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  • Vocabulary - English
  • Oral expression - English
  • Writing expression - English
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English instructor of Central Florida, Bachelors level degree, Psychology and English minor


Associate in Science- Business Concentration

Bachelor of Arts Psychology Major with English minor

Writing ability, prose and creative, non-fiction, fiction

Vocabulary, voice, and phonics experience

Literature, poetry and religion

Bible and history, archaeology, apologetics

Master's level study in Christianity

Business management, business law, and economics

Sempre Fi


As a tutor, I will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Many students struggle in their studies and working smarter, not harder is often the answer. Often times, feelings of being overwhelmed or emotional stress can factor in to a student's who are not keeping up with the professor's expectations of a successful scholar. I have a thorough counseling background, plus the life experience in the real work world which gives me some insight into these academic struggles.

Welcome to the team and your success and strategy to achieve your goals will be my focus as a tutor. Academics are secondary, some students have not realized their learning styles and may be studying material, using a method which isn't working for them. The retention of material in today's college level materials is often hit and miss, with the cramming and studying that may be effective in the short term, but short lived in the knowledge realm where it is applied and becomes wisdom and understanding. The value of an education is in the passion and love the student has for learning.

So a general assessment is often in order as a preliminary tool to get the student tutor relationship off to a great beginning. I hope this rings a chord with some of you, if you've read this far. Contact me through the channels and get ready to set a solid foundation, a place where all education can bear fruit into the decades of your career ahead of you.

My students are honestly those who have had contact with me through my counseling over the years. My tutoring career is just beginning. And this cannot be measured or recorded until the books are brought out at the beginning of eternity. Don't let this spiritual and religious language or inference scare you. Your foundation must be based in a reality that leaves you awestruck and keenly aware of how much you do not know. We learn so much by serving others humbly and we miss out on knowledge when we allow our human pride to shut our ears to wisdom.


Rate for online lessons : $28/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $100
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $175


Negotiable and flexible based on your situation

Lessons offered by Marcus
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Vocabulary - English
  • Oral expression - English
  • Writing expression - English
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • ILR Level 1
  • Intermediate

Marcus's resume


7057 Nobleton Drive Windermere, Florida 34786 (concealed information)


Organizational Management, Especially Transitions and Expansions
Client-Focused Concepts with Individualized Guidance & Objectives
A Depth and Breadth of Applicable Experiences & Education
Accomplished Presentation Skills in Personnel Training


β€’ 10 (+) years as a Successful Life Skills Educator & Intervention Counselor
β€’ Integrity, Above All Else ––
 Honest and Ethical Counseling Practices.
β€’ Motivated, Resourceful, and Dynamic Self-Starter who Thrives in a Challenging Environment.
β€’ Classically-Qualified Motivational Counselor
 Residential, Out-Patient, and Corporate Training Applications
 Successful Support and Long-Term Patient Responsiveness
 An Infectious Persona, Inspiring and Engaging both Clients & Employers
β€’ Accomplished Case-Management
 Crisis Intervention, Including Immediate Care and Long-Term Treatment
 Demonstrated Psychological Assessments & Documentaion of Client Activities with Case-Sensitive Materials
 Preparation & Supervision of Weekly/Monthly Case Management Conferences
 Skillful Writer, Interviewer and Group-Communicator
β€’ Multi-Faceted Mentor––
 Professional Staff Management –– Scheduling, Employee Evaluations & Training
 Design of In-House Counseling Intership Programs
 Enhancing Existing Staffs with Integrated Planning & Leadership
β€’ Results-Oriented Organizational Leadership ––
 Direct Multiple Organizational Projects Concurrently.
 Development of Administrative Polices and Program Expansions
 Rescue Existing/Problem Projects to Successful Completion.
 Embrace Budget and Schedule Constraints.

Available Upon Inquiry and Presented During Our Interview

7057 Nobleton Drive Windermere, Florida 34786 (concealed information)


BUSINESS MANAGER March, 2008 to present
27 Miracles Wedding Consulting, Windermere, Florida
β€’ Provide oversight for daily business operations.
β€’ Operate Accounts Receivable, Payable, and record expenses.
β€’ Assist Weddings, Coordinate Wedding Receptions, Officiate Ceremonies.
β€’ Manage, interview, and conduct trainings for contracted employees.

ADDICTIONS COUNSELOR May, 2007 – June, 2009
Orlando Metro Treatment Center, Orlando, Florida
β€’ Guide patients throughout intake, maintenance, and discharge phase of recovery.
β€’ Oversee, counsel, and encourage patients to embrace drug free activities and lifestyle.
β€’ Perform organizational filing and documentation of all case related paperwork.
β€’ Maintain strict adherence to State, Federal, and ethical standards of confidentiality.

Specialized Treatment, Education & Prevention Services, Orlando, Florida
β€’ Facilitate Educational Forums in Parenting Skills, Critical Thinking & Rage-Management.
β€’ Strict Adherence to State, County, and Federal Correctional Policies & Methodologies.
β€’ Development of Professional, yet Empathetic Rapport with Inmate Clients.
β€’ Redirecting Personal Responsibility for Individual’s Contribution to Their Own Life.

ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR March, 2001 – June, 2006
Ocean’s Harbor House – Transitional Living Programs, Toms River, New Jersey
β€’ Daily Supervision of Independent Living Programs & Evaluation of Resident Counselors
β€’ Design and Implementation of Program Policies & Procedures.
β€’ Train and Encourage Staff in Applications of State & Federal Group Home Standards
β€’ Intake Screenings, Crisis Intervention & Supervise Psychotropic Medication Use.
β€’ Organize & Teach Seasonal Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention Classes

β€’ Screening and Placement of Homeless Youth in Semi-Supervised Apartment Settings
β€’ Evaluate Academics, Skills, and Interests for Placement in Vocational Training Programs
β€’ Classes in Money Management, Self-Care, Social Development & Rage Control
β€’ Discharge Plans with Residential, Out-Client, and After-Care Guidance Programs

PRIMARY COUNSELOR March, 2001 – April, 2003
β€’ Assessment Counseling and Referrals for At-Risk, Homeless & Runaway Youth
β€’ Individual, Group, and Family Counseling in Short-Term Residential Counseling
β€’ Supervise/Advocate for Federal and Foster Care Children
β€’ Training Clients in Character Education, Reducing Further At-Risk Behaviors

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR August, 1994 – June, 2000
Youth Challenge, Inc., Newport News, Virginia
β€’ Manage Residential Drug Treatment Programs for Men with Life-Controlling Problems
β€’ Individual Counseling, Classroom Instructions, and Administrative/Documentation Duties
β€’ Intake Interviews and Referrals, Client Assessments and Behavioral Reports.
β€’ Professional Staff, Intern, and Student Supervision, Scheduling, and Evaluations.


COMPUTER LITERACY: MS Word, Excel, MS Projects, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access

CERTIFICATIONS: Prepare/Enrich- premarital and marital assessment tool and analysis for educating couples. 2011

–––– EDUCATION ––––

BACHELOR OF ARTS –– Psychology & Guidance Counseling 1994
Rutgers University-College –– The State University of New Jersey

ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE –– Business Management 1992
Ocean County College of New Jersey

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