time.

Dr Sally Ann Law, London

  • Type of coaching available: Personal and executive life coaching
  • Contact type: In-person with unlimited phone calls and emails between sessions
  • Rates: £200 per 90 minutes

Dr Sally Ann Law is a highly-qualified personal and professional life coach who provides premium-rate services to her clients. Though this is one of the most expensive options, Dr Sally’s life coaching certification collection and her wealth of experience in the coaching world do justify the price. Before you commit to a coaching program, you can have a free, 15-minute phone call with her to discuss your goals and make a decision on whether her services are right for you.

Rachael Taylor, West Yorkshire

  • Type of coaching available: Personal, career, wellness and sports coaching
  • Contact type: In-person and over the phone
  • Rates: From £80 per hour

Rachael Taylor’s years of experience working in social care have given her the means to be able to help people in need. While her interest in nutrition has also led her to weight loss and physical wellbeing coaching, her general passion for helping people to be the best version of themselves has led to her success in all areas of coaching. An affordable option, prices start from £80 per hour, lessons can be bought as a coaching program, and the first hour is offered as a free trial.

Horizons Life Coaching, Newcastle Upon Tyne

  • Type of coaching available: Personal, career and business coaching
  • Contact type: In-person, online and over the phone
  • Rates: £60 per hour

After a free introductory session with the life coach, Paul Hemphill, you can decide whether to take your coaching journey further. For just £190 paid in advance (or £60 paid at each session), you can take part in a career coaching program made up of four hour-long sessions. This program is aimed at those going through or thinking about a career change.

Life coaches can help with a number of areas such as:

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