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French native speaker with a degree in French language. Tutors to all levels and ages with a commitment to excellence.

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Walt Disney was a genius. He understood that the best learning happened when an element of fun was incorporated to it.
I teach through songs, games, poetry and role play at all levels.
My students have been school children, University students and adults getting ready to travel abroad or wanting to become more proficient in French.


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About Sabria

I was raised in a family who spoke French at home. My parents both got their degrees in Aix-en-Provence, France. I was educated by French teachers until I attended our universities here in the U.S. I graduated first with a degree in business in 1987, then with a degree in French in 1992.
My first job was tutoring French to University students while I was completing my degree. Simone Johnson, the Head of the French Department then, would send me more students to tutor privately in their own home.



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