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Conversational Chinese Mandarin Applied Physics and Project Engineering Teacher trained in Pin Yin


I use a constructivist teaching methodology that emphasizes a friendly structured approach to learning. With a reliance and strong background in Harvard's Dr. Howard Gardner and his enlightened work in Multiple Intelligences, I believe that every student possesses the capacity to learn at a high level.


Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialization in Educational Technology; Graduate Certificate in Applied Physics; Online NASA Global Science Project Director; 20+ years of Secondary and Collegiate teaching; was taught CM Aural Comprehension by USAF Academy Officers; has extensive International Business experience as an Account Executive to Major Multinationals in-country around the world.


Rate for online lessons : $50/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $200
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $450


-All lessons are billed in advance via PayPal [all major credit cards accepted]
-Lessons are non-refundable because the time scheduled for you is then unavailable to others
-Learning takes dedication, purpose, a friendly and intelligent teacher, and the willingness to be a proactive and positive student/learner: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

Lessons offered by Richard
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Chinese
  • Oral expression - Chinese
  • Listening comprehension - Chinese
  • Accent reduction - Chinese
  • All Levels

Richard's resume

Richard J. Yanni, B.S., M.A.
Mobile: (concealed information)
Email: (concealed information)

Vietnam Veteran (USAF Intelligence-Chinese Mandarin)
Masters in Curriculum & Instruction-Educational Technology
Graduate Certificate in Applied Physics & Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Manufacturing
International Accounts Marketing Manager
NASA Curriculum Coordinator, Global On-Line Science Project
Network Administrator LAN/WAN
Windows, Macintosh, Linux OS
Interdisciplinary Faculty Developer
Web Site Authoring
Superior Verbal & Written English
Conversational Chinese Mandarin
Conversational Castilian Spanish
Some Arabic Capability
Yanni's professional background includes over 25 years in international marketing, and secondary and collegiate education in educational technology and applied physics. He holds multiple degrees from several universities: a Bachelor of Science magna cum laude in Industrial Manufacturing from the State University of New York; a Masters of Art summa cum laude in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Educational Technology from Colorado University in Colorado Springs; and a Masters Certificate in Applied Physics summa cum laude from Colorado University in Fort Collins.
As an international marketing account executive, Yanni was mentored by the Regional Director of the U.S. International Trade Administration in Denver, CO. He defined new territories and learned a protocol for interacting successfully with the U.S. Embassy Commercial sections abroad. This translated into multi-million dollar deals. For instance, in Saudi Arabia he landed an initial contract worth $7SOK with GM of the Middle East (The Al-Jomaih Company based in Riyadh). Early the next year, Al-Jomaih placed a second order worth $7.5 million dollars. Yanni cultivated this relationship into total sales of $45 million dollars over a five-year period.

In Jordan, Yanni was the Account Executive to the Royal Family in Amman. Supplying overhead sprinkler irrigation systems to the King's Farms at Wadi Araba, all formal business transactions were handled in Amman. He worked closely with his younger counterpart HH Sharif Hussein bin Nasser, the nephew of the late H.M. King Hussein.

In Morocco, working closely with the U.S. Embassy commercial staff in Casablanca, Yanni was able to secure a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the world's largest Massey-Ferguson distributor. This was accomplished within 3 hours of landing for the first time at King Mohammed V Airport. Thanks to close coordination and support by the Regional Director, USDOC-ITA, the result was that Yanni was able to win a joint venture agreement with this powerful ally.

Yanni traveled extensively to these accounts providing account management, product sales, contract negotiations, negotiating international letters of credit, technical and sales training, and warranty support. Trips were made solo, four-to-six weeks in length and several times per year.
Yanni also led a project team that developed and delivered multimedia presentations on "The Benefits of Mechanized Irrigation Systems in Meeting Global Food Demand” to country economists and country development experts at The World Bank, USAID, and the Inter-American Development n Washington, D.C. Yanni handled all direct communications with these organizations. He also recruited Dr. Les Sheffield, Chairperson of Agronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln as the Subject Matter Expert to guide the presentation design process. Yanni made several trips to Lincoln to brainstorm and create a multimedia presentation. Both he and Dr. Sheffield traveled to Washington, D.C. to make the presentations.
Following his years in international marketing, Yanni taught applied physics, computer applications, project management, and instructional design. Yanni wrote and landed several corporate grants to education that focused on project engineering and software literacy.

Most notably, he worked closely with Dr. Arnie Berger, a physicist with Hewlett Packard in Colorado Springs. Together, they taught students about project management and the application of physics to solving a problem: the acoustical characterization of a real-life, rescue hovercraft. Dr. Berger coauthored a grant with Yanni to Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix, and SCAT Hovercraft that led to an award of cash, data analysis equipment, computers, a rescue hovercraft, spectrum analyzer, and the in-kind contribution of a team of 5 additional Hewlett-Packard scientists worth a combined value of $160,000. The United States Air Force Academy Aeronautical Engineering Department also played a major role in this project
Yanni graduated at the top of his class from his Master’s program in Curriculum & Instruction- Educational Technology, and as a result of his proven performance was appointed by the unanimous vote of the Graduate Faculty as an Honorarium Professor in the School of Education where he taught Curriculum & Instruction and Instructional Design at the Graduate level. He held this position for two years teaching evenings at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

Shortly thereafter, while still teaching physics & technology at the secondary level, Yanni was hired in 1999 by NASA as the Curriculum Director for a Global Classroom Science Project. This project titled 'The Wright Flyer Online' connected 220 schools worldwide in a study of aerodynamics and the 13-year process the Wright Brother's went through leading to their first flight at Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Using the World Wide Web and an on-line team of educator-advisors, Yanni directed the on-line instructional delivery while his colleague, Jan Wee, a teacher in Madison, WI also hired by NASA handled the logistics. As a hands-on focal point in the project, each student had to construct a hand-launched bass wood glider. Yanni, who had cultivated a long-term relationship with USAF Colonel Yechout Director of the U.S. Air Force Academy's Aeronautics Lab, expanded the project by having the best glider from each participating school shipped in and tested in the specially designed glider wind tunnel used by the cadets. Jan Wee arranged for a Web camera crew to broadcast the test process live to a global audience!
Yanni went on to transform a board-level, three year, architectural design program into a fully computerized and networked facility and related e-learning curriculum. Students learned architectural CAD and also incorporated walk-throughs of residential designs into multimedia presentations that became part of their portfolios. Senior students participating in college interviews at prestigious architectural universities were told by Department Chairs that their work equaled the assignments being given to the universities' second-year students!

Richard J. Yanni, BS, MA, GC-Applied Physics is a multi-talented, highly educated, professional who thinks outside the box creating novel solutions to problems and extraordinary learning opportunities. Yanni is experienced in international marketing, cultural affairs, several foreign languages, governmental affairs, secondary and collegiate education, on-line education, business development, and has a rare ability to forge exceptional interpersonal relationships.

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