Much more difficult than English, French, Spanish or German, Latin is a language with a strong historical, cultural and mythical background.

Despite being a ‘dead’ language it is an important tool to help us understand other languages like French and Spanish.

Of course, you can go down the traditional route of learning Latin with grammar classes, vocabulary lists etc., or instead, you could opt for Latin learning 2.0; online courses.

Organised by professional teachers, these classes give you all the necessary tools to progress your learning. You can even find intensive courses for an express learning!

Through Latin expressions, pronunciation exercises and literature, you’ll progress quickly.

Work hard and you'll see the results
Learning a language requires constant revision (Source:

The Best Sites for Learning Latin

You can find anything and everything online but be vigilant. Check that the sites you’re using are well referenced.  

Here are some of our favourite sites to learn:

This site gives you flashcards to start your vocabulary learning and make a list of your first 1000 words.

This interactive site lets you edit your flashcards to include hints. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to flip through the cards and click on the card if you want to hear the pronunciation of the word.

You can even print them out so you can keep them as reminders at home.

Fun Trivia

With 30 different quizzes and games, this website is a fun way to learn Latin.

Each quiz is rated for its difficulty by other users so you can use it whatever your level. You’ll find subjects ranging from Latin adjectives to Beatles’ song titles in Latin.


Hungryfrog is a Latin language software that lets you learn through various games.

You can play games that have already been made or you can create your own that you then share with others on the website.

Apps for Learning Latin  

We’re all spending more and more time on our smartphones, and with their attractive design and easy use, apps rival traditional websites for language learning.  With access to thousands of apps on Appstore and on Android we all have a language teacher in our pockets!

However, as you would for websites, make sure the app you’re using is trustworthy.  Check the comments left by other users and the ratings the app gets on the App store.

You’ll find your own favourites but here are some of ours:

Learn Basic Latin

This free app, available to Android users, teaches you the basics of Latin grammar.

Its complete course will teach you the basics of different tenses and conjugations, all for free!

Latin Word of the Day

Another free app, this time for iOS users, Latin Word of the Day is a study tool that teaches you, you guessed it, a word a day.

This app is great for expanding your vocabulary when you’re just a beginner.

Latin Wisdom

Latin Wisdom teaches you Latin through common phrases.

You’ll be taught tons of famous phrases, quotations and sentences that you may have heard before but never known the meaning (and it’s free!).

Latin Trainer

One more for the Android users. Latin Trainer is a free app that helps you memorise different Latin words.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to translate Latin words to English and you can track your progress through stats on the app.

Taking Latin Lessons Online

Practice makes perfect
Learning with a friend can help you progress quicker (Source:

The new trend in language learning in the past couple of years has been exchanging one on one with other people online.

People are using social networks to exchange with others or to find conversation classes in their area.

Social networks and forums for tips and experiences

Find fellow Latin students to talk to, or even Italian and Spanish speakers. Remember, Latin is the base of these languages so hearing them can help you progress.  With Facebook or language forums you can exchange your Latin lessons, find study tips and just encourage your fellow students!

Video Classes

Used more and more in classrooms, video classes allow you to connect with people not in the room. This support is used a lot in classes and can help you connect with a Latin teacher if you can’t find someone in your area.

Check out Superprof to find a Latin teacher near you!

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