Janetta - Prof academic help for reading - Richmond Hill

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Janetta - Prof academic help for reading - Richmond Hill


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  • Academic help for reading
  • Special needs - Autism
  • Special needs - ADHD
  • Special needs - ADD
  • Special needs - Asperger's Syndrome

Each student can learn when they are encouraged to use the learning modalities and strengths .

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    • at your home : will travel up to 100 km

About Janetta

I believe that every student can learn. It is the teacher's responsibility to determine the paths to successful growth in academic and social skills. Every students' individual strengths and weaknesses must be identified and utilized to create a learning strategy for success.Appropriate activities will provide successful learning. Learning can be enjoyable as well as productive when it is tailored to each individuals' learning modality, interest and developmental level. I have enjoyed providing meaningful experiences for students from ages four through sixty in both public and private instructional settings since 1977.

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  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Adult Education
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    Elementary School

    Middle School

    Adult Education

  • English

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My certification in both regular education,preK - 8 and multiple exceptionalies provides a broad base of knowledge and skills that I have used to enable students in meeting their personal academic and social goals. Teaching students in both public and private settings has given me a broad range of experiences which I use to individualize instruction.

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Hourly rate

  • $55

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Multiple students in one family will receive percentage discounts.

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