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« Fleur volunteered 4-H STEM Ambassador for several semesters. Fleur... More »
« Fleur volunteered 4-H STEM Ambassador for several semesters. Fleur led classrooms in hands-on science experiences and was responsible for preparing activities, materials and engaging with elementary aged students. She is always prepared, good at communication and interested in supporting young people become confident and successful. »
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  • Career coaching
  • Professional training
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Create or Gain Feedback on a Resume, CV, and Cover Letter. Also, prepare for Interviews.


My approach is unique. I believe people can learn from each other and there is no such thing as a top-down behavior which is appropriate. I try to work with what people want rather than what I want or others think.


Gemini born. Holds affinity for multiple subjects. Dislikes authoritarian attitudes and heights. Nocturnal. Transgender (male-to-female). Mix between INFP and INTJ, with INTJ dominant. Strategic Thinker with personal qualities leaning toward learning, contextual comprehension, intellectual practicality, and respect for individualism and new ideas. Believe learning never ends. Seeking a Master of Social Work degree with Certificate in Mental Health. Hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, and Associate of Liberal Arts degree. Training included career services and knowledge.


Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $75
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $150


Pricing is negotiable (within reason). However, I do not believe sessions should last longer than five sessions. The first session is the consultation. The second session is resume writing. The third session is curriculum vitae establishment. The fourth session is cover letter writing. Finally, the fifth session is interview preparation.

Lessons offered by Fleur
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Career coaching
  • Professional training
  • All Levels

Fleur's resume

Educational Background

• Husson University
M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling (N/A)
• University of Maine, Farmington
B.A. Psychology, Magna Cum Laude (2019)
• Fulton-Montgomery Community College
A.A.S. Liberal Arts, Dean List (2016)
• State University of New York, Oswego
B.A. Public Justice (N/A)
Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (N/A)
• Johnstown Senior High School
Regents Diploma (2003)
University at High School Program (Intermediate French I, French II, and Introduction to Sociology)
• Knox Junior High School (1999)
• Jansen Avenue Elementary School (1997)
• Pleasant Avenue Elementary School (1989)

Certifications and Specialized Trainings
• Certified Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training (2017-2022)
• Certified Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician (2019-2021)
• Certified Mandated Youth Reporter [New York] (2020)
• Certified Mandated Youth Reporter [Maine] (2018)
• Certified American Red Cross Basic First Aid, CPR, and AED Training (2004)

United Nations (2020)

• UN-CC e-Course: On-sight Operations Coordination Center (OSOCC) Training
• UN-CC e-Learning: Cities and Climate Change Training
• UN-CC e-Learning: Human Health and Climate Change Training
• UN-CMCoord e-Course: Working in Complex Emergencies
• UN-CMCoord e-Course: Working in Natural Disasters
United Nations Supplemental and Elective Training

• UN-CC e-Learning: Climate Policy and Public Finance
• UN-CC e-Learning: Climate Responsive Budgeting

United States Institute of Peace [USIP] (2020)

• Conflict Analysis (Micro-course)
• Designing Community-Based Dialogue (Micro-course)
• Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Programming in Fragile Environments (Micro-course)
• Gender Inclusivity in Peacebuilding (Micro-course)
• Governance (Micro-course)
• Introduction to Peacebuilding (Micro-course)
• Media and the Arts for Peace (Micro-course)
• Mediation (Micro-course)
• Negotiation (Micro-course)
• Nonviolent Action (Micro-course)
• Preparing for Peacebuilding (Micro-course)
• Religion and Peacebuilding (Micro-course)

USIP Supplemental and Elective Trainings

• Introduction to Psychosocially Responsive Development and Humanitarian Programs
• Introduction to Rule of Law Practice

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Independent Study Training (2020)

