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Tricia - Prof chemistry - Statesboro


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Given the difficult nature of Chemistry, it's not surprising that tutoring can have a significant and measurable impact on your academic performance. With a degree in Chemistry from Georgia Southern

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I have tutored many students in science over the past 13 years. Great improvements were noticed in grades after receiving more one on one help. With class sizes so large, it is always a benefit to receive tutoring to help you fully comprehend difficult concepts.

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My name is Tricia Kirkland. I am an eighth grade Physical Science teacher. In the past I have taught Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, and Environmental Science at the high school level. With a bachelor's degree in chemistry, I worked in industry for 10 years. So, I use practical application as part of my teaching methods. In tutoring, I find out what in particular a student is having difficulty with. Then, I can determine the best place to begin a session. I use various methods of instruction including: auditory, visual, and tactile. At the end of each lesson, I summarize what has been taught and check for understanding.

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