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« Excellent! Lena was very helpful. She explained and corrected by rephrasing what... More »
« Excellent! Lena was very helpful. She explained and corrected by rephrasing what I said in Armenian properly with correct grammatical structures. She also documented our work together. »
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English / Armenian languages North Hollywood, CA Qualified teacher with more than 25 years


I am a highly qualified expert English language teacher. I’ve graduated from the English Language department of the State Linguistic University and I’ve got a University Diploma with the qualification of an English language teacher. The focus of my study was the English language learner. So I have studied intensely to determine the best way to help the learners to achieve their goals.
I am a State Department Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) alumni. As an Academic Unit team member I’ve done a research project in the US pilots-schools and collaborated with George Washington and George Maison University professors. I am a co-author of teacher-training handbooks.
Now I am here to help you to achieve your language learning goals.
Come and get prepared to set goals to engage in English fluency to share ideas and cultures.
For the very first lesson it is my goal to have you leave learning something.
So if you’re looking for an excellent teacher, one that is good with working with individuals of all levels: beginners, intermediate or advanced, I am the one who can help.
I also work with young children from grades K – 12
I also teach Armenian language.


I have been teaching General English more than 25 years in Armenia.
I have taught more than 3000 elementary, middle, high school and University students.
My students' language learning achievements were great. Hundreds of them entered Universities. Mamy of them studied in US Universities.
I pay much attention to speech and communication development.


Rate for online lessons : $20/h


If you book a 'pack' of lessons for 10 hours - $ 200 lessons you'll get an additional 60-minute lesson for free.
If you book a 'pack' of lessons for 5 hours - for $ 100 lessons you'll get an additional 30-minute lesson for free.

Lessons offered by Lena
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at her home
Taught subjects
  • Armenian
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • College
  • Adult Education
  • ILR Level 2
  • ILR Level 3
  • Other
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Proficient
  • For children
  • Junior
  • ILR Level 1
  • ILR Level 5
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Lena's resume

preferred contact
English, Russian and Armenian Language Teacher / Skype online tutor

I am a State Department three Education development projects’ alumni, a co-author of 6 teacher training manuals. I have participated in many cultural exchange projects, professional development seminars and conferences organized by the US Embassy and IREX in Armenia, by the American University of Armenia, by British and American Councils’ in Armenia, and by other educational institutions and organizations and have greatly improved my leadership and teaching strategies, methodologies and approaches. I am an expert of collaborative and constructive methods of teaching in a student-centered teaaching environment providing fun learning and education for all life.

Also, I have taught English at the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute Gyumri branch for 13 years. There I have led the English language translator’s department as well. I have computer and Internet using excellent skills, I can conduct face-to-face or online English and Armenian classes Via Skype for any level students (children and adults) via Skype. As a tutor, English language expert teacher I’ve also taught Armenian and Russian to some Peace Corps volunteers. I am very flexible in working with any type of audience. As a result of my more than 30year’s of English language teaching, pedagogical, methodological, teacher training experience and about 12 years of teacher training great experience and on-going professional development I have developed teaching and class management innovative technical skills, and my own approaches of English, Russian and Armenian language intensive and effective teaching for working with groups and individuals.
I am very good at typing and do typing jobs as well.

Work Experiece

2015 – present
International Online School English language teacher / tutor

2013 -
Online English teacher via Skype

February 1983 — September 2012
The English language-based secondary School named after Lord Byron
in Gyumri Armenia — Educational institution, as a Teacher of English
and American studies (TEA), Literature and Technical Translation

September 2011 — January 2012
Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute Teacher Training Organization /Center
(Armenia) — Educational institution
Teacher Training Center, TT Grant project and TT team leader and a teacher

As Center for Education Projects (CFEP) and Ministry of Education of Armenia Quality Education World Bank financed grant project, teacher training center and Teacher trainer's team leader and the Armenian language elementary school class leader and English language teacher-trainer for the Shirak Marz teachers’ Assessment pre-attestation training had the following duties and functions: founding and starting the Teacher Training resource center for the Shirak region, TT grant writing, finance planning, leading all the organizational works and trainings, curriculum development, lesson planning, controlling the project implementation phases, conducting training seminars and workshops on the field of educational law for teachers of Armenia, on English teaching new methodology, technology, on computer and Internet usage by the English language teachers, on assessing, reporting about the grant project final results and about the budget implementation.

