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About Davayne

I am a full-time teacher at a private institution. I teach math, technical drawing, English language, information technology and human and social biology. It is outstanding work, and I want to expand into teaching online. See you in class.

I remember a time when I started teaching online like it was yesterday.

I'd teach students in my rooms; then I realized that people could learn from anywhere and anytime – so why not just make the content accessible to them?

Nowadays, there are many ways we have to think about student engagement: one of the most important strategies is to offer it in the form of a flexible learning curriculum.

Things like blogs, websites, and online forums are all ways to keep students involved while offering them new content that'll enhance their academic experience.

This way, I can track what they're good at and where they struggle – stronger students will strengthen weaker ones through peer-to-peer help sessions (or P2P as we call it).

It may be one of the most critical skills these students learn: if you've been successful doing something on your own, then it's up to you to pass that knowledge along. It is how the wisdom of crowds works – everyone already has something valuable; now, we need to figure out how to use it.

It isn't easy to believe that I have been teaching English for over four years now. Some of my students may be surprised, too, since I do not look much older than they are, but then again, I will always be the young teacher who has only finished her A levels a few months earlier.

My experience with Zoom has been an interesting one indeed. Zoom allows me to teach 24 hours a day from home and abroad, giving me more free time, which most teachers do not get enough of. Zoom does allow you to live your life (within reason) while keeping all of the benefits of having a job as an English teacher. It is also somewhat addictive in that when you have seen the amount of free time in your schedule; you tend to overbook yourself, much like with any other freelance job. Zoom allows me to do as I please during my work time and only teach when I want to. Zoom also allows students from anywhere in the world to access you at all hours of the day, and they are usually willing to come online and pay for a lesson at 3 am if that's what they want.


Over several years Zoom has allowed me to develop, grow and learn as an English teacher through challenges given by myself or presented by my students. It has brought out some of the best parts of my personality while helping me overcome many flaws along.



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Find out more about Davayne

  • 01

    When did you start practicing? How did this passion find you?

    After taking a few years off, I decided to go back into teaching. I have always loved teaching and was going through a depression, having stopped working in 2007. My mother had gone back to school herself, and being at home with her became difficult for me because it was too quiet. I needed some form of stimulation, so again, I began my search for a new job.
    The third time around, I found that the teaching market had changed drastically since the last time I had looked for work in 2007. There were many fewer ads for teaching jobs but many more offers of substitute positions with high pay and benefits, including sick days! That's exactly what I needed: well-paid work where I could be on vacation when my family are out of school or ill.

  • 02

    Which artists or works affect you the most?

    I read Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life a few months ago, which changed my life. I've always had an interest in philosophy. Still, Jordan Peterson takes classical philosophical ideas (especially Stoicism) and applies them to modern-day life so that they're practical rather than just being interesting abstract concepts. After reading his book, I became interested in physics - he mentions throughout his book how important the laws of physics are and how our understanding of them have shaped the world from the industrial revolution up until today.

    After watching a video by Neil Degrasse Tyson called Science is Culture on YouTube, which explains how every part of our lives has been influenced by science, technology and innovation over time in exciting ways, I decided that I wanted to know more about how the laws of physics have shaped the world. I came across a YouTube channel by Bill Wurtz called "That Physics Guy", which is fantastic. He explains complicated ideas in simple terms in bite-sized videos that also contain humour, which is great because it keeps me engaged with the material to learn from it better.

    I would recommend Jordan Peterson's book for anyone who wants to improve themselves or get into philosophy while Jordan B. Peterson also has many lectures on his youtube channel, which are very interesting too. If you like science, then go check out Neil Degrasse Tyson's video (it's not long at all) as well as Bill Wurtz' channel!

  • 03

    What are the qualities and skills required to succeed in this area?

    An online teacher tends to be:
    Patient-teaching online is sometimes met with complex questions, and a quick response can help in this situation.

    - Decisive - We must provide an answer straight away for the student to understand their mistakes.

    - Motivating - Keeping students interested and motivated is one of the critical roles any online teacher has to have.

    - Confidence - having confidence helps, as it will help you talk more clearly etc.

    - Organized

    - due to there not being anyone physically present, the organization is essential.

    Enjoyable tips include yourself with new information: The internet is full of tips on teaching and learning; finding these tips are essential to become a better online teacher.

