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College student in physics gives physics and math lessons to high school, college, and adult learners in Nashville, TN.

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I have been tutoring on campus since January, 2017. At MTSU, the physics department allows 3 or 4 tutors to collaborate to help the students. This is a strategy I feel is beneficial on campus to quickly help students who are usually in a hurry to go over homework before their next class. In my time, I have tutored several students but have been closely involved with 5 in particular. These students have been visiting me on a regular basis now and have witnessed improvements in their grades on homework and tests.
What I lack in experience, I certainly make up for in knowledge of the subject. In addition to tutoring, I also work as a lab assistant for a physics problems lab where we work through conceptual problems and a few of the more rigorous problems before a group lab activity.

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I'm a third year physics major at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. I currently tutor college students on campus and would like to extend my reach to other college students, as well as high school students and adult education students.
The best way to learn physics is to work problems. Since physics is a challenging subject, it is important to talk about the related ideas and to think about how we could employ those ideas to solve a problem. This takes time and effort. With a little bit of guidance (provided by myself), a strategy for solving problems begins to manifest in the students mind.
I'm patient, laid back, and easy to work with. I enjoy studying physics and I genuinely love solving these problems.

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The $50 per hour rate is for sessions lasting one hour only. It is $20 per hour after the first hour.
After five hours ($120) the rate is again up to $20 per hour. This means that the 9 hour and 10 hour rates cost the same ($200). This is not an error.

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