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1st lesson free!

Chino Hills based early retired marketing professor (PhD) & experienced entrepreneur offering expertise to junior high, high school, college and postgraduate students, start-ups & small businesses

About the lesson

I primarily use learn-by-doing , but also depends with whom I am working:
- Students: kinesthetic, visual, application, case method, homework, etc.;
- Businesses: application, exercises, projects, homework
- Entrepreneurs: application, exercises, projects, homework
- Early stage start-ups: application, exercises, projects, homework

Course examples:
- Principles of marketing
- Market segmentation
- Market &/or Marketing strategy
- Creativity & Innovation
- New venture analysis
- Capturing customers
- Lifetime customer value
- Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
- Business models (How making $)
- Value Proposition strategy
- Business Canvas Model
- Lean start-up method
- Customer service strategy
- Building customer relationships
- Entrepreneur mindset


  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Public speaking
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    Relationship coaching


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About Tom

I have a PhD in marketing with over 40 years teaching at the university level (undergraduate, MBA, doctoral), have private and public consulting experience, and am an entrepreneurial.

In the private sector I have worked with start-ups to Fortune 100, while in the pubic sector it has primarily been at the federal level (e.g., NASA, DoD branches, DoE, USCG, DoA, FEMA).

I have been a founder, cofounder or early stage start-up entrepreneur in several start-ups. Everything from building PCs in a garage in the 1980's to helping develop an email security protocol stronger than SSL.

I use the practical experience from my consulting and entrepreneur ventures to inform my teaching, coaching and mentoring. Oh, I also have coached students who have been finalists in, as well as won, pitch competitions.



  • 5h: $125
  • 10h: $250


  • $30/h

free lessons

  • 45mins


Basic Rates
- First session is free and used for evaluation and rate determination
- Average junior high and high school student: $25/hour
- College/postgraduate students: $35/hour, higher depending on skill set desired
- Special needs student: rate is determined during the first session
- Entrepreneur and Business: $50/hour

Travel Rate: 20 miles or less (one way), no charge; Over 20 miles: $0.55/mile (one way only)

Cancellation: no charge if 24 hours or more before scheduled time or a verified emergency (e.g., death in the family, Blue Ridge Fire); less than 24 hours is 50%

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