“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” - Amit Ray

Our bodies are a useful tool. We use them every day and through breathing exercises and a bit of yoga, we can make them even better. Breathing exercises are an integral part of yoga along with meditation to ensure we get the most out of our bodies.

We often struggle to breathe correctly. As an example, researchers have found that between 30% and 45% of adults regularly snore as a result of improper breathing. This can be a worry if you’re doing yoga.

So how exactly can you master breathing when you’re doing yoga?

You’re about to find out because in this article, we're going to look at why breathing is important when you do yoga, how mindfulness and an awareness of your own body can help you with this, how you can breathe while doing yoga poses, and how a yoga instructor can help you with this.

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The Importance of Breathing in Yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With this in mind, a lot of people are interested in how to do it correctly. You need to learn how to warm up, do mindfulness meditation and other meditation techniques, and correctly control your breathing as you do all this.

What is pranayama?
In addition to keeping us alive, breathing is also an essential part of doing yoga correctly. (Source: StockSnap)

Breathing is the first thing to master when you’re doing yoga as it facilitates your movements and enables you to do the poses or asanas. Your chest cavity, abdominal muscles, and spine will all play a pivotal role in just how well you can breathe.

Yoga breathing (or pranayama) different to normal breathing. You don't just inhale and exhale, you have to listening to your body, sensations, pains, and calming down and breathing deeply and letting the body do its thing, often as you do an asana (yoga postures or poses). Breathing is a tool that can be used to combat anxiety and stress. It’s a tool that you can use to calm yourself down, appease the nervous system, and manage pain just by bringing air in through your nostrils.

In yoga, your breath is believed to be your “life force” or “vital principle” and originates from the sun and manifests as your exhaled breath since it lives in your lungs.

By being less stressed, you can do poses better and make them more effective. This is one of the most important aspects of breathing when doing yoga. You need to breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, and make use of your abdominal muscles in order to relieve muscle tension. Now it’s over to you!

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Learn to Breathe Better during Yoga by Listening to Your Body

When you breathe correctly, you’ll listen to your body. This can help you master each inhalation, exhalation, and deep breathing. We often forget that our metabolism is a good indicator of our overall health and how well we’re taking care of our bodies. To feel less stress, anxiety, and more positive, try breathing!

How do you become mindful of your body?
If you treat your body right, it'll reward you by helping you to do yoga. (Source: jesslef)

Wherever you feel pain, be it the collarbone, back, or your foot, it’s a good idea to ease the pain through deep breathing. Listen to your body and it’ll tell you what’s wrong. Whether it needs some time to heal, you can help it through a good breath in and a good breath out which will make you feel better. Despite what many think, you can actually only learn to really breathe through yoga.

Whether you’re stretching, meditating, standing, or sitting, there are plenty of different activities we do that require that we change the way we breathe. We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us. Breathing through your nose is a good way to relax and alleviate stress during times when not everything is going as well as it should.

In fact, there are yoga breathing exercises for each yoga posture. No matter what type of yoga you're practising, there'll be yoga breathing exercises that you'll need to do as you each pose. Breath control in yoga is quite a complicated breathing technique as you're doing more than just inhaling and exhaling, it involves diaphragmatic breathing, something you'll probably cover during your yoga classes near me.

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Breathing Correctly during Yoga Poses

By fully breathing out, you’ll be mindful of your own breathing, which will be useful for doing the various yoga poses. However, some poses require a particular type of breathing. This is when you’ll need to really know what you’re doing and listen to your body.

Which are the most common yoga breathing techniques?
Yoga poses require that you breathe correctly. (Source: shushipu)

A series of yoga poses can quickly tire you out. Pranayama breathing is a good way to manage your energy and not end up out of breath by the end of it. Since most yoga poses are designed to include a specific type of breathing, they’re a good opportunity to learn more about it.

You're probably aware how oxygen works to help your body and mind to utilise the energy that we get from your food. Slowly but surely, you'll learn more about how to use your breathing and developing an awareness it from your yoga teacher in your yoga class.

You can gain a deeper understanding of how to breathe effectively by choosing poses with a particular focus on your breathing. Mastering your breathing can help you to master your understanding of the world and yoga poses are a great way to do this. Between a sun salutation, downward dog, and the lotus, there are plenty of options for those wanting to work on their breathing.

Each pose is good for our breathing in a different way and yoga is all about letting go and listening to our body. Letting go will make your body feel lighter and more flexible and make your breathing more streamlined.

Learning how to breathe is one of the key teachings of yoga which, through various different activities, gives the impression of being an almost miraculous cure to many different problems. By bending your back, you’ll have to breathe in a different way as to how you could while standing up, for example.

You'll also need to consider improving your alignment!

Listen to Your Yoga Tutor to Master Your Breathing

There are plenty of different ways to work on mastering your breathing. Whether you’re doing a one-on-one yoga session or a group session, there’ll be an instructor or tutor there to help you master your breathing.

Where can you find private yoga tutors?
Every yoga tutor will help you with your breathing techniques. (Source: janeb13)

In fact, if they’re teaching yoga, they’ll probably be well aware of all the different problems people encounter when trying to listen to their body and master their breathing. You’ll need to trust them as they’re there to help you improve. They’re a savant who blends teaching and wellbeing.

Whatever your reasons for doing yoga, your tutor should be able to put you on the right path to breathing correctly and harmonising with your body. We often forget that breathing helps provide us with the vital energy we need to live.

Similarly, it can help when strengthening muscles, warming up, meditating, or sophrology. It’s useful for dealing with panic attacks, managing stress, and being mindful that we’ve been breathing since the day we were born. While it helps us to do yoga, it can also help us to live better by reducing pain and anxiety.

Thus, even though is a simple and accessible pursuit that anyone can do, it’s also so much more than that. It allows us to think differently about our body, to consider it as a whole and as all the parts, and this all starts with breathing. We can learn, through various techniques and approaches, how to master it, how to perform better, and, most importantly, how to live better lives every day.

Each breathing exercise will help you learn more about yoga whether you're doing ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, or vinyasa yoga. Pranayama techniques and breathing are an essential part of yoga.

We can use breathing to better manage how we deal with crises, stress, and ourselves. We are intelligent beings capable of using our breathing as our strength rather than our weakness. In addition to teaching us all this, yoga is also incredibly enjoyable! One, two, three, breathe!

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