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Former High School teacher and college professor, History, Political Science, AP Courses


Masters Degree - Educational Leadership, Masters Degree - History, Bachelor's Degree, Double Major History and Political Science. I have taught in both High School and College US History, AP Level, Law and tutored in Ethics and Civil Procedure courses


I have taught extensively in the middle, high school and collegiate levels, I have also been a tutor online and in person, for most humanities subjects including Anthropology, archaeology, English, Italian, test prep, college level writing and test preparation skills


Transportation Fee : $30
Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $120
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $240


My rates are somewhat negotiable depending on what is entailed in the tutoring, the levels involved and the purpose of the sessions, i.e. College, AP, IB, Honors etc. entails more work therefore rates are quoted as above. However, pack appointments, prep tutoring, or middle and elementary school tutoring are based upon a different scale.

Lessons offered by Kelly
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Taught subjects
  • History
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Kelly's resume

Rhode Island College Providence, RI Adjunct Faculty Member
• Instructor Core Course Western Civilization and US History
Cumberland High School Cumberland, RI History/Social Studies Teacher
 Former Department Chair
 Instructor for the AP European History Course
 Instructor for the Western Civilization Honors/EEP program in conjunction with Rhode Island College for the seven years
 Instruction of 11th and 12th grade Law
 Instruction for 10th grade History/Social Studies, covering United States history from the post-Civil War period to the present day
 During my tenure at Cumberland High School I have taught subject matter on AP, Honors, General and Fundamental levels
 I have attempted to instruct the students in a manner to expand their minds and make connections between the worlds of the past and the present
 Teacher mediator for “Mock Trial” program
 Teacher mediator for “Model UN” program
 National Honor Society Advisor
 Participated in the “Teaching American History” grant
 Participated in “Teach to Change” program
 Minor committee member for NEASC preparation
 Member of the Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements school team
 Summer School Director – 2003 to 2010
Bishop McVinney Providence, RI Elementary/Middle School Teacher
 Instructor for 5th grade students in Reading. Language Arts, Math, Religion, Geography and Social Studies
 During my tenure in this position I attempted to expand the minds of the students beyond their daily experiences to learn and discover the world. I endeavored to expose them to themes of world situations such as World War II, the Holocaust, the Civil Rights movement, the English period of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth and James I, and the explorer period in an effort to help them understand the roots of our nation, and the world events occurring during these periods.
 I also attempted to build into this discussion the themes of racial and religious prejudice in an effort to highlight to the students that these unfortunate factors exist in every society and that the only way to combat them is through knowledge.

Rhode Island College Providence, RI Graduate Assistant/Tutor
 Tutor undergraduate students in History, Political Science, Social Work, and Literature
 Aided students with study skills and test preparation
 Worked extensively with students who possessed learning disabilities
Rhode Island College Providence, RI Admissions Office Assistant
 Communication with prospective students
 Review and filing of student transcripts
 Computer entry of student information

Walden University Minneapolis, MN
 M.A. in Educational Leadership
Rhode Island College Providence, RI
• M.A., History
Rhode Island College Providence, RI
• B.A. – History and Political Science
• Graduated Cum Laude
• Inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta Historical Society
• Awarded the Claiborne DeB. Pell Award for Excellence in US History

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