High school is a crucial point in a student's life but it's not the only one where putting in extra hours pay off.

Going from 8th grade to 9th grade is already a difficult task for many. So many students have an issue with middle school and have to double their efforts at the beginning of high school. It's a worst version of what happens when students go from 5th grade to 6th grade.

As high school comes to a close, you have to choose the topics that you like in order to know where you are headed.

This will of course influence what SAT subject tests you take and which colleges you would like to apply to: Harvard, Brown, UCLA...

At the end of high school, many students are being tutored, whether it's e-learning or something else. It is much more common than in elementary or middle school.

In brief, it is understandable that many students meet academic difficulties during this period.

It's also the reason we wrote this article with all the resources that can help students in elementary school, middle school, and high school thanks to free online academic support.

What's Online Academic Support Anyway?

In the United States of America, private tutoring has been popular for years and years, but now, services like Superprof are becoming big businesses with big revenues.

What has been gaining more attention these last ten years is online academic support. Far from a group tutoring session, in-home private tutoring is often conducted online. 

This online tutoring is less expensive than classic distance learning and uses computers and the internet to their fullest potential, allowing students to acquire a sturdy work method. 

Learn from the comfort of your own home.

This universal service knows no physical boundaries. It is a form of in-home academic support that can be conducted from Alaska or Hawaii--all the tutor and student will need is a good internet connection...

Via ready-made interactive exercises and thanks to a private tutor for elementary or middle school for example, it is possible for students to perfect their skills throughout the school year or facing a screen.

Whether it's exam preparation (midterms, final exams, SATs, SAT Subject Tests...), academic coaching, refresher courses, tailored homework help, and academic help for all levels and all needs---online tutoring has you covered.

Whether it's with English class, chemistry, languages (Spanish, German, or French), 12th grade math, music class, IT class, history, geography---every student can find his or her perfect tutor. 

Online Learning Platforms to Help Elementary School Students

Boost your child's academic self-esteem with a solid pedagogical team. An experienced tutor--who does not necessarily need a diploma--is generally capable of returning self-esteem via a tailored tutoring program.

A regular program is better than calling in the tutor from time to time. It's the best way to ensure your child will not fall behind in his or her grade.

Whether it's 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade--the tutor is supposed to consolidate the student's knowledge with the help of math exercises and academic manuals.

Online homework is most common when students are in difficulty in class. Online academic support is a must for those students who are not doing well with certain aspects of traditional learning. 

It's in the interest of the student's parents to get the child onboard for online learning. Who knows? With the right kind of help, their academic career could take them to an ivy league or a professorship.

Taking classes online is a solution for the win, and, if one starts it in elementary school, it will have the time to work its magic on your child.

The effectiveness of multimedia tools (pedagogical tools) and interactive classes has its major advantages. It's worth mentioning the great comfort of studying at home, on your own computer. 

Check for a good online tutor here.

Online Tutoring for Middle Schoolers

Ah, entering middle school...everyone remembers their first day amongst the big boys and girls.

Leaving elementary school is a key moment in a child's life. It's a hurdle to get over.

The middle schooler's academic results often depend on his or her self-esteem. 

That's why in-home private tutoring can only help the middle schooler. Numerous students need this kind of help in certain subjects--whether it be calculations, English exercises, or multiplication tables.

In other subjects, educational games are an occasion to learn a language (Russian language courses, or for, foreign students, learning English) while benefiting from a tailored approach.

A little help that can be followed up on by a study trip to the country at hand.

In 6th grade, the student is introduced to new subjects that he or she can get help with through tutoring. 

When it comes to extracurricular activities such as art and music, online tutoring may not be the answer. If we're talking about piano or singing or guitar, you are going to have to see someone in person!

Good Tutoring Addresses for High Schoolers

Here are some free online academic support websites that will help you revise your lessons, work on certain elements you have not understood, or prepare the SAT Reasoning test...

