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College English major with experience writing academic essays and delivering oratorical addresses offering lessons in composition and oratory

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I am a college student who is majoring in English Studies. I am trained in academic writing and composure, and I have several years of experience as an orator. I am very focused on individual needs and able to adapt.


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About Gideon

I have been able to train individuals who were nonnative English speakers to effectively speak and write English. They have become effective leaders of the organization to which they belong. Additionally, I have assisted in training individuals to become proficient speakers and teachers.



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  • $12/h

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  • English Specialist Ph.D. with 15 years of teaching/coaching experience.



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  • English Tutor with experience of two years offering private lessons for eager pupils.



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  • Honor student offering tutoring services for students struggling with hybrid/ online learning. Math English, science or organization skills offered.



    My teaching method is super simple but effective. I attack the challenges the students are having with them and build up...

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  • ENGLISH TUTOR currently in the International Baccalaureate program. (HIGHER THAN AP ENGLISH)



    I loving learning others learning styles and catering to their understanding in a way that is more palatable for them. This...

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  • College student majoring in business based in Richmond offering English tutoring for students.



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  • Experienced high school teacher who has worked with students from other countries.i can help high school students in homework completion and time management.

    Mary Louise


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    Winter Park

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    • 30mins free