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Classics enthusiast working in New York government -- putting liberal arts into practice at the intersection of economics, politics, real estate, and design.

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I'm comfortable teaching in a variety of educational environments, and I've mentored and tutored students from many walks of life, mostly at the high school and community college levels. I have experience with everything from hardcore SAT prep to more general academic and life experience coaching.

My most preferred way to teach is through project-based learning, where I help guide a student through a project of their own choosing. I find that this is an excellent way to encourage the student's own interests, and it also helps ground the work in something with more real-life applications.


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About Jefferson

Hi, I'm Jefferson. I studied philosophy at UChicago for undergrad, which is basically like majoring in not knowing what to do with your life. Then I studied urban planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, which is not that much better, to be honest. Both fields are highly interdisciplinary, incredibly complex, and intellectually rich, but also (in my opinion) very applicable on an everyday basis. That's the kind of stuff that really interests me, and it's the perspective I'll share with my students. I have extensive experience tutoring, teaching small classes, and lecturing on a variety of topics. What I try to do most of all is to help the student see the bigger picture, and to always make the topic applicable to one's own life.

I've devoted much of my life to writing, from creative writing (I worked as a freelance writer and kept my own neighborhood blog) to academic writing (I've sat through a lot of school) to professional writing (I still write everything from memos to speeches for my job in government). Public speaking goes hand-in-hand with that, especially in my job as I run meetings and present projects to politicians, constituents, and other stakeholders. I've turned this around and taught reading, writing, and literature to students of many different backgrounds, mostly at the high school and community college levels.

My academic background in planning and policy has been thoroughly tempered by my experiences working in multiple levels of government in New York City. I've sat across the table from politicians, real estate developers, cultural figures, labor unions, angry neighbors -- you name it. So my ideas and ideals relating to government and politics are informed by a pretty deep knowledge of details and a healthy dose of realism.

Reach out to me if you share any of my interests. I especially welcome inquiries related specifically to student-driven projects. I'm also happy to help with general academic advice, applying to college and grad school, etc.



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