Your child will be able to use his computer skills to work with online learning.


WizIQ is good for students from middle school to high school. 

Even once you have chosen an academic path, you can find lessons that will help you perfect the knowledge you accumulated in high school.

Don't be fooled by its ugly appearance. It is a very helpful site.

It is a great tool to consolidate your knowledge in English, math, or languages (Spanish, French, German)...

Much Enough

Here, you can find a tutor via webcam for all the subjects that might be of interest to you.

Here are their two specialties:

  • online academic support in English
  • and math classes.
Math: a pleasure for some, awful for others. What about you?

The private tutors you work with will have the answers to your questions and often be able to send out PDFs of lessons that could help you better your skills in the subjects at hand. 

Happy Tutors

Happy Tutors is an academic support website that offers free help to students in need.

We've chosen to include it because of the richness of its free classes.

When you sign up, you will have access to different video playlists. They are organized by

  • academic level,
  • section,
  • and subject.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy's mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

In fact, everyone can access its thorough classes and lessons. 

It is a non-for-profit organization.

Once you have access to the site, you can choose your tutor and ask for his or her help--whether it be online or even by phone if you choose.

Availability is subject to change depending on the tutor's schedule. 

Princeton Review

With Princeton Review, you can try any online tutoring for free before deciding on whether you will continue on with him or her.

Thanks to the site's easy navigation, you can sift through the different videos, divided into subjects and themes. Here are the subjects proposed:

  • English,
  • Languages,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Math,
  • Biology,
  • Psychology,
  • Economics,
  • Chemistry

Learn to Be

Learn to Be consists of free online tutoring for all ages.

We bring it up here because it's worth checking out. You are able to access all of its online courses, exercises, and materials without ever paying a cent and at your own pace.

As far as free sites go, this one is very good.

Imagine having done badly on a class or missed a deadline. You want to catch up on something specific--whatever the subject or lesson you need to learn.

This website is ideal for revising a precise notion in grammar or a spelling issue with a language you are learning. It's also perfect for math revision before an exam.

Method Test Prep

A 90-minute free SAT test prep class will ensure that students know what they have to prepare for in terms of the SAT Reasoning Test.

Students in 11th and 12th grade will find revision materials and online exercises that will help them master the important elements of any academic program.

However, it's those who have the SATs approaching who will feel like they need this platform most!

With the right private tutor, you could become the next Einstein!

The website is geared towards making sure people succeed!

There are revision worksheets and exercises, as well as MP3s to help you study. The website is ideal for revising whilst on the go or at night before going to bed.

Some people have more of an auditory memory rather than a visual one. This kind of format will help them better memorize their lessons.

Knowing How to Use the Different Available Revision Materials

With the internet, academic support has become more available.

Videos, forums, online courses, exercises, and annals on the computer, smartphone, or tablet: you find everything you need online. Once you have a taste, you will never be able to be satisfied offline!

Here are some tips to make your revisions more efficient.


Videos are interesting, but can be dangerous.

Interesting because they can help to transmit knowledge in an easier manner than were it a written lesson. They can be used as an add-on to your regular teaching.

Dangerous because certain sites (such as YouTube) can make you lose total concentration by proposing an onslaught of other videos that are linked to the subject at hand. When these make you lose motivation and concentration, you could be in a world of trouble and end up surfing the net for hours! Nothing like the internet for temptation!

Pour bien utiliser ce support de cours, n’hésitez pas à visionner les vidéos plusieurs fois. La première fois en essayant de bien comprendre les notions expliquées. La seconde en prenant des notes.

Chat-rooms and Forums

Like videos, online chat-rooms and forums are incredible tools.

However, it's good to know a few things before getting started:

  • Don't believe everything you read. Take the time to verify the sources and stay critical. You may think this is a waste of time but active learning will be beneficial in the long-term. For example: as far as spelling goes, you can find some real errors online that people will claim are correct.
  • Don't hope to get answers from a forum if you are in a rush. Sometimes, answers can take a while. You can use them only if the answer is not urgent.
  • Choose chatrooms and forums known for their quality responses and participants.

