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GATE Teacher of English with 25 years of classroom experience and a Masters Degree in Teaching Reading and Writing


My approach to online tutoring is to be a good listener, a knowledgeable tutor, and a reliable advocate for your academic progress. I tend to use a coaching method and an holistic approach to assessing student' academic needs individually. For reading remediation I use miscue analysis to determine IEP objectives.


I spent four years piloting the iPad one-to-one program in Los Angeles Unified School District that helped pave the way for today's virtual classroom and online teaching. We helped thousands of underrepresented students in Los Angeles gain internet access and accelerate their educations. I will bring all of my experience, energy, and enthusiasm to our online tutoring sessions to help you accelerate your education too!


Rate for online lessons : $20/h


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Lessons offered by Ray
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Academic help for reading
  • All Levels

Ray's resume

CERTIFICATIONS: CA Clear Certification for Secondary SSI English Language Arts 1995-Current
Certificate of Completion of Staff Development AB2913 SB395 (ELD/SDAIE) 2006-2007
USC BA English Literature & Language Magna Cum Laude 1992-1994
USC Student Teaching Program & Teaching Credential 1995
USC MS Ed CTSE (Reading & Writing Instruction) 1995-1999
LAUSD & CA Governor’s Summer Reading Institute with Sopris Learning 1998
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge Revolution in the Middle States 2000
UCLA Center X Reading and Writing Projects member 2001-2011
LAUSD ELA SPA Developer, Teacher Training, & Evaluation 2002-2010
NCTE Summer Institutes attendee 2008-2011
SAS/GATE coordinator programs/conferences/symposiums 1998-2013
ELA Core Standards – Smarter Balance Program evaluator 2013-current

Daniel Webster MS English Honors teacher Los Angeles, CA 90064 Grades 7th – 8th 2017 – 2013
* Earned Accreditation for 5 years as a SAS/GATE Exemplary Program at Daniel Webster MS
* Analyzed test ques./students’ responses on Smarter Balanced Assessments for ELA 6-8

Orville Wright MS English Honors teacher Los Angeles, CA 90045 Grades 7th – 8th 2013 – 1995
Facilitates effective instructional activities designed to engage diverse learners in high–cognitive
English Language Arts reading and writing practices that reflect college readiness.
Creates a safe classroom climate that provided multiple opportunities for students to share ideas,
cultural connections, set academic goals and reflect on personal progress.
Communicates respect and rapport with formal and informal assessments designed to help
students determine their strengths, gaps, monitor mastery of English Language Arts standards.
Prepares engaging lessons designed to promote students with ownership and pride in their work.
Uses critical thinking models, standards based rubrics and writing structures to facilitate learning.

Orville Wright Math, Science, Aerospace Technology Magnet School Los Angeles, CA 90045
English Honors teacher Grades 7th – 8th 1998 – 1996

Webster MS SAS/GATE Teachers Professional Development Book Club 2016-2014
Webster MS Teamworks After-School Program mentor 2014-2013
Wright MS Saturday School Co-Coordinator (BB and FBB intervention classes) 2012-2011
Wright MS GATE Coordinator 2011-2009
Wright MS English Department Chairperson 2011-1998
LAUSD Trainer/PD Presenter ELA Frameworks & Secondary Periodic Assessments 2010-1998
Wright MS Student Organization Advisor (Environmental Express Club) 2010-1996
MOT - Teaching the Holocaust and coordinating annual student field trips 2011-2000
Wright MS Summer School English teacher/dean/librarian 2002-1997
Wright MS Oratorical Contest Coordinator & Optimist International member 2000-1997
Wright MS Teacher of the Year for the Westchester/Venice/Playa del Rey CC 1998

Westchester Rotary Club Grants – Community outreach for classroom supplies 2013-2000
Collaborative Grant-writing Donor’s Choose 5 proposals funded no impact school budget 2012

Other Professional Experiences in teaching English

Public Speaking
1. Graduation Speaker Coordinator and Coach 2000-2013
2. Collaboration with Creative Writing elective class & Special Education class (autistic students)
Video Project on CA Proposition 34: Death Penalty Student Debate 2012
English Literature & Language 2012-2017
1. Historical research projects: Salem Witch Hysteria, Slavery & Emancipation, WW II / Holocaust
2. Persuasive argumentation projects: Civil Rights Movement, Defining the American Dream, Lying
Creative Writing Elective 2012-2013
1. “Do the Write Thing” Essay Contest Sponsor for LAUSD’s annual nonviolence competition
2. 14 students’ poetry published this year by Poetic Power and the Anthology of Poetry
Writing Enrichment
1. Project Wisdom (8th grade values clarification and book-binding project) 1999-2017
2. Any Soldier.com (letter-writing and holiday care package campaigns) 2010-2014
3. American Legion Veterans’ Project (Veterans’ Day letter-writing campaign) 2000
Reading Enrichment
1. Scholastic Book Clubs Red Apple teacher 1998-2017
2. CA Lottery Exceptional Educator Award for the Millionaire’s Reading Club 1998-2017
Data Analyses & Testing Practice
1. AGT for ELA shows better than expected improvement past 5 years 2012-2017
2. ELA scores past 5 years outperform district average by about 10% 2010-2017
3. English Department goals continue to analyze ELA scores and testing outcomes for all student
groups to identify needed specialization and deliver differentiated and supportive instruction in a
timely and effective manner. 2008- 2017

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