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Comprehensive science teacher with experience in ALL (biology, chemistry, physics, and geology) sciences in high school and college nursing programs ready to create a unique tutoring opportunity base

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I have 15 years experience teaching a variety of different age groups and educational levels. I have worked with elementary, middle school, high school, and college students. Each student has unique needs and interests and I design my lessons around them.

I have used a variety of methods to help students. I can explain concepts, give practice activities, build models of relevant ideas (example: making a model of an arm to show muscle function), and link current information to the interests and prior learning of my students. I will also teach students the best way to learn and retain the necessary information. We will set goals together and meet on a regular basis to ensure your goals are met.


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About Sharon

How long have I been giving lessons?
15+ years.
How many students have you taught?
What results have your students attained thanks to you?
My students have gone from a 45% average to a 72% average in one semester.
Struggling students have passed required state tests due to my help and then been able to graduate from high school
My students have finally succeeded in their nursing programs due to my help.
My students understand the important information and can apply it in different ways.



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