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Certified ELA and Writing Teacher K-12 Remote Tutoring, ESE and ESOL


Every student has a different learning style and different needs when it comes to how you deliver content. My approach is to get to know the student and appeal to what motivates them, and offer them scaffolded guidance to break overhwelming tasks into manageable small chunks through fun activities.


I am certified to teach k-12 English and Essay Writing, and have experience providing support to students with special needs and ESOL. My Masters is in Literacy and I am experienced in teaching students how to read fluently and comprehend what they're reading. With my online teaching experience, I am able to help students who struggle with the remote learning system at school and give them the accommodations they need to fill the gaps and catch up.


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Lessons offered by Ingrid
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Academic English
  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Essay writing
  • Literacy
  • Test Prep
  • All Levels

Ingrid's resume


 2011-2013 State University at Albany, Albany, NY
M.S. Childhood Education and Literacy
 2009-2011 SUNY at Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
B.S. and Certification for Elementary Education with Spanish Language Concentration
 2002-2004 APEC University, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Computer Information Systems


 Elementary Education K-6
 English for Speakers of Other Languages K-12
 Exceptional Student Education K-12
 English 6-12 (FLDOE is processing the request to add to certificate)

 Recent Professional Development:
- 10/20/20: Middle School Survival for Students with ADHD and Executive Function Deficits (1hr)
- 10/29/20: How to Design and Implement a Positive and Effective Behavior Plan (1hr)
- 10/15/20: How Stress and Trauma Affect ADHD in Children and How to Heal the Wounds (1hr)
- 10/14/20: Temple Grandin: Neurodiversity in the Work Place (3hr)
- 10/10/20: Cork Autism Online Conference 2020 (10hr)
- 9/16/20: Social Emotional Learning for Children with ADHD in Quarantine (1hr)
- 8/20/20: Understanding and Supporting Twice-Exceptional Children (1hr)
- 7/20/20: Cultural Considerations When Diagnosing and Treating ADHD in African-American Children
- 7/17/20: Not So Wimpy Teacher PD Series: 8 PD Topics for Effective Teaching (8hr)
- 7/15/20: Schools in Crisis Online Course by Schools of Excellence (10hr)
- 6/29/20: Bridging the Distance: Accommodations and Technology for Overcoming Remote Learning
Challenges for Students with ADHD (1hr)
- 6/1/20: Strategies for Improving Dysgraphia in Children with ADHD (1hr)
- 6/10/20: Temple Grandin LIVE: Helping Children Autism During Uncertain Times (3hr)
- 5/28/20: Leading Equity Center: Launch and Lead an Equitable Online Classroom (1hr)
- 5/17/20: OCPS: Universal Design For Learning (20hr)
- 05/9/20: Temple Grandin: Empowering Autistic Individuals to be Successful (1hr)
- 5/7/20: Sensory-Smart Strategies for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD (1hr)
- 5/1/20: Universal Design of Learning OCPS Course (20hr)
 2018-2020. 4th Grade Teacher and Tutor. Renaissance Charter at Crown Point. Ocoee, FL
Planned and delivered high-rigor and engaging lessons for the students. Maintained up to date data
for ESE students and students in the MTSS program. Planned differentiated instruction,
accommodating students of different abilities and backgrounds. Tutored twice a week after school,
Saturdays for our Writing Boot Camp. Created and held weekly meetings for the school’s Lego Club.
 2016-2018. Self-Employed Childcare Provider. LOVE LLC. Sanford, FL.
 2015- 2016. Second Grade Teacher. Conway Elementary, OCPS. Conway, FL
Provided instruction to Second Grade students, using different teaching and differentiating
methods to meet their individual academic needs.
 2013-2014. Educator and Childcare Provider. Orduña/Polanski Households, Buffalo, NY
Duties: Provided care and instruction for three preschool-aged children and one homeschooled
elementary school-aged child. Followed a self-created curriculum based on the Common Core
Standards to prepare the children for preschool and guide them through the beginning stages of
literacy. Provide academic instruction and supervision to a homeschooled 9-year-old at a 6th grade
academic level.
 2012-2013. Reading and Writing Instruction. Niagara Falls & Clarence, NY
As part of the Childhood Education M.S. program, administered reading tests to determine the
students’ reading levels, and created personalized action plans based on the results. Taught weekly
lessons to address each students’ reading issues, increase fluency, and improve their writing skills.
Kept portfolios and gathered data to show the progress over time, referencing the results of the
assessments administered each week.
 2011. Student Teaching, Martin Luther King Multicultural Institute. Buffalo, NY
Taught English and Language Arts during the first placement and taught Math and Science during
the second placement. Assisted with behavior management and provided one-on-one support to
students. Created units and lesson plans that complemented the NYS curriculum. Conducted guided
reading sessions and administered reading assessments. Prepared and supervised students for NYS
standardized tests.
 2007-2011. Teaching and Assisting in Classrooms as a Junior Participant. Buffalo, NY
Provided one-on-one assistance to students with disabilities. Aided with behavior management.
Developed and taught lessons that allowed for hands-on learning and imparted differentiated
instruction. Assisted in the administration of assessments and helped students improve their
reading and writing skills.

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3 recommendations


Best teacher :)


I have known her for many years.. She is very caring and loving; very knowledgeable and professional. She makes the class fun for the kids. She goes above and beyond to help the kids learn but at the same time enjoy learning.


Ingrid us 5 stars she goes above and beyond for each student the way she teaches entices students to learn and want to keep learning!!

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