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Pablo (Coach)

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  • Hourly rate $60
  • Response Time 24h
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1st lesson free!

Certified life coach with over twenty years of teaching and spiritual practice using "A Course in Miracles". Alternative Lifestyles Friendly

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As a coach, I create relevant experiences for my clients using proven coaching tools and methods that will lead you to greater self-awareness and clarity in each session.

In my first free complimentary session, I will get to know you as a person and understand what you would like to gain from coaching. From there we will establish mid-term/long-term goals towards which we will work on all succeeding sessions. These goals are open to revisions by the client/coach partnership as your inner process of awareness and achievement of goals unfolds.

Sometimes, relevant assignments/exercises will be suggested for the student/client to do between sessions.

Following through and committing to the client-centered actions that emerge from each session will lead to shifts in awareness and to an enhanced level of self-realization, satisfaction, peace, and joy of life.


  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • +2

    Conflict management

    Relationship coaching


  • English
  • Spanish


  • All Levels

About Pablo (Coach)

I've been a teacher for 24 years in the public schools, private schools, and colleges while concurrently pursuing the path of spiritual development through positive psychology, the Christian psychology of A Course in Miracles, and Eastern spiritual teachings.

When a major life event occurred in my life, I experienced a shift in consciousness that led me to commit to helping others in what I believe is a much more profound and life-enhancing way: by helping you transform your life as you increase your self and spiritual awareness through a process that combines personal coaching with self-inquiry and the spiritual teachings of Helen Schucman's "Course in Miracles".



  • 5h: $250
  • 10h: $400


  • $60/h

free lessons

  • 30mins


Group sessions are possible:

Groups of 4-10 students at $15 per one-hour class.

Package of 5 classes for 4-10 students at $12 per one-hour class.

Package of 10 classes for 4-10 students at $10 per one-hour class.

All my classes will be online using the Zoom platform.
I accept payments through my Paypal account which will be sent to you upon agreement to start sessions/classes.

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