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College student in education gives math and chemistry lessons in winnfield, louisiana

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i am currently enrolled into the education field in college. i teach with a variety of techniques and methods that i have learned in school. Depending on the level of knowledge that you have i will adjust my lesson structure. i am extremely patient and will work as much as needed with you till you understand the subject matter. i will not quit or give up no matter how much difficulty you may have and will always switch how i teach to how you learn so that it becomes easier on you.


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About Jeremy

I have been giving tutor lessons for about two years, and have never failed to teach a student. I have had many students come back to me for help in other subjects. Some have even sent their friends to me.



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  • Highschool Junior teaching Algebra 1, Pre-algebra, below, and Chemistry virtually with 1-year experience.



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  • Hi I am a senior in high school and I am in the top percentile of my class. Math and science are my strong suits and I know how to explain them very well. I understand that each student is different a



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  • Chemical Engineer with 5 years of tutoring experience. Available to teach Math, Physics, Chemistry, and standardized tests (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT). B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Chemical Engineering.



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  • Current Biomedical Engineering Masters student math/bio/chem/physics/engineering principles tutor in San Luis Obispo


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  • USC Cum Laude STEM Graduate in the Bay Area Tutoring a Wide Range of Subjects



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  • Enthusiastic STEM student offering math and science lessons in Illinois with years of tutoring experience.



    Ideally, I teach elementary, middle, and high school students. My approach as an instructor is to foster a bond between the...

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  • Third Year UCI BioSci major, 4.0 GPA, 7+ years professional tutoring experience


    Aliso Viejo

    First, I generally assess a student's knowledge by watching them solve a problem. Through this, I am able to identify...

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  • AP Scholar, National Honor Society Member, High School Grad., offering Math, English, Science, History, and Study Skills lessons.



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  • Qualified Math/Science Teacher with 16 years of experience, a teacher with a heart.


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  • 20 Year with experience in tutoring pre-K (includes teaching kids to read and write) -12 can help with most Maths/Science, English,History and studying


    Del Rio

    I like to observe first because everyone learns differently. Once I can tell if they are a hands on or a visual leaner I...

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  • College student with advanced experience in science and mathematics, succeeded very highly in high school in these subjects at a college level



    I approach each topic by finding out what you’re struggling with and what you understand. I then help cater to your...

    • $12/h
    • 1hr free