Academic support: a not so new trend that has now become a regular part of children's schooling. Indeed, with National Education no longer knowing how to manage pupils in difficulty, parents and children have had to find an effective solution.

For some years now, the private tutoring market has exploded.

The emergence of the Internet has also paved the way for a new form of private tutoring at home: online tutoring.

  • What is it?
  • What are the best websites?
  • Can this type of tutoring really help students?

These are the questions that we will answer in our article.

Online Academic Support's Biggest Players

It's difficult to choose a good academic support provider. It can be difficult to know which organization to turn to help your child.

Here is a list that may help you find the best possible academic support for your children.

Tutor Niche

It is one of the leading companies in the sector, and has converted to 100% online service.

With Tutor Niche, students have the possibility of attending private lessons via videoconference.

Whether you're looking for elementary school mathematics, English classes in college, or a boost in geography as you approach the SATs: everything is possible.

Whether it's throughout the year or during the school holidays, it's up to you to schedule tutoring sessions.

Zook Tutoring

Zook Tutoring is another important website in the realm of academic support.

You will find the following on its site:

  • A space where you can create your own schedule;
  • Online flashcards;
  • Tests (with corrections);
  • Video and audio courses;
  • Corrected exercises.

This is namely a good site for high schoolers.


Eduniche is the leading online solution for academic support.

With this kind of online academic assistance, you could get ahead of the best students in your class.

To progress in a specific subject (geography, history, biology, math, philosophy...), you can choose from two options: one without tutoring and one with tutoring.

The first option means complete autonomy while the second allows the student to be accompanied by a competent teacher. He or she will have answers to questions within 24 hours.

This website is relatively new to the market and offers all kinds of tutoring classes for students in need.

Here are the three perks:

  • A video library of the different lessons;
  • Group lessons via webcam;
  • Academic coaching with access to many online resources.

This pedagogical support can start as soon as middle school.


Established in the 2000s, the TutorEye platform offers tutoring in math or English.

If you want to consolidate your knowledge in these subjects, this site will be able to help you. If not, on to the next one!

TutorEye offers live courses, but also unlimited access to teaching resources at any time.

Each student has a follow-up with a pedagogical advisor who will help him or her to progress in school while acquiring important academic notions.

Study Pug

Study Pug is a very competent website.

Its method relies on the following elements:

  • Memos and videos;
  • Mock quizzes;
  • Online tutoring every day of the week;
  • Mock exams for midterms, finals, and the SATs;
  • Unlimited access to a competent Encyclopedia.

This site deals with over 20 subjects.

Math Crunch

If you are having trouble with math class, this is the place for you! It addresses any math-related question a student might have.

The platform offers a series of progressive online exercises as well as tests based on different questions and a report that will be used to set up regular academic training.

Not to mention, whatever tools are needed in order to allow parents to help their children progress.

Tutor Pace

Tutor Pace is a very interesting website.

Adapted for K-12, it offers academic support through short online tutoring programs. 

Its goal is to awaken young students' curiosity.

All subjects are available to all.

There is a special section for parents wanting to follow their children's progress.

Paying or Free Academic Help?

If you have a careful look at each website, you will see that there are free, semi-free, or paid services available on each site.

In order to choose the right solution for you, we'd like to give you the advantages and disadvantages of each proposition.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Online Tutoring Classes

Free online academic support is perfect for someone with a very small budget. 

You are free to use all the free websites at your disposition.

What you must know is that  the lessons are less complete than paying lessons and, above all, are less personalized.

Based on this observation, you will understand that the free online education support can be used by students who wish to work on a specific lesson and already has a really good work methods.

If your child experiences some difficulties at school, you cannot be certain that the free resources found online will help him or her overcome his academic issues.

On the other hand, if it's every once in a while to understand a specific aspect of a lesson, then it should be very helpful to your child.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paying Online Tutoring Classes

If you know a student who is experiencing general of subject-specific academic difficulties, paid online academic support can be a good solution.

Indeed, elementary school students, high school students, or high school students (which websites can help high schoolers with homework help?) who think about dropping out rarely do so because they work too little.

Generally, they can also drop out because of poor learning methods or a lack of motivation.

If this is the case, getting tutored regularly with a competent professional can work miracles.

In some cases, it is necessary to get a paying solution for children with academic difficulties.

That being said, be careful to quantify your budget before choosing this type of benefit. Generally, paid academic support lasts up to several months.

So, for it to be effective, calculate what you are willing to pay so that you do not to have to stop along the way.

New Online Tendency: Find a Private Tutor Tailored to You

In addition to all these traditional players, new concepts are beginning to emerge.

Of these, it's hard to miss out on SuperProf.

Our goal is simple. Superprof wants students to find an in-home private tutor close to their home and who can help them with their academic difficulties. Their goal is to have students increase their chances of getting into the universities of their dreams.

With Superprof, you have the choice between in-home courses or courses via a webcam.

Some students choose to alternate between the two. Others prefer one to the other.

E-learning is becoming very popular with children and adolescents alike.

One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is the easy access and its inexpensive rates compared to in-home private tutoring.

To prepare for a tutoring session, students should bring textbooks, notes, completed homework, study guides, and graded quizzes or exams. Having material from the course gives both the student and the tutor a starting point for the tutoring session. Students should expect to work through problems, draw diagrams, engage in discussion and explanation, and actively participate in the tutoring session.

If the lesson goes well and the student is happy then tutors should book following lessons. These will be easier to remember if you keep the day, time, and location the same.

Academic tutoring is a good way to catch up on academic difficulties and improve your grades in a specific subject.

Choose the schedule and the formula that suits you and test it out immediately. You will not be sorry!

Academic tutoring takes many students by surprise. After just a few months, they are back in the saddle.

It could be you! Do not give up on your academic career.

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