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  • Computer programming
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Computer Science student offering Python/C++ lessons virtually with 2 years of coding experience!


First and foremost, I am a college student and a computer programmer! I can provide lessons to anyone that is in high school or starting out in college. You can be someone who has never programmed before or someone that is familiar but needs to strengthen their skills. My techniques to help teach (bear with me as I’m new to this) would be to let the student show me what they’re trying to work on or improve then I can walk them through it line by line and explain whats going on in the program. If a book is available, I can go through it with the student to reference important concepts or examples that will help with homework or projects. Otherwise I am happy to use various websites that I use in my own classes in order to teach the student an important programming concept. After the student knows what they’re supposed to do, my approach as a tutor is to let them do it on their own and if I see anything wrong, I’ll point it out at the end or if there’s a better way to do something then I’ll also point that out. I’ll avoid giving out full answers right away until the student has exhausted all other options.


Hello all! I've been giving lessons for the past year through one-on-one sessions at the lab in my college.
From early 2019 to now, I've helped out over 30 students (both classmates and non classmates that were majoring in STEM). They were all really good students and after spending a few lab sessions with me, many of them improved their grades in their programming classes and they stuck to their major rather than changing it. My practical experience has been through the classes I’ve taken at my college and outside of the college during my summers. During both summers I worked on a variety of personal projects to further expand my knowledge on Python and C++. I’ve created a tic-tac-toe clone, calculators, GPA report generators, restaurant bill generators, a PokeMart simulator, a Breakout clone, and many more projects. I’m still in college and expect to have my Computer Science associates in Spring of 2021. Following that, I’ll be pursuing a bachelors in Computer Science and learn languages like Java,Swift and more so I can be a robust programmer!


Rate for online lessons : $8/h
Lessons offered by Carlos
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Basic computer
  • C
  • Computer programming
  • C++
  • Computer languages
  • Python
  • All Levels

Carlos's resume

Work Experience:
Office Assistant at A New Day Realty (May 2018-July 2018)
Organizing real estate property folders on the computer
Printing/scanning/faxing papers
Creating labels for seller/buyer folders
Answering customer phone calls/transferring calls
Retrieving company emails and paper mail
Filling out the proper real estate information for buyer and seller folders

Sales Associate at Rite Aid (July 2018- November 2018)
Provided customer service by assisting customers with their shopping needs, answered customer inquiries, and resolved plenty of customer complaints.
Engaged with customers in a friendly and efficient manner while completing customer transactions on the cash register.
Maintained the cleanliness and organization of the store.
Stocked store shelves and end-caps with merchandise
Assisted the store leadership in ensuring merchandise on the shelves was within date
Put up signs that identify items on sale in weekly ads and took down signs when sales were over
Assisted with price markdowns and changes for merchandise on the shelves.

Sales Associate at Tuesday Morning (May 2019 -January 2020)
Assisted customers with their shopping needs and answered all customers questions regarding store merchandise.
Engaged with customers in a friendly and efficient manner while completing transactions on the cash register.
Organized items and cleaned every aisle of the store during each of my shifts.
Stocked store shelves/end-caps with merchandise.
Assisted the store leadership in ensuring merchandise on the shelves was within date
Marked down prices on old merchandise on the shelves.
Assisted in unpacking boxes and putting price tags on items from the weekly truck that delivered items to the store.
Sales Associate at JOANN Fabrics and Crafts (July 2020 - Present)
Handled customer transactions at the cash register in an efficient and friendly manner with professionalism and precision.
Lifted boxes from the truck and receiving area, place, and arrange items on shelves and racks.
Moved product from delivering truck to sales floor as needed.
Stocked shelves accurately according to planogram while maintaining a high level of productivity and close attention to detail.
Cleaned and recovered shelves, put away returns, and cleaned all spills/messes on the sales floor.
Minimized shrink in the store by following proper policies and procedures including, but not limited to, cutting counter accuracy, remnants, damages, and inventory management.

Educational Achievements:
High Honor Roll at Hawthorne High School (2015-2017)
Honor Roll at Hawthorne High School (2015-2017)
Phi Theta Kappa member at Passaic County Community College (January 2019 - Present)

Writing computer programs for personal use
Playing Guitar
Video Editing for Youtube
Creating custom computer wallpapers/backgrounds
Building desktop computers from all kinds of computer parts

Computer Skills:
Familiar with MS Excel, MS Access, MySQL, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Swift
Skilled in MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Sony Vegas Pro, Python, C++
Microsoft Word - Creating, editing, printing documents such as Youtube video scripts, pseudocode for coding projects, and essays/reports for school.
Microsoft Excel - Making lists, formatting column text and titles, executing computations
Microsoft Access/MySQL - Creating and maintaining a database. Performing simple queries using Structured Query Language (SQL). Using tables, indexes, views and data normalization.
Microsoft Powerpoint - Creating slide presentations, using unique transitions in projects, and displaying projects for personal or work use.
Adobe Photoshop - Editing existing photos and merging photos together for Youtube banner art.
Adobe Illustrator - Creating custom user profile logos and wallpapers as a hobby
Sony Vegas Pro - Editing video clips, using multiple timelines for various audio and video files, and rendering clips for use on social media websites
Python Programming - Utilizing if/elif statements,loops,functions, lists, classes, and dictionaries in personal and school projects. Projects were created with procedural or object oriented paradigms. Created several programs that do different things such as a restaurant catering menu, a contracting company calculator, 2D space shooter game, and guessing number game.
C++ Programming - Utilizing if/else/switch statements, while/for/do while loops, functions, structures, classes in various school and personal projects. Projects created with programming paradigms such as procedural and object-oriented. Created several programs such as a GPA calculator, a payroll generator,hotel billing system, and employee records list. Also knowledgeable in some data structures such as queues, stacks, trees, lists.
Swift Programming - Created iOS mobile applications with the use of xCode. Utilized basic programming concepts with iOS storyboards and various data structures like arrays, dictionaries, tuples to store and display data in mobile app projects. Also utilized various xCode objects like labels, text fields, and buttons to generate the front end layout for mobile application projects.

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