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English teacher that always brings fun, expression, and results to her students

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Each and every one of you is unique and you learn in unique ways. I don't treat each class or student the same because then I would be missing out on what makes you special. I base my classes off what you are interested in, want to learn and talk about, and how you feel you would learn best. I believe that if you are thinking about what you learned throughout your day because it was fun and interesting that you will learn that much quicker.


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About Mariah

I am a teacher because I love it. Every woman in my family has been for four generations back so it is a family-wide passion. I graduated college at the top of my class. My favorite studies are English, Logic, Dance, History, Math and Psychology.



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  • $19/h


My hourly rate per hour will remain the same regardless at what level or age the student is at. If you purchase 5 hours then you get a discounted rate of $18/hour. If you purchase 10 hours then you get a discounted rate of $16/hour.

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