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Former community college professor teaches Geology for college level courses

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I am a former Pima Community College geology professor with 14 years experience. I focus on laboratory experiences, power point lectures, textbook reading, videos, and practice tests. My style is interactive with emphasis on student's background experiences.


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About Jan

I have been giving lessons for about 20 years and have taught many hundreds of students in a classroom setting. My students have good success passing tests if they do the work required.



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  • Biology student who emphasizes on critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. My experience comes from a wide variety of biological fields, but I specialize in evolutionary and wildlife biology


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  • Senior in High School with great biology grades. Available to tutoring for sciences up to high school.



    I am a hands-on learner, but i would first figure out what kind of learner your child is. From there i would try and develop...

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  • Environmental Educator with a Math and Science background looking to bring Nature inside



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    Developed challenging and innovative curriculum for Honors Marine Biology utilizing the unique environment abundant in...

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  • College graduate Biology major offering tutoring for Biology/Geosciences in Las Vegas, Nevada



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  • Binghamton university biology degree graduate experienced with both ecology and cell biology



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  • Former Assistant professor and a doctorate in Geology with 2 years of teaching experience



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  • Science teacher with over 11 years of classroom experience and over 8 years of tutoring experience.



    I work with the student to address their particular need at the time of instruction. I tutor BIology, Earth Science, NY...

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  • Corporate Scientist with Degree in Biology and Environmental Studies, former Division I Swimmer and Swim Instructor.



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  • 7-12 General Science Educator with a Concentration in Biology, El Paso TX


    El Paso

    There are many instruction methods but I strongly believe in the Blooms Taxonomy 2.0 (Morrison, 2012), this will allow me to...

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  • Geoscience Graduate Student living in Wichita Falls, I currently attend MSU Texas


    Wichita Falls

    My teaching method is primarily based on the student, meaning I would adjust based on the type of student you are and how...

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  • Master of Education student offering Biology and other Science lessons in San Diego, California


    San Diego

    I try to follow the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and apply inquiry-based learning to help my students (Middle...

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  • Retired Science teacher with 33 years of Teaching in public schools and private settings


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  • Agricultural Sciences, Fisheries, and Geology student offering science classes in Twin Cities Area



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  • Young Professional in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering with a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture with 4 years of experience.



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