• 2905 Coordinating Health and Social Services Recovery
• 2900.a National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) Overview
• 2700 National Mitigation Framework, an Introduction
• 2600 National Protection Framework, an Introduction
• 2500 National Prevention Framework, an Introduction
• 2200 Basic Emergency Operations Center Functions
• 2101 Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) 101 Beginner Training Course
• 2002 Introduction to FEMA Operational Planning
• 2000 National Preparedness Goal and System Overview
• 1300 Introduction to Continuity of Operations
• 1200 TERT Team Leader Course
• 1174 Facility Security Committees
• 1170 Introduction to the Interagency Security Committee (ISC)
• 1150 DHS Human Trafficking Awareness for FEMA Employees
• 1117 Severe Repetitive Loss for Agents
• 1116 Sales for Agents
• 1020 Public Assistance Donated Resources
• 1010 Emergency Protective Measures
• 951 DHS Radio Interoperability
• 916 Critical Infrastructure Security: Theft and Diversion—What You Can Do
• 915 Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats
• 914 Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do
• 913.a Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience: Achieving Results through Partnership and Collaboration
• 912 Retail Security Awareness: Understanding the Hidden Hazards
• 909 Community Preparedness: Implementing Simple Activities for Everyone
• 908 Emergency Management for Senior Officials
• 907 Active Shooter: What You Can Do
• 906 Workplace Security Awareness
• 815 ABCs of Temporary Emergency Power
• 800.d National Response Framework, An Introduction
• 706 NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid-An Introduction
• 703.b National Incident Management System Resource Management
• 700.b An Introduction to the National Incident Management System
• 662 Improving Preparedness and Resilience Through Public-Private Partnerships
• 660 Introduction to Public-Private Partnership
• 650.b Building Partnerships with Tribal Governments
• 633 Debris Management Plan Development
• 632.a Introduction to Debris Operations
• 559 Local Damage Assessment
• 558 Public Works and Disaster Recovery
• 556 Damage Assessment for Public Works
• 554 Emergency Planning for Public Works
• 552 The Public Works Role in Emergency Management
• 545 Reconstitution Planning Course
• 520 Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas
• 505 Religious & Cultural Literacy & Competency in Disaster
• 453 Introduction to Homeland Security Planning
• 450.nc Emergency Preparedness for Federal Employees in the National Capital Region
• 450 Emergency Preparedness for Federal Employees
• 405 Overview of Mass Care/Emergency Awareness
• 394.a Protecting Your Home or Small Business from Disasters
• 393.b Introduction to Hazard Mitigation
• 368 Including People with Disabilities & Others with Access & Functional Needs in Disaster Operations
• 366.a Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters
• 363 Introduction to Emergency Management for Higher Education
• 362.a Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools
• 360 Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents: A Guide for Schools, Higher Education, and House of Worship
• 326 Community Tsunami Preparedness
• 325 Earthquake Basics: Science, Risk, and Mitigation
• 323 Earthquake Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
• 322 Flood Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
• 321 Hurricane Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
• 320 Wildfire Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
• 319.a Tornado Mitigation Basic for Mitigation Staff
• 317.a Introduction to Community Emergency Response Team (CERTs)
• 315.a CERT and the Incident Command System (ICS)
• 302 Modular Emergency Radiological Response Transportation Training
• 288.a The Role of Voluntary Organizations in Emergency Management
• 247.b Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) for Alert Originators
• 244.b Developing & Managing Volunteers
• 242.b Effective Communication
• 241.b Decision-Making & Problem Solving
• 240.b Leadership & Influence
• 235.c Emergency Planning
• 230.d Fundamentals of Emergency Management
• 200.c Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response
• 144 Telecommunicators Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT) Basic Course
• 139.a Exercise Design & Development
• 130.a How to be an Exercise Evaluator
• 120.c An Introduction to Exercises
• 111.a Livestock in Disasters
• 107.20 FEMA Travel Rules and Regulations 2020
• 102.c Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA Response Partners
• 101.c Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA
• 100.c Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)
• 75 Military Resources in Emergency Management
• 45 Continuous Improvement (CI) Overview
• 42 Social Media in Emergency Management
• 37.20 Managerial Safety & Health
• 36 Multi-Hazard Planning for Childcarea
• 35.20 FEMA Safety Orientation 2020
• 31.b Mitigation eGrants for Grant Applicant
• 30.b Mitigation eGrants System for the Subgrant Applicant
• 29.a Public Information Officer Awareness
• 27 Orientation to FEMA Logistics
• 26 Guide to Points of Distribution
• 21.20 Civil Rights & FEMA Disaster Assistance
• 20.20 Diversity Awareness Course 2020
• 19.20 FEMA EEO Supervisor Course 2020
• 18.20 FEMA EEO Employee Course 2020
• 15.b Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies
• 11.a Animals in Disasters—Community Planning
• 10.a Animals in Disasters—Awareness & Preparedness
• 8.a Building for the Earthquakes of Tomorrow: Complying with Executive Order 12699
• 5.a An Introduction to Hazardous Materials
• 3 Radiological Emergency Management

