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Hello, my name is RUMI SHARMA and I'm 42 years old and currently living in India. I am a native Hindi speaker and teach Hindi. I have been an online Hindi teacher since February 2004. I teach through


I've done my masters in Hindi. I am a qualified and certified Hindi teacher with years of experience. I am able to identify your needs and develop a plan to help you speak and understand the language with ease. I look forward to working with you!
I offer really personalized and unique online classes that work with your exact needs. Here's what I offer:

Free 45 minute trial lesson

Lots of speaking practice

Personalized material board & attention

Highly skilled & experienced native teacher

Corrections and feedback

Loads of new vocabulary

Grammar pointers

Flexible lesson times


I've taught thousands of students and still, the counting is on.

There are many things that you can do to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills:

Listen to how speakers pronounce various words and phrases and "model" your pronunciation on what you hear.

Learn the phonetic alphabet. Use the phonetic alphabet page as a guide to pronouncing new words and don't forget to learn the word stress of a new word. Every word has its own stress or intonation. Word stress is important. In fact, it is more likely that someone misunderstands you because of wrong word stress than because of the wrong pronunciation of a sound.

Work out which sounds cause you most problems. Depending on what your first language is, you may have problems with certain sounds. For example, French speakers have difficulties with "th", speakers of Mandarin have difficulties with "r" or "l", and Arabic speakers have difficulties with "p" and "b".

Practice the sounds you find difficult. A useful exercise is a "minimal pair" exercise. For example, if you have difficulty distinguishing between "p" and "b", try practising pairs of words which are the same except for the sound "p" and "b"

Be aware of intonation and sentence stress. Not all words in a sentence have equal stress, and generally, only the "information" words (nouns and verbs) are stressed.

Learn to recognize spelling patterns. There are often many ways to pronounce a particular spelling pattern, but it certainly helps to know what the variations are.

Don't rush. If you speak too fast, the danger is that you could skip over some words, fail to pronounce them completely or mix them up. If you speak too slowly, you might end up sounding unnatural. But it's better to speak slowly and clearly than too quickly.

Sincerity and devotion to learning a language are the keywords. Speaking the right sentences is a task. Once there is mastery over the language and when your inner voice tells you that you were effective, this serves as a confidence booster. Continuous efforts are required when learning anything and this applies much to the language.
Let me share my passion for the Language with you!

I am a fully qualified and experienced Teacher. I have an MA and have been teaching since 2004.

I have many years of experience of teaching online to many country's students. I have 100% positive feedback so far. Currently also teaching at a reputed company.


Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $95
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $180
Lessons offered by PARINITA
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Hindi
  • All Levels

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