The year-round Florida sunshine may never bare similarities to a Russian winter...

But that doesn't mean Florida and Miami (in particular) aren't excellent places to study the Russian dialect or its literature.

The beach paradise boasts nearly half a million inhabitants.

An extremely international city, full of schools and educational outlets, it is easy to learn Russian and its Cyrillic alphabet in Miami!

Your Private Coach Awaits in Miami!

To learn to read and speak Russian, nothing is more valuable than a native speaker.

Private tutoring at home provides a privileged setting that is adapted to each learner wishing to improve their speaking skills.

Complete with interactive exercises, which is also ideal for getting acquainted with Russian culture.

From letters of the alphabet to the most complex Russian expressions, a private tutor will give you all the keys to understanding phonetics and consolidating your language training.


The city of Miami gets its name from one of the native tribes that lived in the region in the 1600 and 1700s, the Mayaimi.

Learning a language is always easier on an intensive mode, but still it is necessary to have the possibility of: family life, professional obligations, hobbies, etc ... It' not always easy to put the Slavic languages ​​in such a context, particularly in western society!

Private lessons are the educational structure that fits best in any schedule, depending on your availability.

In addition to allowing you to learn Russian online (or rather its basics), new technologies allow you to easily find a qualified teacher, usually with a pedigree complete with free trial courses (the first hour at least).

But it would be useless to take a free Russian course with each new private teacher, because there would be no growth in your learning over time!

To gain fluency, to learn to speak and to excel in the written expression, then to eventually become bilingual without even realizing all the efforts made: this is the fruit of the progression of these private lessons.

In any case, do not forget to put this experience on your resume or shout it out during a job interview!

Another way to explore, in the absence of a trip to Russia: to serve as a host family for Russian-speaking students in secondary education.

For them, learning the English language is often a great help.

New York offers Russian lessons a few hours by plane from Miami.



The Best Institutions to Take Note Of

To master the Russian alphabet, you just need to have the right addresses. Thankfully, these are not lacking in Miami: what a great surprise!

At Language On in Miami, their modern, state-of-the-art language school provides customized Russian classes for learners of all ages and ability levels in two separate formats: private (individual) Russian lessons and semi-private (small group) Russian classes. You have the option of studying Russian in their conveniently-located language school in Miami Beach, at your home or office, or even online via Skype. They offer flexible scheduling options and a variety of Russian lesson packages to fit any budget, so learning Russian has never been easier.

  •  Customized Russian lessons
  • Private (one-on-one) and small group Russian classes
  • Flexible scheduling and a variety of lesson packages
  • Russian courses for students of all ages
  • Russian classes in our language school or at your home or office
  • Online Russian classes available



Miami Beach is home to the world's largest collection of Art Deco architecture.

At Listen and Learn, their native speaker qualified Russian language teachers can train you and your colleagues at your office or home at a time that suits you.

Classes can be any day of the week (even weekends) in the morning, afternoon, or evening. In certain circumstances, if your home or office is not suitable, you can take your classes at the trainer's office.

Lesson books are provided.

Language Trainers also provides individually-tailored language training on a one-on-one or small group bases to busy people who need language skills for business, family and travel needs.

If you are in Chicago, Russian lessons are easy to find.


Russian-Speaking Schools

We must tip our hat to Lake Howell High School in Winter Park, Florida.

High school students at Lake Howell began learning Russian as part of their regular classes at the beginning of the 2010 school year.

This marks the first and only known high school class of it’s kind in the Central Florida Public School system.

Today the class is comprised of less than 20 students, who’s reason for learning the language varies from curiosity and challenge, to a desire to retain what they may have learned from Russian speaking parents.



Because Miami Beach is largely man-made, its beaches frequently have to be replenished with new sand.

As of the 2000 Census, Russian was spoken by 7% of the US population. This made it the second fastest growing language in the US at that time. Hopefully, more schools in Florida will follow Lake Howell’s lead.