Achievements: The trained teachers improved their knowledge on the subject area they teach, learned new methods and approaches of teaching and assessment, learned how to use new technologies in their teaching process, learned about their rights and responsibilities, learned to use Computer and Internet in the teaching process.
They got Certificates for the training course successful completion and got right to present their documents to the TT Center attestation committee for the Attestation second phase.

2007 December / 2006 June –
Served the World Bank financed Center for Educational Projects (CFEP)
“Education Quality and Relevance” school reform diverse multiple projects as a
Shirak region teacher development expert, ELT Language Arts and English language
language teachers' trainer / professor at the Gyumri Teacher Training two Centers.

September 1999 — October 2006
IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board) (Armenia, (concealed information) /
(concealed information) — Educational institution
Teacher Training Hub / Center and TT team leader / Academic Unit team
member / Curriculum Development specialist / teacher trainer

Founder and Coordinator / leader of the State Department financed Gyumri teacher
training hub / resource center, teacher training project and the teacher trainer’s team.
The IREX Elementary level in-service / pre-service Teacher Training Program (ELT)

Academic Unit team member, co-author of 6 ELT teacher-training handbooks for the
teachers and educators of Armenia, for the Armenian effective school development and
for the pre-service teacher preparation. Middle school (MLT) Curriculum Development
team member and the Leadership training (LT) project trainer, elementary school
Armenian language Arts teachers’, class leaders’ and secondary school other subject
teachers’ trainer.

Duties and functions:
Founding the teacher training hub / resource center, leading the teacher training team and team works and activities, writing handbooks as a co-author, presenting the project to the teachers, students, parents, educators and the University professors, creating pilot-schools, conducting TT seminars and workshops, teaching new methods, strategies and approaches of teaching and educational games to the in-service / pre-service teachers and professors for providing life-long education and fun learning at schools and Universities, program pilot testing, attending classes, teacher training, monitoring, mentoring, organizing conferences with teacher experience and lesson planning sample poster exhibitions, organizing educational exhibition open fairs and presentations for students, educators and the public.

Achievements: Besides more than 125 pilot-testing schools almost all the schools of the Republic were voluntarily involved in the educational teacher training projects from 1999-2006 May including the high school project as well. More than 500 trained teachers improved their knowledge by collaborating with each other during the seminars and workshops, learned new methods and approaches of teaching, learned to use new technologies during their teaching process, the trainers and teachers got Certificates for the training course successful completion, the trainer-teachers made presentations during local and international conferences and became recognized amongst the colleagues in and outside the country. 6 teacher training handbooks for the educators of the Republic were published. Also the teachers’ experiences and lesson plans were published in educational journals.
Local and International conferences were organized.

September 1996 — January 1997
Shirak Marz / region Marzpedaran / Governor’s seat Foreign and Public Affairs
Department (Armenia) — State Organizations
Specialist and interpreter / translator
Participated in governmental meetings, discussions, negotiations as an English language interpreter, translated the state documents, completed and wrote documents in English, met with foreign country representatives and guests, also wrote, typed, read and answered to foreign country negotiation letters.

September 1993 — January 1996
USIS, US Embassy (Armenia) — Public work/party / charity
Volunteer coordinator

Assisted the USIS in setting up meetings with local teachers of English in Gyumri and in distributing English language teaching materials, organizing workshops and giving information on educational events. Served as a coordinator for these activities.
Also Collaborated with Peace Corp volunteers.

January 1989 — December 1992
Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology of the Academy of sciences of
Armenia (Armenia) — Engineer- interpreter / translator
Worked at the Institute of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia as an engineer- interpreter. Translated many scientific articles which were published abroad under the sponsorship of UNESCO. Participated in scientific seminars, conferences, a Symposia on the Spitak Earthquake in the category of an interpreter / translator.

January 1975 — January 1989
The Yerevan Polytechnic Institute Leninakan (today’s Gyumri) branch / affiliate.
(Armenia) — Educational institution
English language instructor/ professor / leader of the Institute social professions’
Translators’ department

As an English language instructor/ professor taught English and translation work to the first and second grade students of diverse faculties and diverse levels, and also conducted English language courses for the Geophysics and Engineering Seismology Institute scientists’ and staff members. Organized English language educational parties and events. During the English language conferences made presentations during the English language conferences.


