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College Student in English/Education/History Gives Lessons to Middle School and High School Students in Michigan

About the lesson

My name is Taylor and I am a college senior at Grand Valley State University. I study English and History (with a bias toward Literature). Below, I have listed several statements that accurately describe my beliefs and style of teaching.

- I believe teachers should strive to make learning fun for students.
- I believe English teachers should promote reading and writing outside of the classroom.
- I believe teachers should take their students’ interests/ideas/worries into consideration when creating lessons.
- I believe teachers should treat students as their equals.
- I believe English teachers should use literature to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
- I do not believe English teachers should shy away from controversial texts.
- I believe teachers should be understanding and supportive of students’ lives and responsibilities outside of school.
- I believe English teachers should monitor students’ progress throughout the course of a text, not just at the end.
- I believe English teachers should encourage more than one interpretation of a text.
- I believe teachers should promote respectful debate in class.


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About Taylor

Throughout my time at GVSU, I have been enrolled in a number of classes that have taught me effective methods and strategies for teaching. I have formulated a number of unit plans and taught several successful lessons. Beginning this semester, I will be working in classrooms.



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