    # Regular review: A quick look at how your lessons are going and what worked or didn't can help you improve for future lessons. # Keeping up with Pronunciation tips: How to pronounce words correctly, regardless of language, can sometimes make all the difference in communicating successfully online.

    # Teaching Appropriate levels: Teaching people who are far ahead or behind them leads to confusion.

    - Teaching for an extended period: You should regularly change between tips to keep the student interested.

    Changing up your lesson and keeping it fresh is another vital skill needed to be a successful online teacher.

  • 04

    What is the most valuable advice you can give to help someone stay focused on creative projects?

    If you're like me, the creative stuff has always been your favourite part of life. When things get challenging or stressful in any other area of your life, it's easy to find comfort by diving into a "fun" project that brings happiness and fulfilment. But this can sometimes be counterproductive if you become too focused on the creative exploits - you get so concentrated that you never actually complete anything.

    For example, I have lots of music and writing projects that are in some stage of completion (or not), but it's been months or years since I've touched them. And the truth is I'm less likely to make progress on any of these projects when stress fills my life with other less motivating duties and responsibilities.

    I think creative people can sometimes get so entranced in the creative process that they lose track of everything else - this is a straightforward trap to fall into when you have lots of exciting projects on your plate. It is why I devised a simple technique that's helped me stay more focused and ultimately make progress on my creative projects.

    The method is simple: I use a timer on my phone to set 20-minute increments on every project I'm working on. When the timer goes off, I get to stop working and take a break - but if I feel like I can keep going (and am excited enough about the project), then I have the option to keep working. By doing this, I'm able to get more work done on the most critical projects and most exciting to me - because when I feel like it's time to rest, I have a break from the project for 20 minutes or so.

    I also try to use a one-timer for all my creative endeavours at once. For example, I might try to work on a song for 20 minutes, and then I'll take a break - after my vacation, I'd start another timer and begin writing on something else.

  • 05

    How would you describe your passion; how does it make you feel?

    Teaching is the best profession in the world. It combines the highest degrees of creativity and expression, self-expression, humanism, altruism, intellectual stimulation, pedagogy and social contribution. As a teacher, you contribute to nurturing young minds and preparing them for future roles as adults who will make our countries better places to live in. You touch your students' lives and influence their thinking. You bring out the best in them, even when they are facing challenges or difficulties at home. They love you for that and will always be grateful to you. As a teacher, you can help shape the minds of young people and turn them into better citizens of the future, with a greater sense of social responsibility and awareness, with a thirst for knowledge, justice, hard work and innovation. As a teacher, you inspire students to do better in their studies and take up learning as a lifelong pursuit.

  • 06

    What creative achievements are you particularly proud of?

    My book, Work Less Create More, was published by Vermilion in 2010. In it, I explain the backstory of how and why I created a new way to work that enables one to work efficiently and creatively every day.

    I used my book to introduce my approach and method for working efficiently without giving up creativity.

    The book presents the bookkeeping system for freelancers that I use myself. In Work Less Create More, I also explain my approach to bookkeeping based on a simple bookkeeping cycle, "eat expenses, grow revenues", and how to best tackle bookkeeping issues that arise in the creative field from one day to the next.

    I have presented this book at book symposiums. My book is also available at book stores, book online shops and book libraries such as holon in Amsterdam [ source ].

    My masterclass course on working more efficiently called "From chaos into creativity" was presented for the first time in August 2013. The system is given in cities around the world through workshops.

  • 07

    Have you ever been surprised by a student; by their ability, or quick progression?

    I was recently teaching a class of 8 students when one of them raised his hand. I asked him what he wanted, and he proceeded to ask me, "What are some skills that good Project Managers should have?"

    It is not a question I had ever been asked before in this way. Usually, people who want to talk about good skills ask me, "What are the skills you look for in a good project manager?"

    I responded that Project Management was both a science and an art, but specific skills would propel someone into being called a good Project Manager. I sat down with my teaching assistant, and we brainstormed on some of these skills.

    One skill that we came up with was the ability to think quickly. When you are managing a project, many issues can come up on any given day. These can range from someone having their car break down, preventing them from making it into work, to technical problems with a system or product your team is testing.

    This skill is called "Thinking Quickly" because that is precisely what you have to do, think quickly!

  • 08

    Being a Superprof is an art! What is your secret?

    The goal of teaching is not to make students pass exams but to open their minds. I have been working at a prestigious school for the past few years, and I have some tips on how to help your child learn more efficiently and have them go home happy every day:

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