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Certified English Teacher in El-Centro Ca. Bringing Collaborative and interactive English leasons

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Passionate English Educator and graduate in Bachelor. Of Education, striving to teach English in new fun and meaningful ways that allow for optimal learning to take place. Giving lessons to learners ranging anywhere from an elementary level up until junior high. My method of instruction focuses deeply on creating meaning through learning and bringing about collaborative ways of teaching that allow for optimal learning to take place. I am fun and spirited lady dedicated to helping all my learners achieve the best results possible. My lessons focus on engaging the learner with the subject matter and focusing on well thought out activities


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About Humaira

I have been teaching English for over 3 years from elementary level right through junior high. I have taught classes from as little as 11 students and bigger classes of 30 students per class. All my learners have progressed a significant amount from my unique teaching methods.



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