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Electicl Engineer give math and physics lessons to middle school and high school in San Antonio

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M.A. Space Systems Management
B.S. Electrical Engineer
B.A. Technical Management
A.A.S. Electronic Engineering Technology

Air Force Training
Space Systems Equipment Specialist
Missile Facilities Technician

Specialized Training
Defense Meteorological Satellite (DMSP) 0perations
Defense Support Program (DSP) Mission Controller
Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) Ground Controller
Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Ground Controller


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  • Logic
  • Engineering
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About Jeff

I have Tutored a student in reading by going back over the basics of phonics. Syllable and Vowel pronunciation. Practice reading.

I have Tutored a student in Vocabulary by having the student look up 200 words and write their definition on index cards. I then asked the mother to test his knowledge by having her use those index cards to ask for the words definition, as a game.

As a Contractor for the Air Force I performed stand-up instruction on DSP subsystems. I also participated in simulated satellite operations.



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