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About the lesson

My name is Leila A. Llewelyn; I have taught:
1. Spanish to middle school students, and adults.
2. English as a Second Language to middle school up to and including graduate level students
3. Business and Human Resources at the graduate and undergraduate level
4. Tutored middle school students in all subjects.
5. Workforce development training


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  • Reading
  • Literacy
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    Resume / Cover letter writing prep


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    Adult Education

About Leila

Have taught for 30 years.
Have taught, 1-30 students at a time
Students have received diplomas, certificates, and degrees.
• Developed and taught courses at the graduate and undergraduate level in Human Resource Management, Organizational Leadership: Training and Development, Conflict Resolution, Project Managements and Foundations of Leadership, Ethics in Helping Professions, Capstone course for Organizational Management Program, Career Management/Development, English as a Second, Language, Spanish
• Conducted needs assessment and job analysis in order to effectively recommend and design programs that were needed
• Designed and facilitated various workshops and courses as needed for staff development: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development; Team Building; Mentoring/Coaching; Career Development; Transformational Communication; Covey’s First Things First; Cultural Sensitivity Training



  • 5h: $200
  • 10h: $400

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    Los Angeles

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