The Russian Federation has half the population of the United States (not including the other Russian speaking countries of the FSU) but with twice the land mass-it’s obvious the future will have opportunity and value for those capable of speaking Russian both in the United States and abroad.

In short, there really is some opportunity for children in Florida to become bilingual from an early age, starting by learning grammar in its very foundations!

And rare language lovers will still be able to indulge in Chinese classes or Romanian classes ...

Boston and Russian: a match made in Heaven!



Russian Programs in Florida Universities

The Russian Studies Program at the University of Florida is committed to providing its students with a thorough, well-balanced and practical proficiency in contemporary spoken and written Russian, and in the rich and diverse literary and cultural traditions that make Russia such a fascinatingly different and complex nation today.

They are committed to helping students develop the critical, analytical and interpretive tools essential for successfully working and living in today’s increasingly global environment. Toward these ends, they regularly offer the UF community an array of courses conducted in both English and Russian, restricted in size, and taught by full-time faculty and native speakers who are trained to teach Russian as a foreign language and culture.

Their Overseas Study Program at Moscow State University ensures that those interested in living and studying in Russia have a safe and affordable means of doing so.


Florida State University's Slavic Program provides thorough instruction in Russian and Slavic languages, culture and civilization, and literature at the undergraduate and MA levels. They offer:

  • Slavic major and minor programs with a concentration in Russian
  • co-majors in Russian and another foreign languag
  • concentration in Business, or Multilingual Education/Teacher Certification

You can also earn credits at Moscow State University during the summer through FSU International Programs.

They have helped their students to achieve success in diverse areas:

• acceptance into prestigious PhD programs in Slavic Languages and Literatures
• acceptance into prestigious MA programs in Russian and East European Studies
• internships with the US Department of State
• positions in the US Department of Defense
• consulting and management positions in the private sector in Russia and the US
• internships with human rights organizations in the states of the former USSR


The Port of Miami is known as the Cruise Capital of the World, serving almost five million passengers annually.

Available as either a stand-alone major or as part of a joint disciplinary area of concentration, the Russian AOC at New College of Florida features both the challenging curriculum and individualized attention from faculty that you would expect from one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. Through small classes and seminars, individual and group tutorials, and independent study projects (ISPs), you will have the chance to explore Russian language, literature and culture in depth with native speaking faculty and others who are experts in the field.

Faculty can also help you find a way of planning a semester abroad in Erasmus or an international internship in Ukraine, Belarus or other country.

But anyone can do a language exchange or a stay in total immersion in the former USSR, to see if he really knows how to get by in the idiom of Dostoyevsky!

To avoid buying a Russian visa at a loss, have you ever thought of giving English lessons or doing homework help in these countries?

A polyglot can also offer German classes, Spanish classes, or Italian classes ...

San Francisco is not outdone in its offer of private Russian courses or associations.


Online Russian Courses and Alternative Methods

The technique is well known and, above all, very pleasant: to capture more and more idiomatic expressions, watching a Russian film with English subtitles is an excellent language tool (or listening to Russian songs to learn new words)...

This allows us to assimilate Russian vocabulary and different subtleties of the Cyrillic keyboard, as well as reading in the original dialect the masterpieces of Russia today or yesterday: Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy ...

But these half-studious hobbies should not distract from more conventional grammar exercises.


Fun Fact: The Miami International Airport provides approximately one out of four jobs in the local economy.

With this in mind, learning Russian online is a good way to learn via the self-taught program.

Pronoun, irregular verbs, modal, conditional, possessive adjective, consonants, grammar rules, Russian pronunciation, adverb, tonic accent, passive voice, prepositions, relative pronoun or personal pronoun: all essential for learning the Russian language and which can be assimilated on a free online mode, with live corrections.

Can you learn Russian in another way?

Well, there are didactic books that allow you to become your own teacher ... But this is less fun than e-learning, even when there are audio supports.

Find a Russian course in Los Angeles? Easy!


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