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Elementary and middle school teacher of hip-hop, from Armenia. I live in Fair Lawn NJ

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I am a 15-year dancer and a dance coach. I came from Armenia, leaving there my crew and students. I still miss them. I think the best that teacher can give to their students is love and understanding. And the best that a trainer can give is a chance to believe in yourself.


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About Zara

I am a teacher of hip-hop for four years, and have had nearly 150 studentswho achieved great heights. I think some of them are going to become good dancer and good people for the society in the future. I did my best with them.



  • 5h: $75
  • 10h: $150


  • + $$7


I usually work with elementary and middle school children, so according to their skills the price may vary a little bit, but it will not make a big deal, I say.

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    Hello, I’m Nigel And I have been teaching for 5 years! I’ve have helped many students reach their full potential and...

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