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I'm currently a 3rd year chemical engineering student at the University of Wyoming with previous tutoring experience at Adams State University. Very friendly and supportive, willing to help most hours

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In my experience as both a student and a tutor for chemistry and math I've found that I learn the best when I'm shown how to do something step by step a few times before given an example problem. During the example problem I am there for assistance if you're stuck. The struggle of trying to do something on your own is the most beneficial part of the learning process! I am very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire learning experience. I am invested into your success as both a student and a person! I can help in a variety of ways such as; teach content, answer homework questions, and create a study plans for tests, as well as review mistakes made on previous tests. I am confident in my understanding of college math through Calculus II, general chemistry, and organic chemistry.


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About Nicholas

My name is Nicholas Gindulis I'm a 21 year old chemical engineering student at the University of Wyoming currently in my Sr. year. At my previous school, Adams State University I was a tutor for the school teaching algebra, general chemistry, calculus I and II, and organic chemistry. I was recommended by my professors to become a tutor because of my attitude and success in their courses. To tell a little about myself I was born and raised in Wyoming playing soccer all of my younger life. Once I was finished with high school I signed a soccer scholarship to play Div II at Adams State University where I went to school for the first 3 years of my undergraduate. I recently transferred to the University of Wyoming for personal reasons as well as pursue a masters in chemical engineering.



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