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May - Prof french - Herndon
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« ما كنت حب الفرنسي من صغري بس معك صرت... More »
« ما كنت حب الفرنسي من صغري بس معك صرت اتقبلو كتير و انطر حصة الفرنسي و حتى حسيت انو صار عندي تقدّم و في اشيا علقت براسي ... أحلى مدام ماي والله »
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Taught subjects
  • French
  • Oral expression - French
  • Oral comprehension - French
  • Writing comprehension - French
  • Vocabulary - French
  • Writing expression - French
  • All Levels

French language and literature teacher, working remotely/online in the US with 12 years of experience teaching teens and adults in schools, institutes and Universities.


I follow 3 approaches. The communicative one where the student becomes the actor and ask questions and do requests to fulfill his conversation skills. I follow the actional method where the student has to accomplish a work to show his linguistic and social skills mixed together.


I am a french teacher, i did study masters in french literature and human Sciences in the USJ and started my career in 2007. I did work as a proofreader and an interpreter too. I speak arabic fluently. I am Lebanese.


Rate for online lessons : $50/h


Rate negotiable

Lessons offered by May
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • French
  • Oral expression - French
  • Oral comprehension - French
  • Writing comprehension - French
  • Vocabulary - French
  • Writing expression - French
  • All Levels

May's resume

Key qualifications and responsibilities:

• 2018-2020: French Online Courses, Herndon, VA:
I taught French language and French Literature to students (adults) living abroad, in Lebanon, France and Germany, using Skype and the Zoom Platform.
I am a proofreader of many master’s degree thesis prepared by students living in Lebanon.

• 2017-2018: Alliance Française of Washington DC, Washington DC, USA:
I taught French as Foreign Language for kids/beginners (A1-2) during the winter course.
I planned French language lessons and tests that incorporated the use of audio-visual aids.
I delivered lessons related to the French culture and traditions and encouraged the conversational course for it.

• 2013-2017:
-The Lebanese University, Faculty of Management and Economic Sciences, Hadath, Lebanon:
I developed rigorous lesson plans and lectures that meet the interest of the students in the college.
I taught French as foreign language for beginners and French language and literature for advanced levels (B2).
I integrated conversational classes for all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2).

-Mohamad Falha Official Public School, South Lebanon:
I taught French Literature in High School: Grades 10, 11 (Humanities series) and 12 (General Sciences GS, Economic Sciences ES and Life Sciences LS).
I prepared students at a variety of levels for standardized tests required by the State.

-Sœurs des Saints-Cœurs Private College, Ain Ebel, Lebanon :
I taught French Literature and Human Sciences in High School: Grades 10, 11 (Scientific series) and 12 (GS, LS, LS).
I supervised students’ progress in acquiring DELF skills.
I trained the students in Grades 10 and 11 to pass the DELF test organized by the French Institute.
I reviewed the school’s articles written in French and was the proofreader before editing them in the magazines.

-The Social Care Center, Houla, South Lebanon:
President of a non-profit social association taking care of children, youth and elderly people: cultural, artistic, religious, entertainment and social activities.
Storyteller for kids during holidays and weekends.
Responsible of all the donations, humanitarian and financial aids presented by the United Nations to the center.
The main interpreter (English-French-Arabic) between the United Nations battalions and the Municipality of the region.

• 2014-2015: Amal Educational Institutions, Lebanon:
General supervisor and coordinator of the French Language in all Amal Institutions in Lebanon (7 largest high schools spread over the Lebanese territory/ Grades1 to 12).
Responsible of all the activities and competitions related to the “Francophonie” and organized by the United Nations Battalions.

• Summer 2013 : Center for private lessons, Mreijeh, Lebanon:
I assessed students’ abilities, strengths and weaknesses and helped them to easily pass the French test during the Lebanese Official Exams.

• 2011- 2015 : Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Lebanon :
Permanent member participating in the correction of French tests executed during the Lebanese Official Exams.

• 2007– 2013: Charity School, Mreijeh, Lebanon:
I taught the French Language for Grades 7, 8 and French as Foreign Language for Grade 9.
I supervised students in a variety of settings outside of the classroom, including class trips, volunteer activities and detention.
I adapted lessons to fit a variety of classes and I communicated and engaged with parents about their children.
I helped the students to participate to the poetry competition organized by the school and win medals, prizes and first places.

• Summer 2012 : The Municipal Center of Houla, South Lebanon :
I designed and implemented French language classes and conversational courses for adults “Mastering the French Language”.

• 2007– 2010: Technical School of Amlieh, Beirut, Lebanon :
I created and maintained a welcoming, friendly, engaging and nurturing classroom environment where all students felt comfortable learning French as Foreign Language.
I prepared adults studying Mechanic, Computer Sciences and Accounting services to pass the French Test during their Official Exams.