FEMA Awards and Recognitions
• FEMA Emergency Management Institute Certificate of Achievement in the Professional Development Series
CITI Research Training Program
University of Maine System

• Animal Biosafety (2020-2024)
• Aseptic Surgery (2020-2024)
• Biomedical Research—Basic/Refresher (2020-2024)
• Biosafety Complete Training Series I (2020-2024)
• Biosafety Retraining Course (2020-2024)
• Data or Specimens Only Research—Basic/Refresher (2020-2024)
• Emergency & Incident Response to Biohazard Spills & Releases (2020-2024)
• General RCR (2020-2024)
• Human Gene Transfer Trials (2020-2024)
• IACUC Chairs, Members, & Coordinators (2020-2024)
• Institutional Biosafety Committee Member Course (2020-2024)
• Introduction to Biosafety (2020-2024)
• IRB Members—Basic/Refresher (2020-2024)
• Investigators, Staff & Students (2020-2024)
• NIH Recombinant DNA Guidelines (2020-2024)
• OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens (2020-2024)
• OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training (2020-2024)
• Post-Approval Monitoring (2020-2023)
• Procedures: Surgery, Antibody Production, & Blood Collection (2020-2024)
• Shipping & Transport of Regulated Biological Materials (2020-2024)
• Special Animal Welfare Considerations (2020-2024)
• Training for Investigators, Staff & Students Handling Biohazards (2020-2024)
• Wildlife Research (2020-2024)
• Working with Animals in Biomedical Research—Refresher Course (2020-2024)
• Hazard Communication (2020-2023)
• Social & Behavioral Research—Basic/Refresher (2019-2023)
• Dual Use Research of Concern (2020-2021)
• USDA Permits (2020-2021)
• CITI Export Controls Course (2020)

University of Maine System CITI Research Supplemental and Elective Training Program

• Biosafety & Biosecurity Introduction
• Export Compliance & Biosafety
• Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I
• Humanitarian Use Devices
• Illegal Activities or Undocumented Status in Human Research
• Research in Public Elementary & Secondary Schools
• Research with Decisionally Impaired Subjects
• Research with Older Adults
• Research with Persons who are Socially or Economically Disadvantaged
• Research with Subjects with Physical Disabilities & Impairments

Husson University

• Aseptic Surgery (2020-2024)
• Biomedical Data or Specimens Only Researchers—Basic/Refresher (2020-2023)
• Essentials for IACUC Members (2020-2023)
• IACUC Community Member (2020-2023)
• Introduction to Working with IACUC—Refresher Course (2020-2023)
• IRB Members—Basic/Refresher (2020-2023)
• Post-Approval Monitoring (2020-2023)
• Research Administrators (2020-2023)
• Students—Class Projects (2020-2023)
• Humanities Researchers (2019-2022)
• Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research (2019-2022)
• Social, Behavioral, & Education Researchers—Basic/Refresher (2019-2022)
• Social & Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research (2019-2022)

Husson University CITI Research Supplemental and Elective Training Program

• Cultural Competence in Research Training Module
• Gender & Sexuality Diversity in Human Research
• Plagiarism
• Plagiarism (RCR-Basic)
• Research, Ethics, & Society
• Research Involving Subjects at the End-of-Life
• Research with Clinically Ill Subjects
• Stem Cell Research Oversight (Part I)
• Stem Cell Research Oversight (Part II)
• The IRB Administrator’s Responsibilities

Boy Scouts of America Attained Merit Badges (1997-2003)

• Camping (Eagle Req.)
• Citizenship in the Community (Eagle Req.)
• Citizenship in the Nation (Eagle Req.)
• Citizenship in the World (Eagle Req.)
• Communication (Eagle Req.)
• Emergency Preparedness (Eagle Req.)
• Environmental Science (Eagle Req.)
• Family Life (Eagle Req.)
• First Aid (Eagle Req.)
• Lifesaving (Eagle Req.)
• Personal Fitness (Eagle Req.)
• Personal Management (Eagle Req.)
• Sports (Eagle Req.)
• Swimming (Eagle Req.)
• Art
• Astronomy
• Basketry
• Crime Prevention
• Energy
• Fingerprinting
• Fish & Wildlife Management
• Genealogy
• Geology
• Indian Lore
• Law
• Mammal Study
• Music
• Oceanography
• Public Speaking
• Rifle Shooting
• Safety
• Scholarship
• Weather