Organizational: seminar and workshop organizer, team-player, and collaborator
Management / leadership: excellent team leader and Language Arts class leader.
Researcch: Internet
Experienced in conducting online language classes in English, in Russian and in Armenian as well.
Translating / interpreting: Armenian- English-Armenian translator / interpreter


1969 - 1974 English language department of the Yerevan State Linguistic University named after
V. Brusov in Armenia
Secondary school English language teacher, Diploma

Additional education

2014- present
For my ongoing professional development I always participated and participate in
International organizations’, British and American Counsil’s and Global online teacher
development webinars and seminars for English language teachers.

2016 January
Has successfully completed the WizIQ “Instructional Design: A Critical skill for Educators &
Trainers” Webinar and got a Certificate

2015 British Councils conference on ELTS.
Participated in the British Council sponsored NATECLA London - IATEFL Pronunciation
SIG Conference held live online:
Got Certificates

2015 Participated in a Fourth Annual Student Research Conference at the American University
of Armenia, College of Humanities and Social Sciencies on June 12
British Council “Connecting Globally” Conference on March 11
British Council conference on ELTS.
Participated in the British Council sponsored NATECLA London - IATEFL
Pronunciation SIG Conference held live online on February 21.
Got Certificates

2014 Participated in the British Councils conference on ELTS.
Attended (IELTS) “Partnership For Success” Conference hosted by the British
Council Armenian Branch.
Got Certificates

Participated and successfully completed Teachers Teaching online MOOC webinars and got
a Certificate

2013 January – October
Participated in rows of English language teacher development training seminars for the
English language teachers and instructors of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia on Cambridge
Exams’ preparation and assessment by the Masterclass Language School.

Nizhny Novgorod Master class language school training sessions: Teacher
Development with Cambridge English exams: TKT, CAE and CPE
The positive wash-back effect of exam preparation: YLE, KET, PET, FCE
Training by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Department
representation in Moscow. “Еrror checking, KET PET, Cambridge FCE exam written
task assessment criteria and got Certificates

2011 TEA Alumna two-day “Increasing Student Motivation” training by the US \
Embassy in Armenia and IREX and got a Certificate

AUA Department of English programs ETS and ILTA conference “Challenges and
Opportunities for EFL testing and Assessment in Armenia” by IREX and got a

2010 IATEFL virtual conference to watch videos from the IATEFL Harrogate 2010
Conference on student motivation, grammar, Internet tools for teaching /
Technology-Mediated Language Teaching, Learning and Assessment Workshops
sponsored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and got a Certificates
American University of Armenia (AUA), AUA Department of English Programs
Educational Testing Service (ETS) British Council, IREX, armentefl group
member, participation.

2009 Enhancing Cooperation through Teaching Methodologies and Tools” for ECA alumni
of the Eurasia/South Asia Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program.
IREX and the US Embassy in Armenia. Got a Certificate

2008 World Bank Financed “Education Quality and Relevance” school reform English language
teacher trainer- trainer / expert training courses for the Shirak region English language
teachers on cooperative learning, on new teaching methodologies and on assessment and
got a Certificate
Center for Educational Projects (CFEP), National Institute of Education of Armenia,
Certificates, English language teacher-trainer

2007 World Bank Financed Education Quality and Relevance” school reform ELT Language Arts teacher-trainer training program on educational system new curriculum and standards, on new methods of teaching and on assessment and got a Certificate
Center for Educational Projects (CFEP), National Institute of Education of Armenia, Ministry of Education of Armenia, Certificate, ELT Language Arts teacher-trainer / expert for the Shirak region

2006 “Professional Development Schools’” pilot project within the framework of the Pre-service
Teacher Training Component of the Multiple Component Curriculum Development and
Teacher Education Project for Armenia and got a Certificate
IREX, National Institute of Education and the US Embassy in Armenia, Gyumri State
Pedagogical Institute, Certificate, teacher-trainer

2006 Computer and Internet literacy 30-hour courses within the framework of the "Education
Quality and Relevance" project.
Center for Educational Projects (CFEP), Certificate

2006 Computer and Internet literacy 30-hour courses within the framework of the "Education
Quality and Relevance" project.
Center for Educational Projects (CFEP), Certificate