Classes, Exercises, and Annals of the SATs

The goal is not to stop listening in class so you can just rush to the internet to get all your learning.

Think of these resources as support systems you can use when you are in need. Before an exam, for example.

The internet has many resources so that you slam dunk your exam when it comes down to it!

Many different revision tools are available to you:

  • mock exams to put you in the testing situation 
  • reading corrected versions of tests as to understand what works and doesn't,
  • do both: do the mock exam and then read the corrected version

Keeping in Touch through Email

After school, students have the time to email their professors if they have any questions about the work they have done.

It's also available to them with the tutor.

Tutoring, rather than traditional classes, allow for certain points to become clearer. 

Keeping in Touch Via Webcam

This is the most modern way to communicate with a teacher. It is now possible to take tutoring classes with a great tutor via Skype. 

Online tutoring is less expensive than tutoring with someone in person.

How to Do Well in School and Have a Good SAT Result

To finish off this blog post, let's look at some advice that could help you out during your studies...

  • Don't wait until the last minute to study. It's better to work regularly than stay up an entire night studying right before the test. You'll be less stressed and better equipped to retain new information.
  • Stay attentive in class. Active listening will help you lose less time working at home, since you'll have understood most of what you heard during your class.

Concerning the internet...

  • Prepare your work beforehand by having the websites lined up in your browser. You will be able to access them more easily. This will enable you to lose less time in your information research and revisions.
  • Don't hesitate to visit the web when you haven't understood a question correctly. 
  • On the flipside, when you use the internet for studying and revisions, don't multitask. No chatting with friends, no videos in the background, etc.
  • We know how lovely it is to listen to music while studying: but try and stick to instrumental music of music from other countries so that there isn't too much of an interference with your brain. 

The internet is an amazing tool but it is host to lots of temptation. So, before you set off with your revisions, do the necessary to really really concentrate, no distractions (videos, news, emails).

If you manage to create a safe work environment, you will have all the keys at your disposal to do well on your SAT Reasoning Test and later try and get into an ivy league.

Classical music is ideal to concentrate, but it will also have you learning some of the most important music in the world.

The same goes for online academic tutoring for college students...

And now, here are some tips for homework.

Work hard in order to get better grades. This is essential. Make sure you stay on track. Answering without a methodical approach can hurt your school results. Sometimes it is important to admit that you need help and access to the websites ready to support you with certain subjects.

Keep a strong focus! ery

How to Do Your Homework with your Children

Tired of arguing, harassing, and struggling with your children in order to have them do their homework?

If so, this part of the article is for you.

Here are the three homework laws to follow. If you follow them with consistency and an open heart, you will be studying a whole lot less.

First law on homework: most children do not like homework.

Children don't like having to sit down and study. At least not after a long school day, which has already been mostly composed of studying.

Second law on homework: you can't force your child to do homework.

You can't have your child learn things he or she does not want to. Especially if he or she is distracted.

Concentrate on being passively and indirectly helpful by mentioning it in a positive way. Motivate your child and encourage him to work.

Third law on homework: It's your child's responsibility and problem.

Too many parents see homework as their own task.

Thus they create ultimatums, howl and shout, threaten, bribe, grind their teeth, and punish their child.

Have you noticed that most of these tactics don't work?

The parent's mission is to give his or her children the opportunity to do their homework. The parent's job is to provide a structure and to create a system. The child's job is to put this system to use.

Tip # 1

Eliminate the word homework from your vocabulary. Replace it with study.

Tip # 2

Establish a work routine. It has to be the same everyday. Persist: if you have a regular work hour, you will be able to valorize instruction and education.

Tip # 3

Keep up a healthy pace. A simple and predictable routine. Also make sure to always keep up your extracurricular activities.

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