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« Perfect! Rose is a terrific teacher! She hits that great balance between... More »
« Perfect! Rose is a terrific teacher! She hits that great balance between demanding and supportive. Her lessons are fun and well thought out. She gives clear instructions and watches closely, making necessary and helpful corrections. She seems genuinely thrilled when my daughter makes progress and gives great praise. Overall, we have been very happy working with Rose and highly recommend her! »
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Former gymnast now coaching competitive Gymnastics with 10+ years of elite & specialized knowledge. Top-level experience in skill development to reach highest competitive levels.


I believe in developing and instilling confidence in young athletes as they advance in their skills to help them evolve into a bold poised and fearless athlete.
The focus is on you (the athlete) and what your specific goals are. Whether that's learning a back handspring or aiming to qualify for the next gymnastics level. We adjust lessons and sessions to fit how you learn best and personally challenge you to get you to your goal. Our overall goal together, as coach and athlete, is to continually progress to new goals as you crush the goal you originally set! :)

*Strength and Conditioning are always incorporated into sessions as that is the foundation of any athlete (but don't worry, we can make it fun!)


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. Rose will plan your first lesson with care.


I specialize in working with competitive gymnasts aging from 6 to 12 years old.

Experienced coaching for levels 1-7 and the Xcel program including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Prior Elite Gymnastics Competitor for the Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta (GAA)

Gymnastics Coach for Competitive Levels (Levels 1-7)

2006 USA Easterns Vault Champion

2006 USA Easterns Floor 3rd place finisher

2006 USA Easterns Uneven Bars 6th place finisher

Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science


Rate for online lessons : $45/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $203
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $405


Notice: Due to coronavirus all sessions will take place online until further notice. Thank you!

-30 minute and 1 hour lessons available.

-Lessons offered up to 3 times a week

-After the initial free lesson, you can book time for recurring lessons or purchase a lesson package.

GYMNASTICS PACKAGES (1 hour sessions):
*Mini Package:
2 session (30 minutes) package with Coach Rose. $55

*Standard Package:
5 session package with Coach Rose. $203

*Elite Package:
10 session package with Coach Rose. $405

*Triadic Coaching:
Level based coaching for 2 athletes. Cost-effective in that it provides some of the advantages of individual coaching, while also providing connection with other gymnasts and group-based motivation often seen in group coaching. 1 session with Coach Rose. $75

*Group Package (3 athletes).
$15/athlete per session

*Single Athlete Package.
$25 per session

Note: Though all sessions involve conditioning, these packages are for anyone who wants extra gymnastics based conditioning.

-For travel up to 15 miles cost is $10. For travel above 15 miles-25 miles cost is $15.

If you need to cancel a session, please do so 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. $30 fee for same-day gymnastics cancellation. $15 fee for same-day strength & conditioning cancellation.

Lessons offered by Rose
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Fitness
  • Sports coach
  • Gymnastics
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Proficient

Rose's resume

Level 9 Eastern Vault Champion in Gymnastics

Elite Emerging New Balance Indoor National Champion in Long Jump for Track and Field

Elite New Balance Indoor National Runner Up in 60 dash for Track and Field

Top 5 Long Jumpers and Hurdlers in GA in 2012

Bachelor's in Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Augusta University

CPR/AED/FIRST AID certified via National CPR Foundation

Certified Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line - (If you feel you need support and confidential crisis intervention please text "HOME" to 741741 to connect with a certified Crisis Counselor- Crisis Text Line is a free service and offers 24/7 support.)

The 11 reviews on Rose
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Perfect! Rose is a terrific teacher! She hits that great balance between demanding and supportive. Her lessons are fun and well thought out. She gives clear instructions and watches closely, making necessary and helpful corrections. She seems genuinely thrilled when my daughter makes progress and gives great praise. Overall, we have been very happy working with Rose and highly recommend her!


Perfect! Rose has been a gem of a gymnastics coach. She is organised, supportive and genuinely cares. She is very patient and works with her pupil to reach their goals. She is always punctual and responsive to any questions.

Rose's response

Kathyrn did such a wonderful job today during our session! I look forward to continuing to work with her and get her strength up and perfect some skills. She did such a great job listening and following directions :)


Perfect! Ms. Rose has a warm personality and is an excellent teacher. She gives clear instructions and feedback as my 7 yo girl works remotely with her. Very happy that we found her!

Rose's response

Varsha is such a joy to work with! She's a great listener and it's apparent how much she loves gymnastics! She gives her best effort through the entire hour of our sessions which is something any coach would love. Looking forward to more sessions with Varsha!


Perfect! Rose is awesome. She is super knowledgeable and has such a sweet personality.

Rose's response

I can see how much Sherrayah enjoys gymnastics during our lessons! I love when she voices something to me during the lesson to help me get to know her better. She is a natural athlete. Looking forward to our next session!


Perfect! Coach Rose is AWESOME! She is great with my daughter that is 7 years old and is learning skills for Level 3. Rose is really creative on her way to teach the skills, she focus on every detail. She quickly understood what are the areas that my daughter needs to work more and she goes right through that! Every class is different and she uses all you have in hand in your house to help with the daily routines . My daughter is really happy, she is learning and improving a lot. Rose is great not only with the skills but with conditioning and strenght! I´m really happy to have found her and totally recommend her!

Rose's response

Inaya is willing to work so hard and it shows through her ability to do different skills! She is a very talented gymnast with a lot of potential and she had a great first lesson. I look forward to continuing lessons with her!


Perfect! We love Coach Rose! We are lucky to have found her to keep my daughter’s skills up during the pandemic. Rose is so kind and patient with my not always focused 6 year old. She has also mastered the art of virtual coaching. We’d recommend her to anyone looking for a talented and kick ass coach!