Boy Scouts of America & Cub Scouts Special Awards and Recognitions

• Merit Badge Councilor (2004-2008)
• Gold Palm (2003)
• Bronze Palm (2003)
• Eagle Scout (2002)
• Life Scout (2002)
• World Conservation Award (2002)
• Senior Patrol Leader (2001-2003)
• Order of the Arrow: Brotherhood (2001)
• Order of the Arrow: Chapter Secretary (2001-2003)
• French Translator (2001)
• Star Scout (2001)
• Order of the Arrow: Ordeal (1998)
• First Class Scout (1998)
• Second Class Scout (1997)
• Librarian (1997-1998)
• Tenderfoot (1996)
• Boy Scout (1996)
• Arrow of Light (1996)
• Webelos II
• Webelos I
• Bear
• Wolf
• Bobcat
• Tiger Scout

Professional Affiliations

• Human Rights Campaign (2016-2018, 2020-present)
• Society for Sexual, Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities (2019-present)
• American Counseling Association (2019-present)
• HFM Prevention Council ASAPP’s Promise (2017-present)
• American Psychological Association (2016-present)
• 4-H STEM Ambassador (2018-2019)
• American Civil Liberties Union (2016-2017)
• Fort Johnson Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary (2010-2011)
• Victoriaville, QC Genealogical Society (2007-2010)
• Descendants des Louis Houde et Madaline Boucher, Inc., 1655 (2006-2010)
• Psi-Chi International Honor Society in Psychology [Life-time Member] (2019)
• National Eagle Scout Association [Life-time Member] (2002)

Formal Educational Coursework

Human Growth & Development
Orientation to Professions of Counseling & Human Relations
Theories of Counseling


Abnormal Psychology
Adulthood & Aging
Advanced French II
Advanced Music Theory
American Diversity
Career Counseling
Child, Family Counseling & Psychopathology
Civil War
Basic Computer Technologies
Constitutional Law
Criminal Justice
Criminal Law
Crisis Intervention & Stabilization
Critical Thinking
English Composition
English Composition II
Environmental Geoscience
General Psychology
Group Process in Human Services
Group Psychotherapy
History of Music
Independent Study in Psychology: Research
Intermediate French II
Introduction to Addiction
Introduction to Counseling
Introduction to Linguistics
Introduction to Microsoft Computer Program
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Public Justice
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Theater
Nutrition & Wellness
Philosophy in Film
Physical Education
Psychology of Gender
Psychotherapeutic Methods
Public Speaking
Research in Psychology
Senior Seminar in Psychology
Social Psychology
Standard College Level Mathematics
Stress Management
Supreme Court
Western Civilization

Primary through Secondary Schooling
5th Grade Band
5th & 6th Grade Choir
7th & 8th Grade Choir
7th & 8th Grade Health
9th & 10th Grade English
9th & 10th Grade Social Studies
Advanced Music Theory
Basic Music Theory
Business Law
Chamber Choir
Concert Choir
Creative Writing
Earth Science
Elementary French I
Elementary French II
Elementary French III
Elementary Health
English Literature
Home Economics
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Sociology
Mathematics Course I
Mathematics Course II
Mathematics Course III
Participation in Government
Physical Education
Public Speaking
US History

Volunteer Service and Club Experience

• Psychology Club Executive Board (Secretary) (2017-2019)
U’Maine Farmington: Farmington, ME
• Orientation Leader & Peer Guide (2018-2019)
U’Maine Farmington: Farmington, ME
• Teacher’s Assistant (2019)
Cascade Brook Elementary School: Farmington, ME
• Teen Voices (Girls Talk) Mentor (2017-2018)
U’Maine Farmington: Farmington, ME
• Rainbow League: Gay-Straight Alliance (2017)
• Scouting for Food (1989-1997, 2001-2002, 2005-2006)
Pack 69, Troop 104, Civilian: Johnstown, NY
U’Maine Farmington: Farmington, ME
• Disciplinary Committee (2003-2004)
SUNY Oswego: Oswego, NY
• Mentor Oswego (2003)
SUNY Oswego: Oswego, NY
• Intermural Soccer League (2003)
SUNY Oswego: Oswego, NY
• Capoeira [Brazilin Martial Arts Club] (2003)
SUNY Oswego: Oswego, NY
• Mock Trial Competition Team [Fulton County Champions] (2003)
Johnstown Senior High School: Johnstown, NY
• French Exchange (1998-2003)
Johnstown Junior & Senior High School: Johnstown, NY
• Boys Varsity Soccer Team Assistant Manager (2000-2003)
Johnstown Senior High School: Johnstown, NY
• Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team Assistant Manager (2001-2003)
Johnstown Senior High School: Johnstown, NY
• Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse Team Assistant Manager (2000)
Johnstown Senior High School: Johnstown, NY
• Boys Junior Varsity Soccer Team (1999)
Johnstown Senior High School: Johnstown, NY
• 8th Grade Boys Modified Soccer Team (1998)
Johnstown Junior High School: Johnstown, NY
• Summer Soccer League (1998, 1999)
Johnstown Senior & Junior High School: Johnstown, NY

