The figures are there: the learning of Slavic idioms, even if it is well represented in the United States and attracts elite learners from around the world, is much less important than a few decades ago, during the time of the USSR.

Nevertheless, it is still quite easy to find a way to learn the Russian alphabet, particularly in large cities.

E-learning, individual classes, language study, evening classes, etc.: the options are vast.

So let's take a look at six of the most populated cities in the United States to see what's on offer for the American Russophiles on the hunt.

We may, of course, exceed the limits of the municipality as the Russian reach extends outside the metropolis, the mileage however, will not be excessive, and should be accessible by public transport.

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Where to Find a Russian Course in New York

The City that Never Sleeps is the unofficial capital of U.S. cities - in all respects: culture, intellectual, and education in general.

No wonder, then, that it is not uncommon to meet people who can declare in the most natural of manners: "I learn Russian in a fun way" - some time before strutting: "I speak Russian like a native!

New York is a paradise for Russian teachers and Russian speakers.

The National Education Association (NEA) is the first to set the tone in the United States, however far it may be from St. Petersburg.


You don't have to go to Moscow to learn Russian, though you may want to in the future!

You can learn to become a polyglot from colleges and institutions all over the United States, benefiting from all kinds of language courses and majors!

There is no better gift to give a child than an excellent level of language and perfect oral comprehension.

Slavic culture is strongly represented at New York University with an entire department for Russian and Slavic studies offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

Columbia University also has an incredible program devoted to Russian studies.

The Harriman Institute at Columbia University is one of the world's leading academic institutions devoted to Russian, Eurasian and East European studies. Their mission is to serve the community at the university and beyond by supporting research, instruction, and dialogue, sponsoring vibrant and multidisciplinary events that bring together their extraordinary resources of faculty, students, and alumni.

Private structures of language learning are not uncommon: the Pushkin Academy of Russian Heritage offers Russian courses to children ages 2-16.

Learn everything you need to know about taking Russian courses in New York!

Where to Find a Russian Course in Chicago

Want to take Russian classes in Chicago?

The Windy City is home to 22 colleges and universities, many of them offering Russian culture and language studies.

There are more than 58,000 students in the city of Chicago.

We would lack superlatives, even after a few glasses of vodka, to qualify this exceptional situation to assimilate the letters of the alphabet ...


The University of Chicago is home to the CEERES also known as: The Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies.

The center  has been in existence since 1965, and it continues to coordinate instruction and facilitate research about Russia/Eurasia and Eastern/Central Europe, including the Baltic States, Balkans, Caucasus, and Central Asia. In addition to its robust language offerings, CEERES supports curricula which are particularly strong at present in Russian/Soviet history; Slavic, Balkan, and Baltic linguistics; nationalities studies of the former USSR; Slavic literatures (Russian, Polish, Czech); Russian and East European cultural anthropology; comparative literature; archaeology of the Caucasus; Russian and East European film and art history, and business administration. CEERES faculty have expertise also in political science, international relations, economics, sociology, and Central and East European, Byzantine, and Ottoman history.

Never forget that you have the opportunity to watch Russian films with english subtitles or listen to Russian songs: it is a great method to pronounce a new language with an English-Russian dictionary.

It would also not be difficult to find a Russian site where you can download audio files to listen to the Russian Orthodox radio, for example.


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Where to Find a Russian Course in Boston

Want to study Russian in Boston?

With an Internet connection, you will be able to learn the Cyrillic keyboard and utilize the Russian Federation or IEC for online learning facilitated by online dictionaries.

In addition to university programs in Boston, The Russian School of Boston is a small start up business that  specializes in teaching Russian as a Foreign Language. They teach Russian Language and Culture to children and adults including corporate clients.  All levels are welcome.  They teach individually and in small groups. It depends on a level of Russian a student has, objectives and availability.

If you'd like to learn to read first, then next you can master the tonic accent and Russian expressions, in good English bilingual. Make yourself or your little angel a budding Russian translator, or the future author of a bilingual dictionary!


Order Vodka like a native after you've trained in the language at a private or public institution.

The personal pronoun, the possessive, the substantive, the nominative, the dative, the accusative, the imperfective, the perfective and the prepositions will not be so many enigmas to you any longer, because you will be counted among the speakers who can boast to speak Russian!

If you are a homebody, you can still choose classes for a bookworm, such as Russian for Dummies.


Where to Find a Russian Course in San Francisco

Where to find Russian courses in San Francisco?

Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky or Chekhov: the Russian word will have no more secrets for you, whether accentuated or genitive.

San Francisco State University has an undergraduate degree program in Russian studies. 

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at San Francisco State University is home to programs in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian and Spanish.

Get your language on in the West Coast before traveling East to the land of Tsars.


Want to learn Russian, but don't like the cold? Study the language in California!

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at San Francisco State University offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to help students develop the linguistic and cultural knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a multilingual, international society.

Familiarizing yourself with Slavic living languages is also possible thanks to more than one language school in the city of San Francisco.


Where to Find a Russian Course in Los Angeles

Want to learn Russian in Los Angeles?

Here as elsewhere, you can find quality private teachers, a teacher who appeases your desire to read and write in Russian-Russian - (if you can say that)- through interactive exercises.

The communicative joy of an experienced teacher (a trial class is usually offered), whether his name is Sergei or Yanukovych, is infinitely more precious than a great English-Russian dictionary or translation software!

Without this, to learn phonetics and Russian pronunciation from an early age, you will probably want to knock on the door of one L.A.'s great institutions offering degree programs honoring the lingua of the former Bolsheviks.

The Russian Program at UCLA offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced Russian courses, as well as a program for students who speak Russian at home.  They also host one of the four Russian Flagship Centers in the United States.

It is also possible to take classes in another way: by registering for online courses to start your journey towards Russian translation.


Where to Find a Russian Course in Miami

The Miami native will also be able to perfect their oral expression, with or without a Russian dictionary.

Are you already multi-lingual? You must add Russian to your arsenal!

Pronouncing short sentences (even saying hello!) Is already a good start, making it possible to practice European languages better and shine in German or Italian classes (for example).


The U.S. is full of wonderful learning institutions specializing in Russian and Slavic language studies.

Florida International University's Department of Modern Languages offers multiple opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study in language, culture, and literature. From language classes in Arabic, German, Hebrew, or Russian; to culture classes in Chinese, Haitian Creole, Italian, and Japanese; to degree programs including Bachelor of Arts in French, Portuguese, or Spanish, Master of Arts in Spanish and Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish; the Department of Modern Languages prepares students for a variety of educational and future career opportunities.


Quit your Latin alphabet and your virtual keyboard to improve your semantic transcription and other irregular verbs!

Are there other options to take Russian lessons in Miami?

Language On is a Miami-based language school offering state-of-the-art customized Russian classes for learners of all ages and ability levels in two separate formats: private (individual) Russian lessons and semi-private (small group) Russian classes. You have the option of studying Russian in their conveniently-located language school in Miami Beach, at your home or office, or even online via Skype. They offer flexible scheduling options and a variety of Russian lesson packages to fit any budget, so learning Russian has never been easier.

The grammar exercises are of superior quality; these programs will easily become your tailor-made course, with dictation, intonation work, lexicon of everyday life, etymological reasoning, termination analysis, dialect awareness, accentuation rules, lexical upgrade, etc.

To round off your education, try a language exchange!



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