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Early College Student Advanced Math and Physics tutoring available in Dallas Metroplex

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I started University at 16 majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science, and have a passion for Physics, Math, Computer Science, and tutoring others in all of these subjects. I know up to Calculus 3 and Differential Equations, as well as the fundamental University level Physics and Computer Science.


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About Trevor

At the early college program I'm currently a senior in, one of my favorite pastimes is helping tutor other students to help them get A's in their advanced classes, and I've helped several students bump their average up a letter grade in an advanced physics course.



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Since I'm a College student trying to make ends meet to pay monthly loans and get enough money to pay for school, I'm really just trying to get things out there, so all rates are completely negotiable. If there is anything else I can do to help assist you or your student with school, just ask and I'll do whatever I can to help out. I'm good and have experience with students of any age, and don't mind working with anyone, of any background. I hope we can work together well in the future!

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    Key Largo

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  • Teaching students is my part time job currently,i,m studying Electrical Engg And also teaching students I Have taught following subjects;-1) Physics I & II 2) Calculus Single Vaiable and Multiple Vari



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  • Biomedical engineering student teaching mathematics and sciences from Boston working to optimize for your personal needs!



    5 (4 reviews)

    We have a preliminary session to make sure it is a good fit on both sides. Then, based on the student's desires and needs,...

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  • Understand and decipher mathematics in an easy way to leave fear behind



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  • Math professor with 30 years of experience gives various Math courses at home.


    Carol Stream

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  • PhD in Fluid Mechanics and Earth Sciences Research Scientist in California 6+ years of experience


    Palo Alto

    Understanding is better than memorization Always start to solve any problem from something simple In math/physics problems,...

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  • Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student offering lessons in maths, physics, and engineering for 7 years.



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  • Mathematics and Science Tutor who can educate within the city of Fort. Lauderdale



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  • Engineering student offering maths lessons in Glendale AZ with 1 year experience in both tutoring and babysitting.



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  • Senior in high school with a high level of understanding in Math and Sciences


    Woodbridge Township

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  • Engineering student offering maths, chemistry and physics lessons in Online with 5 years experience

    Md. Abrar


    I start with basics which are interrelated with the topics are to be taught because without basics the students won't able...

    • $15/h
    • 45mins free