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Graduate degrees in general psychology, adult education, and life coaching. Passion for writing, research, and content learning through application of learner-centered-learning. I believe the student

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Patience is key when it comes to learning. Knowledge may come from one sitting or it may come in small pieces over a period of time. Typically, students have a tutor session twice a week. The lesson plans frequently follow one assignment divided into two sections with the larger section being given more time to complete. Upon successful completion of the assignment, the student discusses what has been learned and how that knowledge will be applied. My sessions are directed to young adults (high school) and adult learners.


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About Robin

My Bachelor's of Science Nursing gave me the privilege of teaching first year nursing students in the clinical setting. My degree in education expanded my knowledge base of how to learn, critically think, and apply those skills. My degree in psychology taught me how to understand people where they are in Life. And finally, my degree in life coaching taught me how to apply said knowledge to helping others reach their educational goals.



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  • Published author and retired educator will tutor in academic English in Madison County, AL. or virtually in the US.



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  • I go to a classical literature academy and I am very good with kids. I love to help people and I have tutored youths before.



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  • Graduate of philosophy and literature at your disposal for anything written or to be written.


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    The most valuable course I ever took was a very introductory course on grammar during my time at community college. Grasping...

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