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I am Dallas Sisney, I am interested in teaching fellow gamers how to improve at their specific fields they wish to improve in. I teach by asking them and working based off of their skills.


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About Dallas

I have been teaching gaming for quite a while, I have always had friends who werent good at the games they played and they would come to me for help. In doing so, some friends ended up being on CSL teams, Pro league teams, etc.



  • 5h: $106
  • 10h: $175

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  • Gaming tutor from Europe ! We will have fun together while we play your favorite game.



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  • League of Legends gamer that can teach you all about what you need as a support. I have at least 5 years of experience in playing support and my rank is Diamond.


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  • Counter Strike : Global Offensive / Step up / Stuff /Aim /Game Vision / The Learning


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  • I play computer games and games on my phone ill teach you how to play pc games



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  • Hi! My name is Ocean! I’m very excited to teach! I love teaching!


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  • NBA 2k, Destiny, MOBA, RPG, Call of Duty Any Game Request would be appreciated Friendly and Remains Professional Integrity



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  • Casual gamer for 10 years, specialize in strategy games such as age of empires, some overwatch, ark,ark primal fear, conan exiles ps4, conan exiles :age of calamitous, mobile games such as arena of va



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  • Casual gamer with over 10 years of call of duty experience. I started playing when COD World at War was released.



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  • Fortnite, The Legend Of Zelda Breathe Of The Wild, Hatsune Miku Project Diva



    I saw, giving advice, or lessons how to do thing, like say, in fortnite I can help out to teach how to build quickly or how...

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  • 13 year old who can teach video games, board games, and other various subjects in the San Antonio and la Verna area.


    La Vernia

    I will teach you or your child anything you need help on to the extent of my knowledge on it. I will ask you what you have...

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  • I'm a Master ADC / Mid Main Online Coaching looking for a asdfsad asdf


    The Bronx

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  • My purpose is to help others know the knowledge of the game.



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  • Well My Name Is Zein Im 11 I Teach Fortnite Im Honestly Good :)



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  • Veteran ESO player with extensive PvP and PvE knowledge. Boost your DPS



    I am friendly and easy going. I will provide feedback in a manner that is helpful and positive. I will listen to your needs...

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  • Hospitality professional from Milan with 7 year experience in Call Of duty offers lessons in English, Spanish or Italian. Let's have fun together : )


    New Orleans

    The goal of our lessons is mainly to have fun and to learn the social side of on line gamings, making new friends sharing a...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • StarCraft II streamer with a background in Org. Info. Learning Sciences coaches you how to critically think about mistakes in games.



    5 (2 reviews)

    There is no one-size fits all curriculum for an individual. That by definition is a bit of folly. However, the basis of all...

    • $15/h
    • 30mins free