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Childhood Writer with Love and Passion for Writing Working out of Missouri

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I try to take the time and learn how my student learns best and provide those methods to my teaching. I like to use a variety of different methods to keep learning engaging and fun. I prefer working with students on things they do not understand and making sure they understand them in a fun and engaging way.


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About Jamie

I am currently an undergrad student with a passion for writing. I have helped others in the past improve their creative writing through proofreading and editing of their work. I have been writing since I was a child with interest in poetry and fiction writing, but I write more technical papers regularly.



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  • I am a senior student attending Clark Magnet High School who has been in America for seven years.



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    My teaching methods rely mostly on student's emotions. After teaching the student how to do the problem in different forms...

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  • Insecure about your speech or writing skills? If you worry about grammar, pronunciation, or punctuation, I’m an expert editor and writing specialist who can help. Drop me a line for a specialized asse



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    I take a unique approach with each student or class to ensure each and every student gets the maximum benefit. Expect...

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