Private lessons and tutoring have always been popular with those looking for assistance with core schoolwork. However, over the years, the range of topics that are offered by private tutors has grown rapidly. It is more common now for tutors to be able to teach subjects other than the basic schoolwork.

Now and days you can find tutors that teach about nutrition, sports, languages, and performing arts. This growth in the subject range has helped a lot more people excel in not just schoolwork but also their personal passions.

In its origins, tutoring was usually reserved for academic learning but as the trade has evolved so much over time, the subjects taught have also evolved. It has grown to incorporate many more subjects than just the original academic ones.

Although academic work will be the core of a tutor's job description, there is plenty of demand for tutors that teach other subjects.

If you would like to learn to dance, you can hire a dance tutor. If you would like to get in shape you can hire a fitness tutor. And if you want to become a swimmer you can hire a tutor for that too. There is no limit to the type of learning that you can get from the wide range of subjects taught by tutors.

Whichever subject you would like to be tutored on, make sure to research the tutor's qualifications, certifications, and credibility. Don't forget to read reviews before choosing a tutor and ask about a free trial period.

Tutoring for Music

Since music takes a lot of practice and guidance, it is one of the subjects for which guidance from a tutor is crucial. There are several tutors that focus on the wide range of topics that needed for a student to excel in music.

Music students not only have to learn how to play their instrument, but they must also know about music theory and now to read sheet music.

music sheets
Music tutors can help students learn about reading sheet music. (Photo by Cassi Stewart on Unsplash)

Music students may also reach out to tutors to help them prepare for recitals, help master a piece for an audition, or more generally aid in advancing the student’s musical skills.

If you are in a music school or already taking classes for your instrument, ask your music teacher if they provide any extra private help on the side. If they do not, you can find plenty of music tutors online. You can start by looking some up right here of Superprof.

Make sure to choose a music tutor that knows how to motivate you. Learning to play an instrument is not easy work, especially if you are looking to make it to an advanced level. Therefore you have to find a music tutor that knows the best way of motivating you and what kind of teaching style you might be more responsive to.

When choosing a music tutor keep in mind some of the following:

  • Your music lessons need to be tailored to your current level and skill set. The tutor you choose to work with should help you set goals and set lessons that will help you achieve those goals.
  • Music tutors should also know when to challenge you. By pushing your limits, you become a more diverse player. Ask your music tutor to provide you with a wide range of music genres and styles.
  • Lastly, your music teacher should always show interest in seeing you prosper in your instrument.

Private music lessons can take place at home or at a music school. Tutors might also be able to rent out specialized spaces for you to practice your instrument.

Tutoring for music has steadily become more popular in Eastern countries. The popularity of different subjects taught by tutors vary from country to country. Each country has a different outlook on tutoring.

Sports Coaching

Who says that private lessons have to be just for academic knowledge? Private lessons can also be contracted for sports and other hobbies.

Even just right here on Superprof we have tutors that are available to coach swimming, yoga, boxing, and many more.

private sports tutoring
Private sports tutors are available for athletes who want a boost in their training. (Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash)

Private coaches for sports can help an athlete physically become better at their sport as well as mentally. By coaching the students through correct techniques and movements appropriate for each sport, the athlete will have a better chance at improving their skills without injury.

By teaching athletes about how to safely access the limits of their bodies, athletes can be more successful. If student-athletes are not careful and aware of the best practice techniques, they may run the risk of injuring themselves, taking them out of commission for sessions or permanently affecting their health.

Coaches should also embolden students to be more secure about their abilities. This, in turn, will help student-athletes perform better whether it be in a race or a presentation.

Coaches can also help with diet and other lifestyle changes that can greatly affect the performance of an athlete. Diets can be extremely effective in helping reduce or increase muscle mass, all of this is also dependent on the kind of sport you are practicing.

That is why it is important for athletes to have the correct guidance through competent and experienced tutors. Coaches might also refer athletes to nutrition tutors to receive specialized diets.

Private Dance Lessons

Similar to music and sports tutoring, there are also options for dancers who are seeking personal private tutoring sessions. Those who are interested in improving their dance skills or feel like they need extra help in one area of dance can choose to hire a dance tutor.

dance tutors
Dance tutors are available to teach students different styles of dance. (Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash)

Private dance teachers can help students with practicing for a recital, learning different dance styles, and overall improving their skill levels.

Some of the dance styles that you can find tutors teaching are:

  • Tango
  • Waltz
  • Tap dance
  • Latin dance
  • Jazz dance
  • And ballroom dancing

Even those who are not avid dancers look to dance tutors. Couples might look for private lessons to help choreograph their first dance for their wedding, there are plenty of dance instructors that can help prepare a special wedding dance.

Dance instruction is available for individuals and group classes; all it takes is finding the right dance tutor for you. Dance tutors can be found online, through print ads, or by asking at a dance school. 

Dance students, like any other student of a tutor, can benefit a lot from taking private classes. Find out other benefits of taking private tutoring sessions for the tutor and the tutee.


The changes in the world of tutoring have not only expanded in a number of subjects taught but also how they are taught. With the help of new technology, tutors have been given a series of tools that have helped them spread more knowledge.

Advanced online platforms and resources have helped push for online learning. Now a tutor does not necessarily have to be in the same room as the tutee to be able to teach.

online tutoring
Tutoring is even more varied due to the introduction of new technologies. (Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

These online tutoring platforms have become very popular in the US as well, especially for standardized test preparation like the SAT and the ACT.

The ability for two parties to join an online chat or webcam from across the world has eliminated limitations for learning. Taking away the need to be physically present in the same room allows students and tutors to interact with people from all over the globe.

Now if you are looking for someone to teach you Japanese, you can contact a native Japanese tutor in Japan, if one is not available to you in your neighborhood. Your leaning is no longer limited to those who are in your zip code.

Since the introduction of multimedia technologies, they have helped people interconnect with others from across the globe, making it a lot easier for both tutors and students to connect, regardless of physical locations.

Technology has brought major changes to the tutoring world and these changes are being embraced by everyone in the education community. 

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