Research Experience
• The Effect of Society & Culture on Perceptions of Gender (2019) [Unpublished]
Conducted with Institute Review Board approval at University Maine Farmington from May 2018 to October 2019. Subjects were students, staff, and faculty (n= 57), ranging in age from 18 to 68 years old. Near 77% of subjects identified as a woman; leading to skewed results. Too few identified as parents (n=3). These factors led to an inability to decern an accurate assessment of how society and culture may influence adult perceptions of gender, and whether those perceptions were taught to them, and are they possibly passing those down to future generations. Research did suggest that knowing someone who identifies as transgender, gender-nonconforming, or non-binary does influence perceptions of gender. Preliminary research conducted in 2016 at Fulton-Montgomery Community College (n=11), age range from 18 to 40 years old, and Johnstown Senior High School (n=25), age range 16 to 18 years old.
• Relationship Between A Religious Rearing Household & Beliefs About Gender Stereotypes (2017) [Unpublished]
Conducted with Chairperson Institute Review Board at University of Maine Farmington from October 2017 to November 2017 for Final Grade in Introduction to Statistics. Subjects (n= 72) were taken from response to the Preliminary research conducted for The Effect of Society & Culture on Perceptions of Gender and students at the University of Maine Farmington, ranging from 16 to 40 years old. Critical Chi-square value for Preliminary responses was 7.(concealed information) (t-value= -1.(concealed information), df= 4), Critical Chi-square value for University of Maine Farmington responses was 7.(concealed information)(t-value= -1.(concealed information), df= 4), and their combined Chi-square value was 7.(concealed information) (t-value= -1.(concealed information), df= 4). All permutations of this research suggest severely skewed results. It is unclear, therefore, whether people who grew up in a heavily religious household also believe in traditional gender stereotypes. Further research is required.

Professional Career Experience

• Administrative Assistant in Psychology (2017-2019)
University of Maine Farmington: Farmington, ME
• Senior Desk Clerk [Night Auditor] (2009-2017)
Johnstown Super 8: Johnstown, NY
• Projectionist, Usher, Concession, Cleaner, and Box Office Attendant (2003-2008)
Emerald Cinemas (Riverfront Cinemas, LLC): Amsterdam, NY
• Barista (2004)
State University of New York at Oswego: Oswego, NYTutor [Elementary French I & II; Introduction to Public Justice] (2003-2004)
State University of New York at Oswego: Oswego, NY
• Legal Internship (1999-2003)
Fulton County Courthouse: Johnstown, NY
• Summer Work Experience (1999)
Wells House Nursing Home & Long-Term Care Facility—Maintenance Department: Johnstown, NY

