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College Prof (human A&P) will make you a bio whiz, college or HS, via video preferred

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20+ years as a college prof, inspiring and also demanding high performance - because you CAN! I carry you to the place where you totally believe in your abilities, as you learn content that will get you through tests and on to success in career.

Masters degree in human anatomy & physiology, includes genetics, zoology. I will inspire you and set high standards. You will 100% understand all key principles so you can logic your way through ANY test question. Techniques depend on your needs: demos and drawings so you "get" a concept; practice test questions if you need to hone your ability to think through a new question; etc.


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About Victoria

Success? No one has ever failed one of my college classes who really wanted to work, and did the work. I provide work sheets to guide learning, and I KNOW what the key concepts that always show up on tests are. I will teach you how to "read the landscape" of education so you know what matters and can focus on that.

I have taught literally thousands of students in college and in advanced high school classes. My tutoring clients have all done much, much better than they expected, after 4+ weeks with me.



  • 5h: $140
  • 10h: $280


  • $28/h


Actual cost depends on what we will be doing: if I have to create a practice test, etc. Rate is $30/hr. If I am answering questions in an area of confusion, the rate is $23/hr.

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