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M.A. Educational Psychology,Various Subjects, Mainly South Bay Smarts: Essays, Literature, Humanities, others.

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B.A. English cum laude
State University of New York at Buffalo
M.A. School Psychology
Alfred University, NY
Minor in Spanish
Additional study in Economics, various business disciplines.
Middle and High School knowledge in history, math, art, social sciences, law. Scholarship winner in essay writing regarding literature. I've worked with 4 school districts in NY and CA.


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About Gerry

I've worked with students of all ages consistently since obtaining my Master's degree.
I have a preferential textbook for composition including persuasive essay writing.
I follow the student's materials in other areas. Students have to find their motivation primarily. Positive reinforcements and the natural fun of success and satisfied curiosity are paramount concerns to tackle any learning obstacles. I use my degree in psychology and English to make learning easy.



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  • $35/h

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