Counseling, Advocating and Consulting
• Disability (2013)
Successfully represented self in the appeal process for Social Security Disability in 2012-2013 hearing process. Argued Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) versus the limited view of the Social Security Act (SSA). The ADA expands SSA to mandate that the ability to work is not nor can it be used as the sole determining factor of whether a person is disabled. Disabled according to the ADA can be physical, mental, or emotional-behavioral. There is an impairment in one of these qualities which limits or hinders a person’s ability to sustain a quality of life.
• Music for the Mind (2017, 2019)
Provided information and resources on how to best support transgender youth, adolescents, adults, and students in the community. Discussed consequences for transgender people who fail to receive community support. In 2017, also ran a booth about LGBT+ related issues or concerns.
• Transgender Consultant (2015, 2017, 2018)
Provided information, guidance, and resources on how best to support transgender youth, adolescents, adults, and students during school and extracurricular activities, as well as occupational and various other aspects of community living. Discussed consequences for transgender youth, adolescents, adults, and students who failed to receive their community support. In 2015, consulted School Administration from Johnstown and Mayfield School Districts. In 2017, consulted ASAPP’s Promise Members. In 2018, consulted a Gay-Straight Alliance (Civil Rights Club) and Faculty at Johnstown Senior High School.
• Group (2018, 2019)
In Fall 2018, facilitated and lead discussion and group coursework in Senior Seminar in Psychology about Robyn Dawes House of Cards. This educational group session lasted three and a half hours with ten-minute break in the middle. In Spring 2019, co-facilitated and co-led an educational group counseling session and training in issues confronted by adolescents throughout the world. Issues focused on were Suicide, Body Image, and Peer Pressure while maintaining a healthy outlook at their academic career and future experiences. This session lasted seventy-five minutes with no break offered and involved both creating and developing a plan, submitting the plan, and executing the plan by constructing a slide show, script, and small group exercises.
• Practicum (2018, 2019)
Course requirements involved counseling, assessing, and working with real clients through real-life experiences and conducting desired habit or behavioral change goals. Involved meeting five different clients during either class-time and/or outside of class (minimum number of meetings per client was six sessions). Then, group supervision and individual supervision with professor (a Clinical Psychologist) weekly. Clients worked with involved issues of prior sexual assault and abuse as a younger adolescent and childhood experience, establishing better self-care habits and behaviors, concerns about relationship with significant other and family relationships, and finally, future career aspirations and concerns about capabilities to succeed and make a difference. Sessions would last from forty-five minutes and ninety minutes. In Spring 2019, assisted members of the Introduction to Counseling course construct, plan, and execute their habit or behavior change goals. This involved online and occasional face-to-face work with the individual pursuant to request or obligation.
• Intake (2017, 2018)
Conducted the first intake as required by class Introduction to Counseling. Assignment read: interview and assess the mental health, behavioral health, emotional health, and spiritual health of a volunteer unknown to you. Then, construct an intake assessment based on the information acquired. In Spring 2018, conducted a second intake on a volunteer who required a more thorough example of how to complete intake assignment. In Fall 2018, conducted a third intake, this time on a fictitious client. Then, create a treatment plan based on the information attained in the faux intake report.

• A Change in Weather (2004-2005) [Unpublished]
Genre: Fiction Category: Middle-grade (9 to 11 years) Page count: 222
Summary: A nine-year-old girl is thrust ahead in school, skipping a grade. Her dream is to become a writer, but life at home is standing in her way. She turns to her teacher for support, only to learn he was once neighbor and best friend to her mother. Can she make her dream become a reality or will her dream be crushed by those around her?
• Kensen (2002-2003) [Unpublished]
Genre: Spiritual Fiction Category: Young Adult (15 and older) Page count: 266
Summary: A traitor return from imprisonment to seek retribution against the council of elders. War soon breaks out, with humanity trapped in the middle. Hope is bleak and it is up to a person of elder decent to return the balance before it is too late.

Miscellaneous Experience & General Skills
• Basic familiarity with most Google & Microsoft PC programs, including Microsoft Operating System and Office
• Basic familiarity with computer classroom programs (Angel, Canvas, Blackboard; Google Classroom); and SoftHotel Registration System for Wyndham Hotels and Suites

• Public Relations and Public Speaking
• Customer Services
• Self-motivated
• Leadership
• Motivational Interviewing
• Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
• Basic Mental Health Assessment
• ETS’s Graduate Entrance Examination [GRE] (2018)
• Habitat for Humanity (2013-2014)
• Fulton County New York Civil Service Paralegal Examination (2008)
Types 43 words per minute with three errors
• Long Ridge Writers Group—Courses in Composition & Writing (2005)
• ETS’s SAT’s Examination (2003)
• AS-VAB [Military Qualifying Examination] (2002)
• Irish Step Dance (1999)
• YMCA Summer Enrichment Program (1994)
• Fluent Conversationalist in French
• 8th Grade All-County Choir (1999)
• NYS Music Association Solo Competition (2001)
• NYS Music Association Choir Competition (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)

Reviews on Fleur
  • 5/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

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Fleur volunteered 4-H STEM Ambassador for several semesters. Fleur led classrooms in hands-on science experiences and was responsible for preparing activities, materials and engaging with elementary aged students. She is always prepared, good at communication and interested in supporting young people become confident and successful.

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