Key achievements:

- Decreased student fail notes by 30% in 2013-2017 school years in classrooms with over 38 pupils.
- Helped grad class students improve final test scores by 25% in 2013-2017 school years.
- Maintained a 90% pass rate in Official Exams throughout 4 years of French Education.
- Helped many schools receive awards and best prizes from the United Nations Battalions during the “Concours de la Francophonie.”
- Trained students to pass the DELF B2 with great grades and mentions from the French Institute.
- Assisted more than 7 students in different universities and majors to write their master’s degree thesis with a very correct French Language.
- Celebrated the month of the francophonie in all Amal Institutions in Lebanon (exhibitions, theatre, film projection, artistic and culinary activities related to the French culture).
-Took part of the activities prepared during the Cultural Week entitled “let the light be!” at the Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs College: my students performed “Le Misanthrope” written by Molière, a French author.
- Managed Two animated exhibitions on stage illustrated by interviews, images, videos and documentaries, related to the themes: the Health and the Youth: the interviews were done by the students, under my supervision, with a dentist, an ortho-dentist, a dermatologist, a dietician, a psychologist, the head of the juvenile association YASA and with Maxime Chaaya, the Lebanese Everest mountain climber in 2006.

• 1 year of Master Research in French Literature and Human Sciences, July 2010, Saint-Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon.

• Bachelor degree and Teaching Diploma in French Literature and Human Sciences, July 2007, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Saint-Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon.

Relevant course-Works: Francophonie et langues, Géopolitique du monde francophone, approche structurale des textes littéraires, intertextualités, littérature et peinture, linguistique…

• 2015-2016 : Passed the Official Exam prepared by the Public Service Council/ the Lebanese Government.
I occupied the second place in the caza for the position of a « French Literature and Human Sciences high school teacher» with very good grades.

• August 2015: Habilitation au DELF, the French Institute, Saida’s branch.
I did the training to be a member of jury and a corrector of the DELF B1-2 tests and passed the exam prepared by the CECRL.

• May 2014 : Obtained the DALF C1 from the French Institute and the CECRL:

• 2007-2008 : How to manage a class , Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Lebanon.

• From June 3rd to 30th, 2015: Selected to attend the “Habilitation au DELF” training organized by the French Institute, Saida’s Branch.

• April 18, 2015 : Seminar led by Mrs. Manuella FERRERA PINTO (CIEP) and Katia COPPOLA (EMDL):
«L’ interculturel et le pluriculturel» followed by a FLE (French as Foreign Language) conference: « For a successful FLE course.»
• January – March 2014 : Training (40 hours) chaired by Mrs. Nour EZZEDDINE and Mouna SABBAH
«Training of trainers FLE », the French Institute, Tyre and Nabatieh branches, Lebanon.
• May 14, 2011 : Training chaired by Gisèle Mourad Canale :
«Stories and the production of the writing», the French Cultural Center, in collaboration with Saint-Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon.
• May 12, 2009 : Training chaired by cultural advisors and FLE coordinators :
« French, language of instruction», Habtoor Hotel, Sin El Fil, Beirut, in collaboration with the French Cultural Center and SORED.

• Classroom management, effective communication and cooperation with the responsible, dependability, critical thinking skills, productivity.
IT skills :
• Good knowledge of Software Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), interactive board, Zoom platform and Skype.
Literary skills :
• Evaluating performance and grading exams.
• Dissertation and analyze of novels.
• Commented studies of poems, theatrical pieces and paintings especially those related to the French culture.
• Praise of writing and rewriting.
• Translation of texts and speeches (Arabic/ French/English).
• Proofreader of articles before their edition.

2013-2017 :
• Director of a summer camp with 150 children welcomed in the Social Care Center, Houla, South Lebanon.
• President of the Social Care Center and coordinator-organizer of several activities: school support, cooking classes for adults, outings for elderly people in the village, medical visits and monitoring of the health situation of 60 families, camping, plantations with kids, conferences for teenagers against drugs and deviation…
Summer 2016 :
• Head of 2 artistic workshops, in collaboration with the French Institute (Nabatieh and Tyre branches) during the summer holidays, Marjeyoun and Tebnine, August 2016.

LANGUAGES (written, read and spoken)
• Arabic (Native language)
• French (DALF/ C1/CECRL)
• English

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3 recommendations


ما كنت حب الفرنسي من صغري بس معك صرت اتقبلو كتير و انطر حصة الفرنسي و حتى حسيت انو صار عندي تقدّم و في اشيا علقت براسي ... أحلى مدام ماي والله


As a teacher in the same department, I have had the pleasure of working with May and seeing how wonderful she is as coworker and as a teacher. May has always been dedicated to continuously developing and improving her teaching skills, she is always eager to take up extra responsibilities and has always taken the initiative in preparing out of scope activities. She always embraces any opportunity for professional development and has strong leadership skills.


Je recommende Ms May. Elle m'a aidé à acquérir certaines bases en français. Je suis débutant.

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