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College graduate (BS in Physics) provides Physics and Mathematics tutoring services to all grade levels. I have over 35 years tutoring/teaching experience.

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About the lesson

I have a BS in Physics and Mathematics.

My methods emphasize deep understanding of fundamental principles, and problem solving.

I teach/tutor all grade levels of Physics and Mathematics.

Teaching/tutoring roles include tutoring physically handicapped students, tutoring remedial students, tutoring students with learning disabilities, and tutoring multiple students in a classroom environment.


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    Precalculus & Calculus


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About Anton

I have over 35 years experience tutoring and teaching high school level Physics and Mathematics.

I have taught/tutored over 800 students.

The majority of my students have earned a college degree and some of my students have gone on to earn a PhD in Physics or Mathematics.



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  • $45/h

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  • I like to teach students how to make their complicated problems small and simple.



    I like to teach students how to make their complicated problems small and simple. I have been teaching students in...

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