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College Flute Performance Major teaches the flute to students looking to improve flute skills!

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About the lesson

I am currently in my second year of a flute performance degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My lessons are centered towards the needs of the student and how I can help them to become a better musician and flute player. I focus on tone, technique, and efficient practice strategies in order to keep improving. I can also help students achieve musical goals, such as getting accepted into All State, or a summer festival of the student's choice.


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About Katie

I have experience in teaching beginning flute students all the way up to high schoolers. I have helped people get accepted into district bands and all state bands of their choice, as well as providing honest and positive feedback that will help a student improve.



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  • Senior flute player at The Woodlands High School in Texas! I have played flute for 8 years and I can teach beginner to intermediate level students!



    My teaching approach is a hands on technique. Seeing as I am closer in age to the students I could possibly be teaching, it...

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    • 30mins free