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Experienced ESL Teacher /Experienced Begginning Spanish teacher.Available to teacher Mon.-Friday 5pm.-9 p.m.y

    • Los Angeles
    • at your home

About the lesson

I have experience teaching in Adult School . I have taught ESL 1 and ESL 2 for the following Adult School Districts: El Rancho , Bassett, and Los Angeles Unified School District.

I have a BS. degree in Spanish. I have taught at the Elementary School level for over 111 years.

When teaching English or Spanish, I use the Natural Language Approach, Total Physical Response, and Conversational practice.

My lessons are exciting and engaging.
I teach through songs, pictures, and provide lots of opportunities for verbal and written practice.


  • Cooking
  • American cuisine


  • English


  • Beginner

About Carolyn

I have given lessons for about 10 years.
I have taught at least 50 students.
My students excel. They have even gotten jobs and some have gone on to continue their studies.
My students become very confident with speaking English because of the practice and engagement that I have provided to them.



  • 5h: $225
  • 10h: $450

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    • 45mins free