Rose's response

Blayke is so lively and full of character! Her lessons have been going well and I can see her improving on certain skills from class to class. I look forward to our next lesson!


Perfect! Rose is absolutely amazing! She instantly was able to bond and relate with my child. In addition she researched and planned drills , activities that met her needs. She was able to identify areas for improvement and teach her how. I would highly recommend her for any needs.

Rose's response

Maya has so much enthusiasm towards gymnastics and it shows through willingness to go for new drills and skills! She has a great gymnastics future ahead of her and her big dreams of making the national team is refreshing, as it is the best athletes that dream the biggest! Looking forward to more sessions with Maya!

4 recommendations


I can truly attest to Rose excellent rapport with people of all ages. She is very knowledgeable, and passionate. Her communication skills (both written and verbal) allow her to connect with all kinds of people. Displays the best motivation by being the biggest supporter, cheerleader, all while challenging you to reach new heights. I highly recommend, Rose!


Rose is an inspiring and motivated role model. Her dedication and ability to overcome challenges in the sports world has enabled her to develop a driving force of "can do" attitude. All encompassed in a warm hearted and loving personality. She is dedicated and finds joy in helping others achieve their goals.


Rose is an extremely patient and energetic teacher. Her expertise shines, and she is truly a joy to work with! Her coaching style is smart, and I feel that my child's skill needs are always met! Can't recommend her enough!


Rose is not only experienced in the sport but also a dedicated coach with a great caring personality. She is committed, trustworthy and dedicated to her tasks and will, in my opinion, give the best personalized lesson one can get

I am thrilled and honored to recommend Rose.

Interview with Rose

QUESTION 01 | 08
1) What age did you start playing sport? Tell us about this time or moment in your life.
Rose — I started gymnastics when I was five years old. I was also in ballet. I was an extremely energetic child and my mom decided to put me in both. When I got to the age of 7, both gymnastics and ballet began requiring a higher time commitment. I had to choose either ballet or gymnastics and as you see, I chose gymnastics and I am so glad that I did!
QUESTION 02 | 08
2) What are your favourite sports; those that you practice at a high level, a simple hobby, and a sport that you'd still like to discover?
Rose — My favorite sports are gymnastics, track & field, ariel arts, tennis, football and basketball. I competed in track and field at a high level up until the beginning of this year (2020). I decided it was time to hang up my track spikes after 10 years of travel and competition in the sport which I very much enjoyed. I've picked up tennis now and it has become a fun and enjoyable hobby of mine. In regards to what sport do I still want to discover, I still would like to get more involved in ariel arts and become a master on the silks.
QUESTION 03 | 08
3) What gives you the motivation and passion to pursue your sport?
Rose — Outside of the love I have for my sport, my motivation to coach comes from the challenges and obstacles I have overcome through a variety of sports. Gymnastics was my first love but I competed in track and field through college. Over the course of 6 years, starting at age 19, I had 5 hip surgeries due to a number of injuries and medical mishaps. Overcoming the 5 surgeries, going through years of physical therapy and putting myself back out on the track to compete drives me to know that I can do absolutely anything I want to if I put my mind to it.
QUESTION 04 | 08
4) Do you have a sporting achievement that you're particularly proud of?
Rose — Yes, in 2012 I won Nationals in Long Jump and was the National Runner up for the 60m dash. Also, in 2006 I was blessed to be the vault champion at the Easterns meet and I won second place on floor. This was one of my favorite times while in gymnastics because my coach said that if I won an event at Easterns, he would die his hair the color of our spirit leo, which at the time was green and pink! So the following week, he came into practice with green and pink hair! I will always remember that, it's a sweet and fun memory I hold.
QUESTION 05 | 08
5) How have your achievements and challenges made you a better sportsperson?
Rose — My achievements and challenges have taught me what it means to persevere, to not give up and to make the most of every opportunity. Even when you may feel fear or feel discouraged, that does not mean that you have to give into the feeling. I was taught through my experiences, to push through to come out on the other side. I've learned never to allow an experience to go by without learning something valuable from it to change the way you live and the way you think.
QUESTION 06 | 08
6) If you had to go for a jog with a famous athlete, who would you choose? And what questions would you ask them?
Rose — I would most likely go jogging with Flo-Jo, Dominique Dawes, Damu Cherry. or Kerri Strug. Flo-Jo because she is a track and field icon, Dominque Dawes because she was one of the first African American gymnasts I saw compete as a little girl and Damu Cherry has a similar background like I did. She started out in gymnastics and then later pursued Track and Field and became a 100m hurdler just like I was. I would ask her who are the people who supported her the most throughout her sports career, what would she do when she got injured and how did she stay motivated after losing a race. If I were to go running with Kerri Strug I would ask her all about the 1996 Olympics when she broke her ankle and still vaulted her 2nd vault to bring Gold to the USA gymnastics team! What an amazing sign of strength and determination.
QUESTION 07 | 08
7) How do you help people stay motivated?
Rose — I am a big encourager. That is how I am motivated. I like to see those around me excel and so I listen, ask questions, encourage and challenge them to reach their goals. When they do reach their goals, I share in their excitement! If they decide to change directions and move onto a different goal, I support them and am in their corner no matter what, that is what a true friend is made of.
QUESTION 08 | 08
8) What makes you a Superprof in sports? .
Rose — I've been through the trenches and I've been at the top of the mountains. My journey of challenges, obstacles achievements and wins equip me with the knowledge to know what it takes to not only make it to the top but to stay at the top and what it takes to make it out of the trenches when you find yourself at a low point. I know that you can't do it on your own, support is vital along any athlete's journey, and hard work, sweat and tears are all part of the game...and it's worth it. Keep working and you'll be surprised at how far you can go

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