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Embroidery Digitizing Specialist giving online classes concerning Digitizing & Working on Embroidery Machines (Feiya, Brother, Ricoma EM1010, Tajima, etc...)


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In my classes, you'll learn the basic techniques of Digitizing and Embroidery work, and step by step, you'll reach the advanced techniques that make any embroidery work as realistic as it could get.
In addition, If you have a new Embroidery Machine and you need guidance to start working on it, I will walk you through everything needed for you to know how to operate on your brand new machine.
Thus, If you are serious about becoming an Embroidery Digitizer or Embroidery Machinery Specialist, then you have come to the right place.


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About Fadel

Being in a family that has worked in clothes and fabric manufacturing for more than 6 decades, Embroidery was something that I actually grew up with. I became an embroidery digitizer at age 12 and I learned how to work on embroidery machines as well. 10 years later, I'm now a 6th year medical student with 10 years of experience in Embroidery Digitizing and working on Embroidery Machines. I welcome you to the world of Embroidery and I hope you'll apply the skills that you will learn to add more creativity to the world.



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  • 01

    When did you start practicing? How did this passion find you?

    I started practicing Embroidery digitization 10 years ago. My old man had just bought a new embroidery machine back then and I was just fascinated with how the machine works and its ability to create beauty on fabrics. And since then I became an Embroidery enthusiast that never stopped learning and developing his embroidery skills.

  • 02

    Which artists or works affect you the most?

    I mainly like designs that hold a message within them. Similar to many arts, embroidery can be a way of conveying messages and showing opinions like any artistic work does. These kinds of works strongly motivate me to give the best results possible so that it catches everyone's attention.

  • 03

    What are the qualities and skills required to succeed in this area?

    Embroidery needs 2 main qualities: Patience and Passion. With passion, you would work for hours without being bored or tired. On the contrary, you'll be excited to finish digitizing and try the design on your machine. Moreover, Patience is a key factor in embroidery as you will encounter many situations where you have to readjust and remodify and retry your design and re-embroidery it, hence it is important to remain patient and focus at the end result.

  • 04

    What is the most valuable advice you can give to help someone stay focused on creative projects?

    Simple; Imagine the digitized being embroidered and turning out to be a masterpiece. This is what personally helps me to stay focused when working on long projects.

  • 05

    How would you describe your passion; how does it make you feel?

    Embroidery is my way to leave my mark in this world. With each and every design that I work on, I leave a fingerprint in this world. Having the ability to create art in a special way and to spread messages of beauty and peace to the whole world is really something special that I cherish.

  • 06

    What creative achievements are you particularly proud of?

    I am proud to have embroidered logos and designs to some worldwide companies where I feel proud whenever I see their employees wearing their costumes with my embroidered logo/design on their T-shirts. In addition, I am proud to have had the chance to embroidery my national flag on large fabrics on several occasions.

  • 07

    Have you ever been surprised by a student; by their ability or quick progression?

    Definitely, there were a couple of students in my tutoring career that learned and improved in an extremely short period.
    This made me really glad and proud of them, where they were able later on to build their own successful business and get more involved in Embroidery in all its aspects

  • 08

    Being a Superprof is an art! What is your secret?

    It is not actually secret. Being a Superprof means that you need to be responsible, punctual, and well prepared. With having all these three qualities present, you will be able to convey the topics that you're explaining to the students and you will grow as a tutor that students love and trust in helping build their own businesses

    Thank you for the experience. My journey on Superprof has been amazing. I am looking forward to the future and to more success together.

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