2006 72-hour training course for school administrators in the Educational Leadership within the
framework of the Multiple Component Curriculum Development and Teacher Education
Project for Armenia.
U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, IREX,
Certificate of Completion

2005 American Councils Teacher of Excellence in Teaching English and American Studies (TEA)
Professional Development program finalist: Seven-week seminars: one week in Washington
DC and 6-week seminars at the California Chico University.
Washington DC US State Department, American Councils., California Chico
Certificates, for outstanding contributions in teaching TEA / “2005 United States-
-Armenia Awards for Excellence in Teaching”

2005 State Department American Councils "TEA" program semi-finalist.
American Councils in Armenia.
Got a Certificate of Achievement 2004-2005 for Excellence in Teaching English
Language Awards

2005 MEET 1, a training course for regional teachers’ development with British Council / ESDF
as a secondary school teacher of English and got a Certificate
British Council in Armenia, Certificate

1999 George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Advanced Studies Program for Visiting Scholar and got a Certificate
George Washington University, Certificate, Visiting Scholar, Academic Unit team
member, ELT TT handbook co-author, TT team leader, TT

1998 UNDP Leadership and Management training program, UNDP integrated support to
sustainable human development project in Shirak region of the Republic of Armenia
for the Gyumri Marzpedaran / Governor's office leading staffs and got a Certificate
UNDP, Gyumri Marzpedaran / Governor's office, Certificate in recognition for
outstanding performance of a "Trainer-in-Training / Interpreter"

1993 International Visitor Program of Educational and cultural Affairs: Exchange program for
English teachers “English is a Foreign Language” in the USA invited by the US Embassy
in Armenia and got a Certificate
USIA Washington DC, US Embassy in Armenia, International conference of teachers
in Louisiana, Certificate, International Visitor

1992 English language instructors’ two and half month training courses at the AUA for working
at the AUA as an English language instructor / professor and got a Certificate
AUA, Certificate, English language instructor


Armenian — native
English — fluent / Specialty
Russian — fluent


2012 Professional English in Use competition Cambridge University Press, Prize: a copy of
Professional English in Use Management

The 8 reviews on Lena
  • 4.9/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

Excellent! Lena was very helpful. She explained and corrected by rephrasing what I said in Armenian properly with correct grammatical structures. She also documented our work together.

Lena's response

I had my first lesson with Connie for free. This was a lesson for knowing each other and speaking about future lessons. I'll be glad to teach her Armenian language if she decides to clarify her schedule and have classes with me'

7 recommendations


Miss Lena was a wonderful instructor and had a very intelluctal way of explaining all different factors for each lesson. I appreciate the time and hard work she puts in teaching. Thank you fir getting me started on the lessons.


Lena is a very intelligent and pleasant teacher . She was teaching my children foreign language. She knows English, Russian and Armenian and I would recommend her to anyone who wants their children to succeed in this world


Lena is a very organized, trustful Armenian and English language expert teacher. She has taught reading, writing and speaking fliuently to my friend's son and daughter. She also teaches adult learners. I strongly recommend her to teach your children and adult friends


Lena has taught me English at school for 10 years. She was an excellent teacher. She taught us reading, writing, grammer and speaking English. All my classmates and were very good at English. Lena is a very trustworthy teacher to study English and Armenian languages with. I recommend her classes to anybody who tries to find the best English or Armenian tutors for learning to speak easily.


Lena is a wonderful English and Armenian teacher. When I entered the school she taught me to read and write in Armenian. She also taught me general English reading and writing. I could communicate with her in English easily. I could understand the grammar rules and use them in speaking. I recommend everybody to take classes with her. She is a real teacher.


Lena was my English teacher at school. She is a wonderful teacher. She taught me English for three years.Her teaching methods and approaches are innovative. She also helped me to do my homework tasks online when I studied at the university. Her lessons are joyful and very effective for English language learning and it's further development.
I recommend Lena as an excellent tutor and suggest everybody to attend her tutoring classes.
I highly appreciate my teacher's tutoring and teaching professionalism and thank her greatly.


I came across Lena and this website on google. I wanted to learn to speak and write Armenian. She was very helpful and attentive. She helped me achieve my goal and was very accommodating to my schedule. I highly recommend her. She was very caring in making sure I was learning the language properly. Thank you, Lena.

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